Sample letter to request or grant endorsement

Sample letter to request or grant endorsement

Zenith RO systems has been diligently servicing its customers for the past 20 years and you are one of the million satisfied customers of our product- the RQ Zenith RO Systems. We have learnt that you expressed your happiness to our service representative about our product when he visited you last week. You said how the product has given you a great service for the past 7 years. In the feedback form you had written that ‘it is a great product and I am highly satisfied to use it. I would surely recommend it to others!’.

Well, we want to feature the comments of our existing customers who have been using a product for more than 1 year in a promotional brochure that will be published in the last week of April 2014. It will be circulated along with a prominent English daily and distributed in 8 Indian states.

We seek your permission to publish your quotes in the promotional brochure. We would highly appreciate your help in this endeavour. Enclosed is a permission form which you need to fulfil. For any queries you can call us @ (+91) 1234567891 .
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  • Sample letter to request or grant endorsement -Deepa Kaushik (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter to request or grant endorsement (testimonial)

    I consider it a matter of pride and privilege to apprise you that after serving 15 long years as a middle order batsman, I have bid-adieu to my services from Ranji Trophy and First class


    During this span of 15 years, I have learnt a lot about sincerity, modesty, sense of belongingness, team spirit, sense of pride, representing a state team. Besides this, I have had the

    privilege of interacting and working under the able leadership of various BCCI officials, administrators etc. Working under the approving eyes of these able administrators, I have gained

    immensely as human being, besides leaving on a high, with overall high career stats.

    Having shown enormous dedication, incomparable application, motivation, consistently all through, I am humbly of the opinion that I am entitled to memorable parting testimonial.

    Trust the authorities concerned, shall view my humble and just appeal for favourable considerations by means of granting a grand testimonial exhibition match.

    It would be highly appropriate if the authorities magnanimously grant the same in recognition of my relentless efforts for the team / game at large. It would go a long way in alleviation of

    my problems and aspirations.

    Submitted for the formal nod of the BCCI authorities.
  • Sample letter to request or grant endorsement -Lubna Lakdawala (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter to request or grant endorsement (testimonial)

    We are writing this to request an endorsement about our services. We at Abc Services are preparing an advertisement campaign for which we would need our customers’ endorsements of our services.

    You have been a regular and loyal customer of Abc Services. Just last month you ordered a service from our company. We hope you were satisfied with our services.

    Could we impose upon you to briefly express your feelings about the service you have received from Abc Services? If you are willing, please include in your testimonial how long you have done business with Abc Services and what sorts of services we have provided. Our representative will contact you next week.

    Your endorsement will be of great help to our adverting campaign. It is only when people see such remarks from satisfied customers they trust the services we provide.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give. We would appreciate your help very much. You are welcome to call us at 000000055, if you have questions.