Sample Memo for Non-performing

Sample Memo for Non-performing

It has been observed that you are not performing as per the set targets by the company. You are not even delivering the 50% of the targets that has been assigned to you.

At the time of joining on 1st August 2013 it was clearly mentioned that we are sales oriented company and are in need of people who are self-driven, go-getter and believe in delivering results. You assured to perform well. In the six months probation period there was no contribution from your side to the company; still the company extended your probation period for another 6 months. But the management has noticed that the time given was just waste of time. There were no serious efforts made on your behalf to improve the performance.

It is the reminder to focus on your work performance in the coming two months after which a final decision to retain you with the company or not will be taken by the upper management. If you have any problems then feel free to discuss with the company.
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  • Sample Memo for Non-performing

    This is in concern to the targets that has been assigned to you in last six months. The management has noticed that you have failed to fulfill the commitments of your job.

    You are on the profile of equity dealer where you need to generate the brokerage from clients on daily basis. As a rule the dealer have to bring in the clients on its own. But still we assigned you ten clients so that you can start generating average brokerage of Rs 5000 per day. Despite the fact that we assigned you clients with a portfolio of RS 1, 00,000 and above, you failed to meet the targets. Also, we received the complaints of reckless behavior from our esteemed clients. This non-performance at such an important profile is unacceptable.

    We expect you to complete your targets within the defined time on an immediate and sustained basis. As for the current backlog, we expect you to deliver the one-third of the set targets in coming 15 days. Failure to meet the set targets may result in further corrective action up to and including dismissal. It is my sincere hope that this warning is met with understanding on your part.