Sample enquiry letter for Product/ Pricing

Sample enquiry letter for Product/ Pricing

My name is Samarth Batra . I live in Mumbai and a biker by profession. Being a racer, I happen to be very passionate about the latest bikes in the market and it is a must for me to give all of them a try in order to pick the best one available for my racing needs.

Going through the newspaper this morning, I came across the launch of this new model from your company, ‘Mahindra Mojo’, got my eyes stuck on it for a while. Mostly because of its sporty look and the dashing black and red combination that perfectly suits my taste.

Post that, I tried visiting a couple of your showrooms to have a better idea about its price and features. What came in as a surprise was that it isn’t available in this city yet. However, it is already launched in Delhi around a week back. The reason behind the same, remains a question to me. As you might understand that I’m really excited about this bike model, more so because I’ve a racing event to participate and I’d love to try this out the same.

Keeping in view, my urgency and excitement, I’d like to know about it’s features in details and of course the quoted price for the same, by the company for an on-road delivery. Since speed is my biggest concern as a racer, I’d like to know about its mileage, gear box composition and the emission part as well. Moreover, with the little knowledge that I’ve gathered about it is that it weighs about 160cc. Is that correct?

Please revert back with all the features and price details so that I can order at the earliest and take it up as my racing vehicle in the upcoming event scheduled on the 13th of the next month.
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  • Sample inquiry letter for Product/ Pricing

    My name is ABC, senior designer at PN Art Gallery. I am writing this letter to enquire the availability of the stencils, canvass and acrylic paints and their respective prices for my newly set up art gallery at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

    I understand you have the distributorship of Faber castle and camel brands. Being distributors, I expect to have a good discount on the bulk purchase. I would also like to know if you possess the distributorship of any other brands. Please provide me a detailed list of the products related to art and painting with yourself, with their MRP rates and the discounted prices. This will be of great help to me in comparing the products and check for an economical and quality product.

    Opening a new gallery demands a lot of additions to give it a good presentation. I would also like to have an idea of any handmade craft work and decorative items for sale with yourself. I have a good range of artists with me who could give the best of their potential. Even a half designed art work will be of much worth to me, as I get that completed from my end. Kindly help me with the pricing for these as well.

    If I can get a cost-effective product range, I would like to buy some 2000 units of 100ml paint bottles, 500 pieces of canvass and stencils for the start. If you have any membership plan with any added benefits, I would like to know that as well.

    Kindly help me with the pricing and product range at the earliest. Awaiting your response.

    Thanking you.