Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child!

Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child!


Indian Prime Minister has promoted the initiative of “Selfies with daughters” to readdress the issue of the low sex ratio in the nation. He appealed the parents to post their pictures along with their daughters on social media.

In a recent talk show on radio, Modi spoke about the contest “Beti Bachao, Selfie Banao”. India's preference for sons created an instability in the population of our country. According to the Census report of 2011, for every 1000 boys, the report counted 914 girls, a fall from 927.

The idea emerged in the state of Haryana, which experiences the country's worst gender imbalance. Modi was inspired by this initiative, and thus, he launched it throughout the nation, to combat the issue of female foeticide.

But, will this initiative go a long way in saving a girl child? Let's have a look.

Yes – Initiative can go a long in saving the girl child.

Creating awareness – The initiative was taken by the Modi government to boost up the relation between the daughters and her parents. The government took this initiative to spread awareness regarding the low sex ratio in the country. Such creative initiatives can attract the attention of a lot of parents and thus, it would help to increase the chances of birth of girl child.

Ban on sex determination – The sex determination in our country is increasing at an alarming rate. The fall in the number of girls, per 1000 boys portrays a clear picture of the falling sex ratio. Indian society prefer males over females as they believe that a women cannot be a bread earner in the family. The initiative of “ Beti Bachao, Selfie Banao” throws a light on the importance of females in our society. It would help to combat the existing issue of female foeticide in our country.

Empowerment of women – Since decades, women have been considered to be weaker sex. Time has come, to make each parent realize that every daughter is special and they deserves equal happiness. Today, empowerment of women is taking place in various sectors. But, there are a lot of villages, wherein the girls are not allowed to get the basic education. The initiative highlights the importance of educating every girl child of our society.

Power of technology – Technology has improved drastically in the past few years. The initiative of “ Beti Bachao, Selfie Banao”, is spread mostly through the help of social networking sites. Today, almost every Indian from every part of the nation, has a Facebook or Twitter account. Thus, launching such an initiative on social networking sites is a powerful means to attract the people.

No – We need to do much more!.

Stalking daughters – There were a lot of people on the other hand, who did not support the campaign. AIPWA secretary Kavita Krishnan, asked people not to share the selfies with daughters as Modi has a record of stalking daughters. Modi was involved in the Snoopgate controversy of 2013, wherein he was accussed of monitoring and following the movements of a girl.

Corruption – After the scariest rape incident that took place in 2012, people believed that there would be a change regarding the safety of women in our country. But, even today, at least one rape case is being reported everyday. Today, India is considered to be a place which is not safe for the women. How can we expect the success of such an initiative in a country which has the highest rate of corruption and criminal records?

Better use of communication media – The Modi government could have used any other mode of communication rather than using the social networking sites. Social networking sites do not carry only the Modi followers. Launching an initiative on such a platform can attract a lot of controversies. After the initiative was launched, Nishrin Jafri who is the daughter of the late Congress leader, Ehsan Jafri, posted a picture of hers along with her father. Mr Jafrei was murdered by the mobs during the Gujrat riots of 2002 which took place under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. This drew a lot of negative comments and views about the initiative.


Before the launch of “Beti Bachao, Selfie Banao”, there were a lot of other initiatives which were launched for the welfare of the women. But where are those initiatives now? Are people still talking about them? The answer is a big “NO”.

In India, whether it is a news or an initiative, people talk about it hardly for two days or maximum for a week.

Such an initiative may create an enthusiasm among the people just for a few days and later on, people tend to forget it slowly. Even today women are facing the issue of gender inequality at some point of their life. And this would continue to happen, in a country like India. This is definitely a welcome move but a selfie can not be the only device to bring about a change!
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  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -Smita (07/18/15)
  • yes it is a really a good intiative which was promoted by our honourable PM.In this present era almost 60% of people are using smartphones and they are also on social networking sites.No doubt this step will create some awareness among the people,but think for how many days it will alive?Because in a country like India the people will talk for one day,two days or max to a week.After this all will forget about the selfie.
    Its natural,if we see the history of Indaia there is always so much restrictions on girl than a boy.This is because of the mentality of people living in the society.Because of some unsocial people parents are afraind of raising a girl child at home.There is always so much risk for girls if they go outside.We will never forget about Delhi case.
    The girl foeticide is prevalent in rural areas .The people of these remote areas dont have money to arrange food.Then how can we expect from them they are aware of social networking sites.So we should take steps so that people from all corners of India will aware of this campaign.
    To aware for only one day can't change the society or it cant increase girl ratio
    ,we have to keep up it for years and years ,so that one day will when women are free to every where and there is no fear in a woman "can something happen to me?"
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -surendra ahirwar (07/18/15)
  • “It is heart warming that a small initiative taken by us at the village was noticed by the Prime Minister,” said Sunil Jaglan, the sarpanch whose idea went viral after a report in The Indian Express about the initiative. He said it was a matter of pride for the village and him that the Prime Minister would take the initiative forward.
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -Kajal Satpute (07/17/15)
  • Selfies with daughters campaign appreciate people's for short time. But there is same condition in village for female so many restriction on female. Mentality of villvillagers is same as previous their is no change in village.
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -jaki jain (07/14/15)
  • ya it is a initiative idea fore a women and girls safety. mostly people uses social sites so people support this thing and also improve their thinking about women and girls. if anyone posted salfie with his daughter, other are also feel a respect about his daughter. if people support the idea of 'sefie khichao beti bacho', more this type idea will come in front of us.
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -rinal (07/14/15)
  • we all know that almost 60% of people using the social networking sites like face book is a good intiative of "bati bachao selfie padao".but mostly thet will forget it by days going on.indeed social networking sites in the sense people can share all kind of things and a few people will observe these selfies with daugters.
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -The Gamechanger (07/04/15)
  • Female foeticide is a issue which is more prevalent in the rural India , in India which is poor where people cannot afford their daily meals. Birth of a girl child in family is like nightmare for them. She is treated like liability in the family as her upbringing marriage dowry require lots of money to be spend by family.
    i feel the reach of " Beti bachao selfie bnao " will be limited, only to modern n urban india where people have smartphones and access to social media.I will create awareness and help to eliminate discrimination there.
    But the rural india is still out of reach .... Elimination poverty improving education system there can solve the problem there, selfie with daughter will hardly make any impact with the people in rural places!!!!
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -shahrukh (07/04/15)
  • india is a vast countary where wide range of people are unawre of these twitter ,facebook etc
    but female foeticide generally occurs in those societies. it is creating enthusiasum among
    economically sound people so govt. should think of fully digitalize india so that the initiatives will have greater great initiatives we can say and we can now think of welfare of women
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -Deepa Kaushik (07/04/15)
  • Selfies with daughter is a movement with a noble cause. We should have a positive outlook for such movements and join hands in making them a great success. This movement has a long way ahead to travel, and its success rate is in our hands. How far can we carry the positivity and the true concept and message from this movement, depends on the mentality of the citizens of our country.

    The movement might be having a good cause, but just a selfie cannot change the mentality of the society. People need to refine their thinking for the female sect. People not only hate the female child, but also fear to have one. The fear of raising a female kid in a brutal and cruel society where females are treated no more than objects creates an avoidance for the female kid. If this is one aspect, the ceremony called marriage, where the parents are made to kneel down emotionally with a heavy expense during their daughters marriage makes the thinking terrible. How can a selfie change the pervert and sick mentality of our society?

    Uploading a selfie on the social networking sites cannot be forced on everyone. In the era of cyber crimes with weak law and order situation of the country, we cannot expect the photos to be safe which are uploaded on these social networking sites. The pictures could take a negative turn instead of boosting up the spirit of the nation.

    With some fear and caution, yet the step is appreciable. The "Selfie with Daughter" campaign can go a great way ahead if we can help it to go in a correct direction.
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -Gagan S. Shetty (07/04/15)
  • Yes, I agree that " Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! ".
    The current trend in the world is of selfies as we know.When other people will see the selfies of parents with their daughters it will surely bring some feeling of respect for the girl child. The selfies will show how girls have gone to make their parents proud as well as support them. These selfies are sure to bring about a change in the minds of the people.
    But it should not just stop on selfies, it should be converted into nationwide movement to save the girl child. To bring about change in the minds of all.
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -ashutosh (07/03/15)
  • According to me selfies with daughter can go a long way in saving girl child. As something different from usual always attract many people toward the need.As the use and reach of social network is large and this is one of the innovative way.For this issue government take some other steps also so this one is also for the betterment.This make families to come forward with there strong and courageous girl to provide the confidence of equility . Selfie is the innovative way which decrease the shyness and provide stage of social network platform for there long and bright future.
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -Group discussion on social topics (07/03/15)
  • This is a symbolic way to show how important a girl child is. This will help in many ways. It will imbibe confidence among girl children. They will feel more secure and people who ignore their presence, will slowly start giving them their dues.
  • RE: Selfies with daughters can go a long way in saving girl child! -Rashi (07/03/15)
  • selfies with daughters can never go a long way in saving a girl is true that it attractes people but as we know the attraction always remains for a short period of time..So after some time people will forget this also and the things will go on in the same way as now.