Sample letter to encourage your students

Sample letter to encourage your students

As you all know that final exams are about to start in another 20 days’ time. Just like last year this year also we have decided to keep an encouraging offer for all the students of our “Knowledge Times” classes. As you all are aware that internal exams of our coaching centre are also going to start from tomorrow onwards from evening 4 to 6pm and will last for another ten days. To encourage our students we have kept a special prize for each of the top three student’s exceling the exams from every class level. This special prize will include cash prize of Rs. 500 and a surprize gift.

It been long time that we have been running these classes and at the same time all our students have always excelled in their classes. For this we have highly experienced teachers who give personal attention to every student coming here. It will highly motivating for all of us to see everyone doing their best in academics and achieving success. The classes will be closed in the last ten days’ time for the self-preparation of all the students but all of you can approach us anytime during this time period also.

Thereby I would like to say best of luck to all our students and wish them success in the upcoming exams.
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  • Sample letter to encourage your students -Renita Rodrigues (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to encourage your students

    With HSC exams round the corner, the pressure to perform must have started to mount. But this is the time when you need to be calm and collected and only try to give your best shot. Don’t let any kind of pressure get to you. You must only concentrate on your studies but it’s important to take breaks.

    Believe that you are not defined by a number. HSC exams are indeed important but they are not the end of the world. You must study your best and leave rest in God’s hands and you will surely pass out with flying colours.

    This exam itself is not going to define how your life or career will turn out. There is a long way to go. Your graduation stream should depend on your interests irrespective of the HSC score. Sometimes, people end up working in a different field altogether unrelated to their graduation stream.

    So study well and do the best you can but at the same time do take breaks, meet friends, sleep and rest well.
    It is also important to have a healthy diet and avoid junk and fatty food. Drink enough water and juices.

    All the Best!