Should a minister quit his original profession after being elected?

Should a minister quit his original profession after being elected?

Should a minister quit his original profession after being elected?

Navjot Singh Sidhu, former cricket, cricket commentator and a comedian, after being elected cabinet minister in the Captain Amarinder Singh-led Government in Punjab has been in controversy for continuing with the Kapil Sharma show. He has received various instructions and orders to step down from the show of which he has always been a prominent actor and comedian.

The show has also been in controversy for various other reasons and the TRP of the show went down considerably ever since and if that wasn’t enough of a disaster, now Sidhu is being reported to quit the show and focus all his time and interest in his ministerial duty towards the state. He surely doesn’t want to leave the show and the host of the show also requests his presence. The audience cannot expect the show to run without his famous witty comebacks. Should a minister be only a minister and quit his other profession?


1. Prolonged absence

Years back Sidhu made the same choices. He continued to be the commentator and appear at comedy shows but was absent for prolonged period of time from his constituency that trusted him and his election promises. He failed them once. The people ought to be more careful now and want his to step down from other responsibilities and be there to fulfil his primary job for which he will be paid the tax payer’s hard earned money.

2. Time to deliver on the promises

Sidhu and his powerful vocal capabilities were on work at full throttle during election campaigns. People love him for his speeches and comedies. They admire and expect him to be the same kind of person who would deliver on the promises that he carefully penned down and spoke about. He wasn’t elected for his comedy but for his instilling hope in people. It is about time he brings some reality to the hope.

3. More bunking off

It is worth noting that in both 14th and 15th Lok Sabha, Sidhu’s attendance was quite low compared to both the state and national average. In 15th LS, Sidhu was seen to attend Parliament sessions on just 28 per cent of the days. This is a number way below the national average. If TV shows and cricket keeps him off cabinet, he has no other option but to quit them.

4. Offensive jokes

As a public figure and a minister he is supposed to maintain his honour and image on the show which he has been failing to do. He has been seen cracking some jokes that offended people. His is a profession that demands free comedy but his prime focus has to be his current ministerial position which cannot allow the same freedom.


1. Taking examples

Kirron Kher is an active parliamentarian and a TV show judge simultaneously. She did not quit television appearances, movies or TV shows just because she was elected to serve the nation. She wasn’t asked or forced to quit her identity or profession in order to be a politician. There are many others like Hema Malini endorsing brands, Kapil Sibal fighting cases, Manoj Tiwari, Shatrughan Sinha, and Ram Jethmalani also keep to their original professions. Sidhu should also be offered the same courtesy and be allowed to continue both his works.

2. Denying rights

It is his right to earn bread from his permanent profession. The constitution doesn’t bar a minister from pursuing his original business or profession. Most ministers have their other business on the side to show how their income is all legit. Why should a different rule apply to only Sidhu while the rest of them are spared?

Navjot Singh Sidhu along with his hilarious punches will be missed largely on the leather chair of the show if he quits. However, his being MLA from the constituency that elected him is a far more serious a concern than the TV show’s TRP. If managing between his state and the show is an issue he has to quit one which will sadly be the show.
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  • RE: Should a minister quit his original profession after being elected? -Should a minister quit (06/05/18)
  • Whether a minister quit his original profession or not, it is non of our business, but if he doesn't deliver what he promises, we should ensure not to vote him. The voters should use their vote diligently by rising above caste and vote for development. The informed citizens can ensure betterment of society, can change the tide overnight, let's not rely on parties to take action, let's compel them to bring an ideal candidates to the fore.
  • RE: Should a minister quit his original profession after being elected? -Should a minister quit (05/30/18)
  • Ministerial post calls for dedication in order to live up to the expectation of the electorates. It is a full time job and can't be justified with too many things on the plate. Having said that, there is no rule to bar one from discharging other profession. It's a person's call if he wants to work wholeheartedly for the society? In democracy, public is king and they can pass on the key to parliament or assembly to anyone. If the candidate is more concern for his other profession, he should be thrown out from the helm and shouldn't be trusted ever. This way only those who want to give full time in politics will be elected, others will be discarded. One should use his vote intelligently by researching past profile of the candidate and inhibits casting vote in the name of caste, creed, religion, surname etc.