Sample letter to confirm a telephone request to transfer money

Sample letter to confirm a telephone request to transfer money

This is in reference to the telephonic conversation that we had yesterday regarding the transfer of amount from my bank account to my wife’s account.

As per our telephonic conversation, I requested you to transfer RS 200000 from my account to my wife’s account. My account number is 23456-as-120 and is opened at the name of Mr. Aman Arora.

My wife’s name is Mrs. Kamya Arora and the account number is 09878-as-121. Being an amount above Rs 100000, it is an official requirement to confirm the transfer request with a confirmation letter.

Please find enclosed the cheque of Rs 200000 so that all the documents and paper formalities are completed as per the bank norms. With the written confirmation you can proceed with the official process. I would like to request the confirmation of the transfer once the process is completed. In case of any query feel free to contact me at my mobile number 90000-90000 after 5pm.
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  • Sample letter to confirm a telephone request to transfer money

    This is to confirm that we have received your telephonic request to transfer $100,000/- to your new bank account at Capital Bank in Toronto, Canada. We are currently processing the request for the funds transfer and we will ensure that the money reaches your new account within a week. As our bank does not have a branch in Canada, we understand that you had to close your account with us and move to another banking establishment. As a loyal customer at Golden Funds Bank, you provided us the opportunity to serve you for 10 years. We are grateful that you chose to open an account with us. As a bank which values its customers, we regret that we could not be of further service to you since your office was transferred to Toronto. We will ensure that the funds will be remitted to your new account. Please let us know in writing as to when you would prefer to close your current account at our bank. Please find the relevant details regarding the money transfer listed below:

    Money Transfer Requested Through: Telephone

    Date on Which Request Was Received: 6th May, 2012

    Name of Customer: George Neville Harrison

    Request For Money Transfer Received By: Ms. Simone Marcos (Customer Service Representative, Golden Funds Bank)

    Account Number: 89357481847

    Amount to be Remitted: $100,000/-

    We assure you that the money will be transferred to you at your new account (Account Number 9753858382) at Capital Bank in Toronto in the shortest time possible within 7 days. Please contact Ms. Marcos at 857375-28483 in case you have any further queries regarding this matter. Please do contact us in case you wish to use our services when you return to the United States.