Sample letter for address correction

Sample letter for address correction

Dated 1/12/2010, I had put in a request to change my address in your records as I have shifted to my new residency.

I have noticed that in your records there is a mistake in the new address that has been updated in your records. The street name mentioned in your records is Juhu Tara Road, whereas the correct street name is Juhu Road.

I request you to kindly rectify this mistake as soon as possible for any further communication. I am hoping to see the correct address updated on your website soon. I have also reattached the address proof letter for your reference.

Thanks for your attention.
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  • Sample letter for address correction -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter for address correction

    We thank you for placing your order on ShopClues. We would like to inform you that the street number that you have listed on your order form is different from the street number that is present in our records.

    Could you please confirm us whether your office is located on the following address as in our records:

    223 Residential Avenue, California or 233 Residential Avenue, California.

    Please give us the correct address so that we can dispatch your order at the earliest.