Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (SAPM) - A Certificate course.

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - A Certificate course.

What is Security Analysis and Portfolio Management?

The analysis of various tradeable financial instruments is called security analysis. The stream that deals with managing various securities is called portfolio management.

What is the eligibility to take up this certificate course?

Any graduate from any discipline can apply for this course.

Where can you find a certificate course in Security Analysis and Portfolio management ?

* IACT Global Education in Pune provides a 3 months' certificate course.
* New Era in Delhi provides a 12 weeks' certificate course.
* BSE Institute Ltd. provides a 120 minutes duration course.

What should be the objective of taking up this course?

The course educates the candidates about studying equity markets to ensure an effective portfolio management.

Who can take up this course ?

Other than students, professionals from finance, engineering or CA/ MBA, bankers, brokers can take up this certification course.

Does it come as a module under any other certificate course?

Yes, this course is a part of Financial Engineering and Risk Management at te Indian Institute of Capital Management. This is a six months' certificate course.

What are the careers open for you after the completion of this course ?

* Portfolio Managers
* Equity Analyst
* Investment Banker
* Investment Operations Analyst
* Fixed Income Strategist
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