Role a biochemist plays in the industry

Q1. I am good with chemistry and want to become a biochemist. I want to know what role a biochemist plays in the industry.

As you would know that biochemistry is the study of structure, composition and chemical reactions of substances in living organisms. Being good in just chemistry won’t help you as it requires you to be well versed with the principles of chemistry, biology, genetics, mathematics and physics. As a biochemist, you will study the elements, compounds and chemical reactions that are controlled by enzymes and that take place in living organisms. Getting into the most minute characteristics of living organisms is another of their speciality. Biochemists go deep into the structures and functions of biomolecules such as enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other numerous processes related to metabolism of mankind. Biochemists are involved in production of biochemical products by experimenting, analysing and researching. Functioning of genes and study of biochemical changes are done by biochemists by undertaking various experiments by them. Biochemists may also identify the way in which DNA, which carries the genetic information, is transferred between cells.

Biochemistry contributes to advances in a wide variety of areas, including health, agriculture and environment. Biochemistry finds application in clinical and forensic science and in the food and pharmacological industries. Biochemistry is the key player in modern biomedical research, as biochemists contribute to the design of new drugs. Biochemists working in medicine are sometimes called Molecular biologists. They study bacteria, viruses and other organisms to understand the chemical basis of life. They also determine the effects of chemicals on medical problems such as cancer, aging or obesity.
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