Sample letter to invite a celebrity for endorsement

Sample letter to invite a celebrity for endorsement

Sunshine Restaurants requests the pleasure of your company at the launch of our new restaurant in South Ex, Delhi at 11:00 AM on 05/03/2014. You are a well-known chef of today’s times and enjoy a phenomenal fan flowing among food lovers. Therefore, we think you can be our face of our new restaurant.

Sunshine restaurant has been in the business for a couple of years and has gained immense popularity among gourmands. We have been featured in the popular Lifestyle guide as one the best restaurants in NCR for serving the best Thai food. Sunshine Restaurants has a chain of 15 restaurants in India and by the end of the next year there are plans to open a chain of 30 restaurants pan India. The latest restaurant to be inaugurated in Delhi is a step in this endeavour.

We are known to the fact that you are a busy personality globe-trotting every now and then but we promise that your presence won’t take much of your valuable time. So we would like you to endorse our brand. . Please note that you have to be present at the event and provide a quote for News Release. The media will be present at the event and you have to address the press conference which will be held in the hotel. You will be provided detailed information regarding the talking points.

The fee details will be taken care of our Marketing Manager Mr. Anuj Sharma, after you provide your approval to associate with us

We hope that you take the decision of associating with our brand ‘Sunshine Restaurants’.
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  • Sample letter to invite a celebrity for endorsement

    With enormous pride, we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as M/s ABC and Co. Ltd., one of the leading original manufacturers of a leading consumer health product, with enviable

    foreign tie-ups.

    Though we are in the field for less than a decade, we definitely understand the role of professional endorsement by any individual celebrity or firm of substantial repute.

    The role of outright publicity/ advertisement gains all the more importance in the present scenario of globalisation and severe competition. Sheer survival of any business can’t rely only on

    its sales and marketing strategy. More and more business houses, now entirely go for outright professional endorsement of their products, preferably by hot and well sought-after celebrities

    from films, media, sports etc.

    We are given to understand that as M/s XYZ and Co., you are one of the privileged few firms with an enviable track record of more than two decades, in assessing, finalising and providing

    endorsement solutions to all business houses. From our professional feedbacks, we also understand that you have access to some of the highly marketable celebrities across various fields.

    Considering our consumable health / beauty product, we are confident that your firm has the wherewithal to provide the personalized services of leading film stars in particular, to

    substantially push and endorse our health / beauty products.

    Look forward to your early and positive compliance.
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  • Sample letter to invite a celebrity for endorsement

    We are writing this to cordially invite you our annual event in support of the Abc NGO. We request your honorable presence in gracing our company's event on 30th March 2014. We would be most honored if you can be our event's chief guests and present a short speech in conjunction to the event, as you are one of the leading personalities of our country and would be great source of inspiration.

    This event is a part of our company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). The event is to be held at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Enclosed is the tentative schedule of the event. We request you to spare some time and please join us in the support of such an important cause. The highlight of the program will be a fashion show by Anita Khanna the famous designer from Kolkata.

    Your presence will at immense value to our event. Please confirm your presence by 20th March 2014. We look forward to your positive confirmation of our invitation to this special event. Please do not hesitate to call on us for any clarifications.