Retirement age should be increased to 65 years

Retirement age should be increased to 65 years

Do you think the retirement age should be increased to 65 years as elder people carry more experience?

This is a matter of personal opinion whether retirement age should be increased or not. But it is also a fact that the average lifespan has increased in many countries due to treatment of various fatal diseases and developments in the field of medical science. Hence, logically there is no harm in increasing the retirement age.

But that would also mean, that the old people are denied their benefits for couple of more years and they may not like it. Also, it should be taken into consideration that though average life span has increased but the physical stamina of a person falls drastically beyond 60 years and most people also have some or the other health problems like blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. Hence, they may not feel fit to continue working for more years.

People work very hard throughout their lives to get the social security and retirement benefits at a certain age. Increasing their age and delaying those benefits is like yanking the carpet from underneath their feet and this is not morally right.

However, looking at it from a financial perspective, increasing the retirement age will reduce the burden of pensions on the economy, so this may be beneficial for the state. Also, it is a fact that lot of people after retiring from a Government job start working in private firms to make additional income apart from their pension. Hence, it’s a debatable thing that if they can work for their personal benefit post retirement, they might as well continue their present job. But not everyone does that. There are also people who just relax and rejuvenate after retirement or take up a long lost hobby and enjoy their retirement period with family and friends.

Hence, according to me flexibility should be incorporated in the system. The people who want to retire at a specified age should retire like planned and those who feel fit and want to extend their retirement till 65 years of age should be allowed to do that. This flexibility will not pressurise people to continue working in spite of bad health and at the same time some people can work longer and the organizations can benefit from their experience, skills and expertise.
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  • RE: Retirement age should be increased to 65 years -rishika jalan (04/14/14)
  • In my view, the retirement age should not be increased to 65 and should stick to 60. Although if this age bar is increased it might bring a lot of benefits to the state economy as it would reduce the burden of pension from them but when we see from the employees’ and company’s point of view it is not at all recommended. Age is a very qualitative factor. One might be fit at the age of 65 but on the other hand someone might have a lot of health problems even at the age of 60. Considering the general population of India mostly people after the age of 60 become very weak and face many health issues like diabetes, blood pressures and many others. Increasing the retirement age to 65 would deprive them of a few more years of the social security which they are promised by their company. People till the age of 60 have worked a lot all their lives and now they need time to spend with family and grandchildren. Also the companies require fresh and new talents. If retirement age is increased then the jobs for younger generations will reduce and fresh graduates will not be given a chance to show their talents. Thus retirement age should stick to 60 and not increase to 65.