Romeo Squad - a much needed step towards maintaining law and order in UP!

Romeo Squad - a much needed step towards maintaining law and order in UP!

Romeo Squad - a much needed step towards maintaining law and order in UP!

In the UP election campaigns, Amit Shah had promised safety and security to college going girls by providing an anti-Romeo Squad outside every college. Yogi Adityanath fulfilled the promise soon after being declared the CM of the state. The anti-Romeo squad is up and active. The motive behind the setup is to prevent girls from eve teasing and sexual harassment.

However, the anti-Romeo squad doesn’t just stand for that. They are being seen as the new treacherous face of moral policing that has been practiced by the right wing. The left wing is calling it nonsensical and treacherous while the right holds its stand on the squad being the symbol of protection to women.


1. Law and order

Law and order under the previous government was a failed machinery. Safety of women was a concern that was being overlooked and hence cases of sexual harassment and eve teasing were getting more and more common as vile men found them under no fear of police before taking filthy steps. The squad is meant to change this shameful status in the state.

2. Roadside Romeos

The squad does not stand against the idea of epic love of Romeo for Juliet. The new era of derogatory and objectified version of chasing a woman is what the squad is fighting against. Since long our movies, especially the regional ones, have shown the shameless extents to which a roadside Romeo goes in order to win the girl and the sad part is that the girl in those movie is actually shown to reciprocate soon after. Lust and love needs to be differentiated.

3. Crime against women in UP
  • A report suggests that between March 15th to 18th August, in a span of just 5 months 1012 cases of rape and 4500 harassment cases were filed in UP alone.
  • National Crime Records shows that UP is the state with highest crimes but the per capita crime rate reduces due to its large population which makes UP the 3rd safest state as per records.
  • The NCRB (National crimes record bureau) states that Uttar Pradesh is the most unsafe place for women to be living in.
  • In 2014, around 38467 cases filed were crimes against women.
  • A CAG report on the rising crimes on women in UP revealed that in a comparative data analysis between 2010 to 2015, the crime rate had risen to 61%
  • 1619 minor girls aged between 11- 16 were raped in 2014-2015 increasing from a number of 1033 rapes in 2012-2014.
4. Shortage of women police

There is an extreme shortage of women police personnel in UP where crime has been on the rise and there is lesser fear amongst goons of law and order. There is less respect for women and the request to increase the number of women police personnel by 33% was ignored earlier. In such critical time, when law and order has to be restored, a special squad for the protection of women is a much needed step.


1. Why Romeo?

For a person of literary interest, it is very disturbing to see Shakespeare’s Romeo associated with sexual harassment and eve teasing. Romeo stands for eternal love and not hooliganism. The fear of westernisation is reflected from the name itself. The whole idea is being identical with curbing free space for boys and girls. It is indeed a fancy name for moral policing attached with the false agenda of protecting women.

2. Detaining lovers, friends, cousins

The anti Romeo squad which is supposed to be working towards proving free space to women have proven their real intentions to be somewhat different. There have been numerous reports where the squad came down heavy on lovers, friends and even cousins were detained.

It is no difficult task to differentiate between consenting couples and eve teasers harassing girls on streets. The intentions behind the setup of the Romeo squad could be right but there should be definitive terms set for differentiating and to ensure that innocent men are not unnecessarily troubled in the name of protecting women.
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  • RE: Romeo Squad - a much needed step towards maintaining law and order in UP! -mamta (04/24/17)
  • I want add the point that government took some step towards women safety is very good it will not reduce the 100 % crime but reduce the crime rate but some time innocent people get suffered in this one news came cousin waiting for his sister but anti romeo squad attack on him so the excuation is not good ...And one more thing also every time squad is not available for woman safety so make the girl to strong so they can also protect themself ....if we all will take some initiative then i can say one day we can remove all crimes in our country up government took good initiative
  • RE: Romeo Squad - a much needed step towards maintaining law and order in UP! -Vidushi (04/04/17)
  • I think this is indeed a very well step taken by government. On one hand people say we need safety and on other hand they are opposing this law which will certainly help UP get rid of all these serious problems faced by women. It's great that government has come up with this idea contrary to the previous govt which was not at all working in women's favour
    And one of the point against this law that was written in this gd was 'Why Romeo?' , well the only answer I can give to that is even Shakespeare said that 'What's in a name?'
  • RE: Romeo Squad - a much needed step towards maintaining law and order in UP! -Ganesh (03/29/17)
  • In the wake of massive mandate in the election concluded just a few days back, UP govt. has been trying to prove its worth in the state. Law and order has been paramount problem and we saw it surging under the previous tenure of Mr. Akhilesh Yadav. From the day one, the incumbent govt. has been taking various initiatives to achieve a peaceful and harmonious environment in the state. To act against any sexual harassment in the street, Romeo squads are seen vigilant. They even find media coverage in the primetime; have been highlighted as goons of the road who are being harsh with common people. The idea of having Romeo squad is good but execution needs to be monitored. The accountability of the squad has to be ascertained. They need to be trained to handle various situations. Having said that, people should also cooperate as such squads are meant for the safety of people at large.
  • RE: Romeo Squad - a much needed step towards maintaining law and order in UP! -akanksha (03/29/17)
  • According to my point of view, Romeo Squad is much needed step in UP as the crime rate has increased since last few years.
    Romeo squad cannot completely situation there but they can reduce it to a large scale.