Reactions after the semi-finals: fan frenzy or just fickle mob?

Reactions after the semi-finals: fan frenzy or just fickle mob?


India lost the semi finals of the world cup 2015 to Australia by a huge margin which came unexpected to Indian cricket fans who were determined that team India was all set to turn the table on the Aussies. A significant winning record on the entire journey made the conference even higher. The fans were more than overjoyed when India won over Pakistan on 15th February went ahead to claim that after this win, even if the team does not make it to the finals they would not be displeased. But one match lost and fans turn to fickle mob, badmouthing at everything connected to team India. We day cricket in India is not just a sport, it's a religion. What happens to the religiousness of fans when gods don't do well?

Fickle mob:

1. When the team lost the match, the same fans who would earlier idolize and worship the cricketers burnt effigies of them across the country. The homes of the cricketers including captain Dhoni had to be covered with security officials. Sports spirit is lost when fans try to make it seem as if the team lost on purpose. It's a game and one of the teams have to lose and we must not forget that the match was against Australia, one of the best that there could be as an opponent.

2. The worst of hypocrisy was blaming actress Anushka Sharma for Virat Kohli's underperformance. She travelled all the way to Sydney to watch the match and in return fans tolled her online with numerous badmouthing mimes of her being blames for the team losing the match. How can a woman going there to support her and her country be the reason for a cricket failure? This shows some sick desperation of the fickle mob of India who losing all sense of decency when things don't turn out in their favour.

3. One of the sources claimed that Dhoni's boys lost the match because they were concentrating more on women and parties while at Sydney. These ridiculous rants are so discouraging to team India's efforts that is so well ignored by the so-called cricket fans. The team's overall performance at the entire world cup journey has been commendable and fans think that they went there to party and mingle. These fans seriously need to look for another sports now for cricket is not for them

4. Kohli was lynched the most, the same man who the heartthrob hero for cricket fans just a ball before was badly disrespected across social media. Agreed that his shot did not pay well but then they had to chase a score of above 300 against a well established team. Kohli took to the pressure and the shot did not pay well, that's it. It happens in cricket to even the most established batsmen and this time it did happen for Kohli at the a very critical point of course when the team needed his partnership with Dhoni. But all sport spirit is lost when fans start badmouthing cricketers like Kohli who went holds the prestige of breaking esteemed records.

5. Captain Cool's captaincy was put to question soon after the team lost the match. Dhoni is one of the best and most calm-at-disaster captain that team India has ever had. His dedication towards the game is unquestionable. This is the man who was focusing on his game without seeing his newborn for even once. He did way beyond that any captain could do to keep his team encouraged even when taking wickets of the opposition was beginning to look impasse. And then he needed his home secured by his own fickle fans.

Fan frenzy:

1. The stadium was painted blue more than yellow and that shows the kind of dedication fans have for cricket. Indeed cricket is a religion for Indians. They flew all the way to Sydney to support their team. People back home compromised work to pray and stay put on the television screen for hours just to see their team make them proud over the Aussies. Losing the match has not hurt people as much as their extremely weak performance has.

2. When cricket fans can dedicate so much to encourage team India, they do have the right to criticize and show disappointment when the team doesn't perform as per expectations. Criticism goes a long way in improving the performance of any team or sportsperson.

3. Anushka mimes were made even before the match had started. It was made in good humour or so I thought when the first few ones clicked on my WhatsApp. And some of them were even encouraging the team to win until the first 3 wickets were lost. What followed was angered fan frenzy and the team should accept that as well when they can accept being showered with love and respect after a win. And well for Anushka affecting the match, can the fans forget what her presence did to to Virat Kohli on India’s tour of England? And now as much as we defend the actress, there will be no forgetting that Kohli dropped a catch, conceded seven runs in his only over and then scored just one run when the team had to chase 329. Not enough of reasons to anger fans?

4. And then angry fans have spotted a few more reasons here and there to trigger their own anger. There is one news that said Suresh Raina had to be back in town for his wedding dress to get the stitch at the right time. Sami was upset because there was no electricity in his village and his father could not see the match. Another one says that IPL is the mistake that led Australians to know Indian team's playing strategies. And the funniest one is that Ravi Shastri's cocky comments that was missing through the tournament had returned.


Call it fan frenzy or fickle mob but cricket continues to be one of the most celebrated sports in India and also the sport that draws sentimental concern from people. Along with criticism and anger, there were millions who extended support over Facebook and Twitter. Bleed blue is and will always be the sporting religion of our country. Team will get the boost it needs from criticism and the support from encouraging fans; both are vital in one way or the other.
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  • RE: Reactions after the semi-finals: fan frenzy or just fickle mob? -Deepa Kaushik (04/01/15)
  • Anything in excess becomes fatal. So is the cricket and its charm in India. People consider cricket more than a game. Though the fans do give a very high encouragement to the cricketers, but that itself create a lot of pressure on the players. The players get stressed up with the load of pleasing their fans sitting in the stadium and at the home in front of the television.

    Cricket is just a game and we need to have the sportsmanship attitude. With every failure, we should try to learn something new instead of starting the blame game. Cricket is no religion, it is just a game. Fan frenzy need to have some limitations. When the fans start misbehaving, that can no more considered a frenzy, instead it becomes a torture.

    The fatal reaction following the failure in the semi-finals is an expected emotional outburst. Especially in India, where people get hyper with their emotions and sentiments coming into action at irrelevant spheres of life, the fickle mob is what can be expected out of the failure. The sick comments for Anushka and Virat Kohli is again a bad imprint of the fickle mob.

    Precisely, we Indians need to get much more matured to play Cricket or any game at an international level. We need to understand the sportsman spirit before entering into any International sporty event.