Should airlines have the authority to bar flyers?

Should airlines have the authority to bar flyers?Air India bans a political person from flying in their airlines based on the person’s VIP racism and assault on a 60 years old flight duty manager. Soon after other airlines also followed the suit declaring that the person is banned from travelling in their flights. While people openly supported the action taken by the airlines, political parties and some advocates have questioned the rights of the airlines and their authority to bar a person from flying.

The twist to this controversy has taken another turn by raising doubts that this will be the first of its kind of cases that will soon follow where the airlines will find it in their hands to bar a person based on his status, culture or political roots from flying in their airlines.


1. Stopping VIP racism and hubris

Politicians, industrialists, celebrities and gangsters – are all part of the VIP culture that has always been followed in the country where one person is given special treatment based on his status or position. They believe they have the right to dominate over those serving them and are usually known for their harsh behaviour towards them. This ban would set an example to follow on how to treat spoilt VIPs in future.

2. Maintaining law and order

If a person despite showing disrespect or ill conduct towards other flyers or attendants of an airline is not punished, soon it will become a common notion. VIPs will believe that they have every right to shower frustration on the people serving them in flights or other places. If someone breaks rules, airlines have every right to detain them and bar them from flying in their planes.

3. Advocating violence

Some people believe they have all the rights needed to hit and punish someone they deem unfit. This is what leads to advocating of violence. The person was unapologetic. He even made up excuses and tried to justify his act by naming a late leader of the party who taught him that this was the way to deal with some people.


1. Police and not airlines

If someone breaks rules, hits another person or threatens to surpass law and order, they are to be punished by the police and the court and not by airlines. It is worth noting that the airlines did not file any charges against the MP initially. They only took to blanket ban when the news surfaced via an interview where the minister accepted doing what he did.

2. Rash decision

Airlines should not rush into taking action such as a ban on the person flying. Without considering the statement of the other side, it would be unfair to impose a ban. The flight attendant could also be at fault of hurling offenses at the flyer who could have reacted the way he did. Without following any procedure, a direct ban is unfair and could lead to more such instances.

3. Urgent travelling

The person in question could be travelling for an urgent course of meetings or work related commitments for which he has to reach on time. Politicians are already known to be the ones who make a lot of common people wait by being late. A ban on an MP could mean hindrances in the works of public interest. A ban would be inconvenient not just on the minister but for the nation too.

4. Allowing drunk celebs

A popular television artist and comedian recently made it to news when he boarded a flight drunk and ill-behaved with another artist, hurling abuses and punching him in the face. This popular celebrity was not banned from taking the flights. This shows that the airlines are being biased about the MP who might have done wrong but doesn’t deserve a direct ban such as this.

Violence and authoritarian behaviour of the VIPs and celebrities is not something that is tolerable. It becomes the duty of the Airlines to protect its employees from any kind of manhandling or insults.
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  • RE: Should airlines have the authority to bar flyers? -airlines have the authority to bar flyer (04/26/18)
  • Any notorious act shouldn't be tolerated and if a celebrity is involved he/she shouldn't be given escape route. When a politician is barred because of his ill manners, the news flashed on all news channels and his behavior were lashed in public forum. Airlines shown courage to bar, sent strong message to the fraternity of celebrities. This was necessary to deter public figures from misbehaving and convey the message that they were not immune to laws. Kudos to airlines for setting such an example
  • RE: Should airlines have the authority to bar flyers? -mamta (04/24/17)
  • Yes i am in the favour of to bar the flyers if they misbehave either they have #VIP quota because our cobstitution,laws and rules are equal for all indians and we have a right to equality so VIPees dont have right to harsh common people. One tv actor also misbehave in flight with their team members after drunk so we have to take action against all . So this is very good step taken by airlines against culprits.....