Sample letter to endorse a political candidate

Sample letter to endorse a political candidate

It is my immense pleasure to endorse Mr. Wright for the position of Assistant Manager, Water and Sanitation Department, Home Ministry of India.

Mr. Wright has worked on various projects for the past 8 years at different levels of hierarchy in the water department. He is counted as one of the very hard-working employees in our department who leaves no stone unturned to complete the assigned task. Mr. Wright brings excellent credentials to the aforementioned position. He holds a MA degree in Political Science from Jamia Milia University, India and worked under the watchful eye of the renowned social work activist Mr. Prabhu Dayal for 3 years before joining the Water Department as an executive.

I am proud to say that Mr. Wright is honest, hard-working employee of our company and deserves to be promoted. He has all the qualifications required to be an Assistant Manager of the Water works Department, Home Ministry of India.
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  • Sample letter to endorse a political candidate

    Kindly be informed that we are a leading firm of consultants with abundant practical exposure. We are backed by a highly competent executives with ample experience in media related


    Considering the ongoing election process slated for April-May 2014, we are getting sufficient requests from various political parties seeking our formal endorsement of their prime candidates,

    which is well received and recognised in the entire political outfits.

    Actor giving considerable thought we have decided to endorse the political credentials of the prospective contestant Mr. X representing party named Z, which is widely treated and strongly

    backed by various opinion polls conducted by diverse media and consultancy firms of repute.

    Besides the overwhelming backing of Mr. X representing party named Y being freely tipped to be the prospective leader of the ruling party likely to be elected, we have thoroughly gone through

    the credentials of the candidate in question and have equally analysed his performance for the last couple of elections being held for formation of Government at the centre.

    In view of the above, we have enormous faith in our reckoning and are absolutely confident about his successful candidature. Trust our predictions shall be found to the liking of the general

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  • Sample letter to endorse a political candidate

    I would like to recommend Mr. Rishabh Shukla for the position of the MLA from Maharashtra. Mr. Shukla has had numerous experiences in legislation as he was a political reporter for the leading national newspapers. In this field, Mr. Shukla has been able to earn the respect of fellow citizens, the legislators and the government officers as well.

    Mr. Shukla has been a resident of Maharashtra since his birth and he has also completed his education in Maharashtra itself. He is also well known for volunteering work in several educational institutes as well as numerous NGOs.

    Mr. Shukla's selflessness and philanthropy are highly commendable and inspiring. I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Shukla at the “Shelter for the Homeless" and in that experience he earned great respect and admiration on my side. I was greatly impressed by his generosity and dedication. He spent valuable hours for the homeless and helped them financially as well. He also guided them to get better local jobs.

    I am a proud supporter of Mr. Shukla Walter and wish that he is chosen as the MLA from our district.