Sample letter to endorse a colleague or business

Sample letter to endorse a colleague or business

We would like to compliment on your ability to conduct meetings efficiently in the absence of Mr. Ghai, Marketing Manager with the Axis Group. Initially, we were reluctant to have you on board, but your willingness and confidence to head the meeting made us review our decision. As Mr. Ghai will be out of town for a month, we are considering you to take up his role, though temporarily.

We are pleased to inform you that we have recommended your name to the committee to head all the subsequent meetings with Axis Group. We hope you are interested in the same.

Please, revert to the mail as soon as possible confirming your presence.
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  • Sample letter to endorse a colleague or business -Deepa Kaushik (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter to endorse a colleague or business

    We have enormous pride in introducing ourselves as M/s XYZ and Co. with an enviable track record in aggressive marketing strategies, and publicizing consumer durable products, with special

    emphasis on endorsing persons and products, including business endorsements as well.

    Our two decades long expertise and specialization reassures our firm belief that in this world of our cut-throat competition, only aggressive marketing strategies don’t provide all the

    requisite business solutions; our practical, analytical approach often stresses the paramount importance of the role of publicity / advertisement in general, with an added impetus on a more

    scientific, practical endorsement of a business product or business venture altogether, especially by proven endorsers / firm of endorsers.

    Our extensive market research and market feedbacks have given us to understand that you have recently entered the consumer durable business, and are one of the potentially stronger original

    equipment manufacturers in India, on the look-out for business tie-ups with leading international players.

    We further understand that you are contemplating ultra-aggressive sales, marketing and publicity campaigns on Pan India basis. It is here that we can be of great advantage to your

    organization, given our decade long expertise, specializing in providing the ultimate business endorsement solutions in particular.

    Trust you can find our association to be of immense strength, and on our part, we assure you of our unconditional business patronage, in times to come by.

    Thanking you.
  • Sample letter to endorse a colleague or business -Lubna Lakdawala (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter to endorse a colleague or business

    I am writing to endorse to you Mr. Abhinav Mehta, Sr. Sales Executive. I have been his manager in Abc Organization for almost five years. Last year I promoted him to the position of Team leader. He has done exceptionally well in both the positions and always fulfilled his responsibilities.

    He makes it a point that he exceeds the sales target very month and also motivates his team members to do so.

    Mr. Mehta is an enthusiastic employee. She can work well with other people and also individually. But she is really more of a leader than a follower. She can manage and supervise other employees as well. Little or no supervision is needed when she is working. She has a reliable working habit that gives you the assurance that you can always count on her.

    His skills do not end with official work. He projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our clients. I have seen him resolving conflicts and handle many difficult situations for the last few years with remarkable patience and admirable tact. He loves people; works hard and always lifts the spirits of those around him. I believe these are the characteristics and qualities represent all that is good for the company.

    Should you need more information, please feel free to contact me.