Sample Appreciation letter to a religious leader

Sample Appreciation letter to a religious leader

I take pride in writing to you about my experience last week at the church. I was extremely touched by your words of wisdom and kindness. It seemed as if you were directly speaking to me and addressing the turmoil taking place within me. The freshness and vigor of your approach and your inspiring teachings have greatly helped me overcome my hardships and low self confidence.

I truly appreciate your service as it has touched me very deeply and has brought a noticeable positive change in me. Your gentle words filled my heart with gratitude and showed me the ray of hope. I am an altogether different person now, who has a much positive outlook towards life.

I sincerely acknowledge the time you gave me after the session, clearing all my doubts and teaching me how to help others in times of need. Your prudence has helped me elevate my inner self and I will always be grateful to you for this kind deed. I thank you for this divine benediction.
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  • Sample Appreciation letter to a religious leader -Ritika Srivastava (03/25/14)
  • Sample Appreciation letter to a religious leader

    Your enlightment and direction touched our hearts and hit the right chords. It seemed that you were speaking directly to me in my hour of need, and your words of comfort after the service were much appreciated. My personal faith and Christian growth has inspired us from examples which you have dictated in your speech. You have made us much more thoughtful and enlightened than ever.

    I Left the church service with uplifted feeling and full of hope. I look forward to Sundays now more than ever before.

    We thank you for this blessing and bid you keep up the good work.