Role of Media in Good Governance

Role of Media in Good Governance

Media is the most important vital element for dissemination of information. May it be the cranky radio signals in villages, your daily cup of tea that is incomplete without newspaper, catching up on the prime time news shows to know the updates throughout the day or even catching up a quick piece of news on the internet through your smartphones, media has spread its roots in an unbelievably terrific manner.

Hence, the role of media has become extremely critical for smooth functioning of democracy as it helps in forming public opinion on vital topics. This is the reason why Media is termed as the fourth estate as it is not a non state element aimed at protecting citizens. All forms of media have a specific set of followers and therefore, they together ensure a better governance.

Different reaches, Common impact

The evolution of media is a fascinating journey. Print media was responsible for conveying information regarding freedom struggle of great leaders. It continues to remain popular despite fierce competition and is still the preferred medium for reaching out to masses as well as classes.

On the other hand, the Radio is a simple medium that is portable as well. Radio wields its influence greatly in rural areas where a majority may not know how to read or write. Since a large chunk of the population is still illiterate, this medium is critical for government as well who would like to communicate any urgent information such as weather related warnings.

Television is a phenomenon that continues to grab the maximum eyeballs. It’s a well established fact that visual medium does have the greatest impact. The presentation and the catchy visuals do ensure that a large part of the country is tuned in for entertainment as well as information. The latest medium is the Internet that combines the audio and visual effects to reach out to millions of users worldwide. Unlike television or radio, one can just look at the internet at a convenient time. The power of social media and internet is now rife, which is the reason that the government is now increasingly focusing on the internet to reach out to a large section of the youth.

Why Media is particularly important for India?

Since good governance comprises of accountability, transparent, responsive, equitable and inclusive as well as effective and efficient, Media has a huge role in ensuring that all of these criteria are met from time to time. Good governance essentially means how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources.

For a developing country like India which still reels with superstition, communalism and casteism, the involvement of media becomes even more important. The backward and ignorance of poor should make the media emboldened regarding their responsibility to bring them modern ideas for eliminating poverty and other social evils.

Another reason why media is of paramount importance for the country is because of the immense disparity that is prevalent. Despite being one of the fastest growing economies of the world, it is ranked pathetically lower than even its neighbours in the Human Development Index. While a large number of journalists cover the more glamourous and glitzy events and news, less report on the number of deaths or the unemployment scenario. The rationality of media lies in helping the government fight diseases such as AIDS, Polio, Cancer along with promoting latest technologies for the development of its citizens.

Media should be vigilant about the laws of the country and that they are not violated by institutions of the government or any other rogue elements. In this aspect, it has demonstrated its excellence in bringing to book some of the law breakers in recent times. In fact, it has gone an extra mile by putting pressure to ensure that justice is given to victims. However, often we find that it surpasses its role of a watchdog and instead attempts to give the verdict, which is the Judiciary’s responsibility.

A lot of governments across the world have faced charges of corruption highlighted by media and that has often led to either overthrowing of corrupt administration or bringing in more transparency into the system. Hence, the fourth estate can help in efficacy to the existing scheme of things as well.

One of the strongest roles of media is that it tries to engage millions of viewers, listeners or readers. In this manner, the fundamental role of ensuring participation of its citizens in the decision making process of the country is done by media very well.


The role of media has risen over the time and it would gain more importance in the times to come as many across the world still yearn for better governance or at best governance itself and not autocratic rule. While media does highlight some of the concerns from time to time, it does not delve deeper into the real issues. The checks and balances which media ensures by reporting issues in an objective manner can go a long way in ensuring that governance by government would be fair and fruitful.
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  • RE: Role of Media in Good Governance -liiban osman (11/10/18)
  • I'm student who is planing to make a research on the role media on good governance, so how can i use this data to reference, i don't see any any reference that you took this data.
    liiban osman
  • Role of Media in Good Governance -Raj (07/11/14)
  • Media plays indespensible role in governance:
    * in-depth coverage during elections help people elect right person
    * media reminds politicians about their unfulfilled promises
    * it expresses loopholes in democratic system
    * it increases our knowledge about about government policies and programmes (Eg- coverage of Annual Budget 2014-2015)

    Thus, media makes a system more accountable, responsive and citizen-friendly. 'A democracy without media is like a vehicle without wheels.'