Sex before marriage is immoral?

Sex before marriage is immoral?

In the current scenario where world is developing at a great pace, the essential rules and values of life are also changing; if not developing.

Especially India which is fastly moving towards the western culture, has advocated a lot of changes in the living style of people. And sex is one of the prominent part of those changes.

Gone are the days when virginity before marriage was taken as a custom; today marriages are not essential to have physical relations. But, Is sex before marriage really immoral? The opinions of people are divided and here’s what the people from each group feel about it:

For the argument

1. In Indian culture, sex before marriage is considered as derogatory and raises several questions on one’s upbringing. It is not considered ethical in our society.

2. Many girls are cheated when boys commit fake promises of marriage only to maintain physical relations with them. So, sex before marriage should not be advocated.

3. It has given rise to new problems like teen pregnancies, live-in-relations, infidelity etc which challenge the basic pillars of our tradition.

4. To some extent, sex before marriage is making relationships hollower and self- driven; the factor of emotion is being overtaken by physical fantasies which is nowhere good.

5. At some point, it raises question on the bond of marriage. Like in western countries where divorce, separation etc is very common.

6. There have been cases of acute depression in individuals when a relationship which involved the partners physically before marriage went sour.

7. Cases of unprotected sex before marriage have led to an increase in the number of STDs.

Against the argument

1. In India, everyone has the liberty to do whatever they want to and no law restricts them from having sex before marriage.

2. When adults have the freedom to decide their career, their lifestyle, their social circle; then why shouldn’t they have the freedom to decide about their physical orientations. How does it make sex before marriage immoral?

3. Indian culture has come out of the cocoon of orthodox and intransigent beliefs, now-a-days the question of virginity is nowhere tested from the perspective of morality.

4. The rule that sex should happen after marriage is a man made rule and not the rule of the Universe. So breaking man-made rules isn’t immoral.

5. Sex, is the physical representation of love and emotions that one holds for his/her partner. Expression of love can be questioned but can’t be stated as “immoral”.

Sex before or after marriage is a decision better taken by the people involved. But as far as morality is concerned, it isn’t immoral unless it creates other issues like unplanned pregnancies, HIV infection, early puberty etc.

If the society is mature enough to accept this, then sex before marriage is alright but problem arises in the opposite situation.
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  • RE: Sex before marriage is immoral? -Ms. Eva Jojo (10/25/14)
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  • RE: Sex before marriage is immoral? -Rishika Jalan (04/26/14)
  • India is heading towards a westernized path and culture where practices from the western cultures are being adopted by our citizens. People are becoming open minded by the day and are resorting to western thinking and actions. One such new and modern thinking adopted by Indians are allowing sex before marriage. This is such an action which is very personal and the choice of this should also be between the people involved in it. The question of morality does not come in here as a personal choice can never be immoral. It is a choice which people are comfortable with nowadays. The law and order or the country and religion, no one can enforce a right upon it. Indian law provides for the right for freedom and this right should also be given to people to decide for themselves. Gone are the days when physical intimacy before marriage was looked down upon by the Indians. Now times are changing and people are mature and wise enough to take the right decision for themselves.