Retirement age of central government employees should be raised to 62?

Should the retirement age of central government employees be raised to 62?

This year again, the Union cabinet was supposed to take the proposal of enhancement of Retirement age of Central government employees from 60 to 62 years on table. But again it failed to materialize and is not expected to be considered before General elections. With the matter delayed, people are back with their views on the matter. What is your perception? What are the pros and cons of changing the retirement age of central government employees from 60 to 62 years?


• The increase in age of superannuation is certainly a benefit for employees to work more and to stand in a comfortable economic position for a longer period.

• It will lead to a higher probability of getting an additional MACP by the central government employees.

• There is need to understand the core foundation of the constitution which encourages the youth development but is strictly against the efforts hampering the benefits and rights of senior citizens. Preventing a citizen from working towards their ends is nothing but a forceful effort to obstruct their constitutional right to life, liberty and happiness.

• An increase in retirement is appropriate because people can be productive workers longer helping the country to take the pressure off social security and the budget deficit. Burden of the pension that comes on economy gets reduced.

• Experienced employees are always an asset for the company and increasing the retirement age can save the training costs done on new employees.


• Increasing the retirement age will delay the job opportunities for youngsters. The extended two years may or may not yield benefits but definitely it can hurt the job opportunities for the youngsters.

• There is a decreased productivity and lesser work efficiency delivered by the senior employees. The government has to still bear the higher costs.

• It will have a negative impact in the promotion scales offered at different times.

• It will lead to increased costs to the government as they are bound to pay health benefits to the elderly employees.

• Age is a relative factor and some people don’t find themselves fit to work even at 60. By Increasing the retirement age the government is denying the benefits to the people who don’t have the physical strength to carry out the job for another two years.


If you go by the constitutional rights then yes every person has the right to work till the time he/she wants to and even can bring in the positive outcomes on the economic front for the country.
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  • RE: Retirement age of central government employees should be raised to 62? -Ramesh chand (05/24/17)
  • Yes it should be raised to 62
  • RE: Retirement age of central government employees should be raised to 62? -ateen (06/30/14)
  • Increasing retirement age from 60 to 62 years shall give in positive results. Many essential /new infra projects have been planned in our country but due to no availability of budgetary support /allocation, the projects either delayed , discarded or not worked out . Increasing retirement age shall instantly generate huge amount of funds in government treasury for current time and so on regularly due to holding on payment of retirement benefits. In addition, this will automatically contribute to continuous availability of the matured skill , source funds for launching of essential /new projects , earning of more revenue from taxes ,lesser expenses on pension as well as generation of employment through new projects etc. These are the needs of the time for our nation to come in parity with other countries of the world who have adopted /implemented the policy of enhancing the retirement age much earlier and now are more advanced .Further, it has been observed that life expectancy, however increased continuously over past few decades due to better and improved medical facilities and more health cautiousness among elderly people. Also, it has been seen that people use to re-join jobs in private organisation after being retired from government sector. They now , get pay packet and enjoy pension as well with retirement benefits ( PF, GRATUITY, LEAVE ENCASHMENT,PENSION SURRENDER … ) . Government /people should think over the issue whether there is gain or loss for the nation .
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  • Retirement age in central government service should surely be increased , because there is no retirement age barrier in private organisations . After retirement @60 many central government employees usually join in private companies where they earn good package on account of having gained expertise from their past government jobs for which government has spent on their training, course, study etc. As such, the new organisations get benefit of these skills in less/nil expenses. Why should not these
    retired people continue after 60 in central government service? Due to improved medical
    services and advanced drugs life expectancy has accelerated in present scenario.This will also generate source instant funds for the government to spend on various incomplete important projects in the interest of common people which are held up due to non availability of funds. All should think seriously on this issue.
  • RE: Retirement age of central government employees should be raised to 62? -Deepa Kaushik (04/13/14)
  • The age of retirement is fixed not only to give the particular individual a relaxation in his / her old age, but also to provide opportunities for the next generation. Everything in this world is inter-dependent, so is the employment opportunity as well.

    Though our population has increased tremendously, but the employment opportunities have not been raised to that extent. Every new graduate, new to the employment market, faces a lot many hassles to place his foot in order to search his livelihood.

    Government employment is already like getting a lottery ticket. The one who has got the government job, feels more than relaxed to enjoy the extra benefits in addition to the salary, along with the job security. Such a peaceful working atmosphere cannot be even dreamt of in a private job / MNC.

    In such a scenario, if the age limit of retirement is raised, it will directly hit the unemployment ratio in the country. People already on service extending more means a closure of the opportunity to the fresh mind released in the job market.

    Analysing the same in other words, youngsters definitely have fresh outlook and a presentable mind which can help in an energetic and faster completion of the assigned tasks. This could not be expected from an elderly person at 62, to perform multi-tasking. Rather than the physical exhaustion, an ego factor comes into play with respect to their age.

    With these critical factor into the play, it would not be fair to increase the age limit for the retirement for the central government employees.