Sample letter to decline to accept a gift

Sample letter to decline to accept a gift

It was very kind of you to present such a beautiful box of expensive pens to us. But unfortunately we have to return it as our company policy prohibits us from accepting any kind of gifts from our clients.

Our organization is very strict about such things and we cannot go against our company’s rules and regulations. We have couriered the gift to your H.O address and you will receive it in a couple days.

We have no intentions to offend you and we hope that you would understand our situation. We sincerely appreciate your gesture and we look forward to have a long association with your organization.
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  • Sample letter to decline to accept a gift -Deepa Kaushik (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter to decline to accept a gift

    I am AKS, Regional Sales Manager, ASN Publishers Ltd., catering to entire North India Operations. Ours is a leading longstanding publishing house of repute, having PAN India presence, controlled through four Regional offices.

    It’s a business routine and customary practice with our line of business in entire India, to offer and accept gifts on occasions like Diwali, Christmas eve, New Year Eve and so on. Like any other business enterprise, even our corporate heads are not averse to offering useful gifts and in reciprocation accepting gifts from valued clients, provided it helps in business patronage.

    Coming to the crux of the issue, I personally do have issues accepting gifts from clients, if it were to be offered in a non-transparent way, only to get undue favours from our company. I would be the last person to accept a gift in general and should the circumstances warrant an acceptance, I firmly believe that it could still be declined without hurting the valued client, by transparently distributing the gifts to my sub-ordinates, if necessary to the most needy, less affluent class IV employees in particular.

    The true spirit in exchanging gifts with clients is to ultimately enhance the meaningful business association only and not to please the managerial/management of the two parties involved. The safest bet in my view is to decline to accept a gift in a polished way, least hurting for both the parties involved.
  • Sample letter to decline to accept a gift -Lubna Lakdawala (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter to decline to accept a gift

    Your appreciation gift as a result of the success of our project was very thoughtful. I do appreciate the thought and generosity of receiving such a valued gift.

    But I am really sorry that I would have to decline to accept it as the company policies do not allow employees of Abc Corporation to accept gifts from its clients. Since you have regular client of Abc since many years I do not want to put you under any obligation. Thus unfortunately I have to return it.

    I hope you understand. But thank you for thinking of me.