Recipe to a good movie.

Recipe to a good movie.

Whether a movie is good or bad is generally a matter of personal taste. However, there are some movies which are liked by majority of the audience and these movies become to be known as “good movies” universally.

A good movie can be created on the basis of an exceptional written work of fiction. It should have endearing characters. Characters in a good movie are such that they make the audience empathise with them.

Another component of a good movie is the “story” itself. A weak story line generally is not able to win the audience. Movies like Rang De Basanti, Maachis have been able to see success due to their exceptional story lines.

However, being too outlandish in a movie can be very risky as well. For example, an action movie that tries to fit too much philosophy into it usually ends up losing viewers due to the fact that viewers of action movie want to see explosions and slow-motion walking and not philosophy or logic or emotions. Also, certain degree of enigma in the movie is mostly welcomed by the audience. The more a movie intrigues the audience, the better success rate it has.

Also, the choice of movies varies between the age groups. While elderly people are fond of emotional movies, the younger generation is more keen on watching romantic or action movies.

Originality in the movies is what actually counts. Plot goes a long way if the script is original.

Also, it is just a myth that only big budget movies do well. In fact, there are numerous examples where small budget movies have been a real hit with the audience. American graffiti, Once are some international movies which were great hits inspite of being of really small budgets. Paan Singh Tomer and Kahaani are examples from the Bollywood. Also, Sholay has been such a great hit for decades together because it could incorporate all these ingredients which make a movie a “hit” with the audience.

It is true that the purpose to a movie is to take you away from your life for a couple of hours and the movie which is able to do that to the audience generally turns out to be a good movie for them.
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