Sample letter to accompany a gift

Sample letter to accompany a gift

We would like to sincerely thank our clients who have been associated with us from the time we started our venture of manufacturing Car seat covers and selling original car Accessories. We are extremely glad to share that we have our 10th Anniversary next week. Yes! We complete a decade of a successful run as a leading wholesaler of Car Accessories and Seat covers in the whole of west Delhi. On the 22nd of this month we will celebrate our anniversary. On this occasion, we have decided to gift all our clients-the retailers, a free Sony Stereo 1070.

Please accept this as a token of appreciation from our Company ‘Tarun Car World’. We would like to share our happiness with all our clients and this gift is a small gesture in this direction. We hope to have a wonderful collaboration in future too and expect to have the opportunity to have many more such milestones in our journey.

Thank you.
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  • Sample letter to accompany a gift -Deepa Kaushik (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter to write a letter to accompany a gift

    I AKS, General Manager, M/s S K Pistons and Rings Ltd., has immeasurable pleasure in extending our Warm Season’s and New Year Greetings to your entire management and staff. We are equally delighted to share our inner joy with you by specially requesting you to accept our small token gift being sent through our representative to mark the onset of joyous New Year Season.

    Dear Mr MC, as General Manager of S K Pistons and Rings Ltd., I have pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of your Warm Season’s Greetings as well. Due to reasons beyond us, we have not interacted for quite a while towards boosting our further meaningful business associations and neither of us has really been able to bring about a meeting, though our minds are willing. God willing, we shall definitely be the meeting on the eve of this Diwali celebrations being planned in a big way by our firm.

    It shall be my privilege to the extend a warm welcome to you on that occasion, purely business though, on behalf of the entire management and staff of M/s S K Pistons and Rings Ltd. I can very well understand how pre-occupied you are, being the Chairperson of such a massive organisation like yours. That notwithstanding, you are hereby requested to make it an exception this time around and try to make it in person to share your corporate greetings on that occasion.

    In the pure corporate governance material corporate gifts has no special meaning whatsoever, when compared to personal interactions like the one we seek from you this Diwali. Kindly be rest assured that no amount of material gifts can equal the special flavour that accompanies when someone so dear accompanies his exchanges in person. In fact, your company is more than N amount of gift that one could aspire and you can understand how greatly we value your personal presence. Your presence is a priceless gift for us.

    Thanking you.
  • Sample letter to accompany a gift -Lubna Lakdawala (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter to write a letter to accompany a gift

    On the occasion of your retirement I would like to show my gratitude to you by gifting you a small gift.

    You have always me great source of inspiration and support. I can never thank you enough for all the opportunities you have given me. Your knowledge has guided me and I still find myself learning from you every day. I wish to thank you again for giving me the confidence you have given, for giving me the ability to stand up against any challenge, and for truly allowing me to flourish and prosper both personally and professionally.

    Please accept this as a token of appreciation and gratitude, I hope you find it useful and remember me while using it.