Replace Caste with Parent’s education as quota criterion!

Replace Caste with Parent’s education as quota criterion!

Replace Caste with Parent’s education as quota criterion!

We have quota system based on caste and backwardness of communities that have remained backward since independence. The existent quota system has drawn much flare since a long time. Students are unhappy. Parents are unhappy. The general category has been suffering under the wrath of the quota system that is unjust to them without any doubt.

The backward castes that are granted quota in education as well as government jobs are holding onto the system reiterating the importance of it for the uplifting of their community that has suffered from caste system and deprived natural rights. But that was years ago. Now they live as equals among everyone. They have the same access as everyone else. Why should this criterion still prevail when a more effective one like education of parents could be used to replace it?


1. Just

It is a known fact that the marginalised caste and communities have the lowest rate of education. They do not have much to offer to their children too. They are usually under poverty line and have low source of income. It is children from these communities that need help with education at primary as well as secondary level. As suggested by Rakesh Basant, lead author of a study on reservation, the caste system has failed to be the criterion for reservations.

2. Easy to measure

Fake caste certificates are easier to obtain than jobs with an honest degree for the general category. It does not take much for many to indulge in malpractices that will make them an OBC in few days. On the other hand, parent’s education is something that could be easily measured. The children of those who actually are in dire need of uplifting will benefit from this alternative.

3. No discrimination

There will be no discrimination, no backward communities of states crying foul over reservation to one while being denied to the other. The OBC system has been so abused that almost every minority community of every state want a reservation for themselves. The Jaat community clash can be accredited to this very system. We could do away with all these with a new criterion that will not discriminate on the basis of caste or community.

4. No pleasing politics

The reservations to various other backward communities of states were only confirmed to please them for voting the same leader for the second time. The community made them their hero and so the system continued over states where political leaders would apply the same technique to a minority community promising them reservation.

5. The old criterion has failed

After all these years of being given seats and quotas if these communities have not been uplifted, it is a clear indication that it has failed to serve the purpose for which it was created in the very beginning. It is about time that we scrap the failed policy and adapt an alternative.


1. Disturbance

Taking away the quota from the SC/ST/OBC is bound to draw flare from them. It would anger them who still believe they are in need of it and disturb the peace of many states. A sudden snatch from them is bound to annoy them.

2. Educated can be poor too

Scarcity of jobs is to be thanked for this. The children of educated parents could also be living under adverse conditions and in need of quotas if there has to be some. It would be unjust to deny them just because their parents are graduates with no roof under their heads.

Quota system is not an affirmative action for the course of development. However, if there absolutely has to be a criterion for reservation, education of parents and their economic status is a better criteria.
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  • RE: Replace Caste with Parent’s education as quota criterion! -Debdeep Ghosh (07/25/17)
  • Yes but NO : Bcoz it has chances for Error, As Since all the Academic Records of the Entire population is not digitised, thus one can always choose not to disclose the further courses one had gone through.
    For Exp : If i had passed 10th, 12th, Graduation & MBA, I might Show till 12th or Graduation. Thus having chances or Manipulation.