Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned In Schools And Colleges?

Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned In Schools And Colleges?

The Madras High Court has banned beauty pageants in colleges and schools in Tamil Nadu. The HC has ordered that walking the ramp is of no use for a student pursuing engineering. From now onwards, such events will not be organized in universities and colleges of Tamil Nadu. The debate on beauty pageants, especially in India, is nothing new. However, this time, the matter has shifted to academic level. So, let us express our opinions on the topic, Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned in Schools and Colleges?


- They distracts the students from their basic goal of earning a professional degree that will help them in building their career in the long run.

- There are no official regulatory bodies who can keep a check on all the activities related to the beauty pageants contests in schools and colleges. Most of the time, sponsors or students only take care of entire event.

- When it comes to cultural event, they are organized so that students can get closer to their native culture. However, organizing beauty pageants yields no benefit to students.

- The girls at a very young age tend to become fashion conscious. Any sort of failure dents their self-confidence. Even girls can develop bulimia or anorexia at a young age. The contest leads to serious mental and health issues.

- Beauty Pageants at schools and colleges can lead to increased materialism and sexualization, and it is not healthy for our culture.

- Beauty Pageants should be banned at every level as women should not be judged by their outer appearances.


- Beauty Pageants are held as a part of cultural activities, and there is nothing wrong in including beauty pageants with other form of activities like dance show, comedy, drama, fashion shows and others.

- There are many other activities like sports and dance that are given place in academic life. A beauty pageant is no different from them.

- As sport focuses on physical stamina, dance focuses on moves, drama focuses on emotions, and fashion show focuses on dresses, similarly beauty pageants focuses on outer appearance. Each contest has a different objective.

- There are winners and losers in every field. It doesn’t mean the people who don’t participate feel diffident or stay losers for lifetime.

- Beauty Pageants provides a platform to many girls who want to make a career in showbiz. Even, the sponsors give scholarships to winners.


Conducting beauty pageants in schools or colleges should not attract any opposition as alike other contests, it is also a form of competition. It provides a strong platform to the all the aspiring girls who want to make a career in this field. The only concern here is of regulations. The contest should not demean a girl’s character in any form. It should be conducted in well-defined boundaries so that no one’s feelings get hurt in the process. We have a culture, and we ought to respect and save it, at any cost.
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  • RE: Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned In Schools And Colleges? -ANITA KAISTH (02/10/15)
  • Well ramp walks add new learning experiences and to some extent reduces stage fear.It gives more ideas about fashion world. People must not always be confined to streams like engineering or commerce, varieties in profession add diversity to nations brain .These events must be organised in a disciplined manner so that it wont spoil young brains and allow them to be more creative.
  • RE: Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned In Schools And Colleges? -Bharat Gupta (02/10/15)
  • Beauty pageants and other stage competitions provide great help to person in life as the ones playing models there develop the sense of getting in front and hence is of great value for a person, as HC says that it is of no use for engineering students so is dancing and drama and many other activities too. why didn't they order to stop all of them, these are part of co-curricular activities which surely helps to decrease mental pressure and also helps in developing ones self - confidence. It helps the students to give up on being shy, which is part and parcel of one's life.
    the students of engineering colleges move towards higher education in India or abroad and after that they have to work for living most of which includes interacting with people, a person who is not shy and self - confident will go higher on the ladder of success and the shy ones will be left behind.
    As far as development of student is concerned I think that HC must make ammends to the order.
    Looking on other aspects of the same topic that it may lead to increased sexualization and is not healthy for Indian culture than I would say we are supposed to move forward to tomorrow and not to move back to yesterday.
    Our country have respect in world for our cultural heritage, but that doesn't bind us from not following fashion or lifestyle, one can always chose his/her lifestyle depending on one's likes and dislikes, culture has nothing to do with that.
    so I don't think that it is not healthy for our culture, looking on the sexualization point of view, yes it will increase sexualization, but is it wrong to express one's sexual feelings, in a country suffering from hundreds of rape cases each month, it will at least give man confidence to ask out instead of doing something forcibly and it will solve one of the major problems upto an extent.
    I would like to conclude that beauty pageants must not face opposition as they are form of a competition and competition always helps to develop one's personality which is of utmost importance in the society.
  • RE: Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned In Schools And Colleges? -saurabh (02/10/15)
  • I think this types of activity is for make student good in those field which a student wants other than study .this type of activity is like other ex music,drama etc.there is nothing bad in beauty pageants because its the need of students that it will also be good in other activity except study hence there is nothing to banned in schools and college.
  • RE: Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned In Schools And Colleges? -mounika rayaprolu (02/10/15)
  • hello everyone, i think success or failure of any event depends on ourselves. the way we organize , the way we accept it, the way we deal it, the way we understand etc. for example, if we organize a birthday party at our house we organize in a way we would like to do. we will call our friends, relatives we make fun with them. we will conduct games, performs some cultural activities and will create a blaster. we can't say that no wrong will happen. there has a chance to go wrong. likewise, if a programme has been conducted in a college then many events will be conducted. dramas, singing, dancing, debates will be a part of it. if we are accepting all those then what is wrong in accepting a beauty pageants.
    At first, educating females is against our culture. All said that educating a women will bring a black mark to our culture. But now-a-days we all know that women are equally competent with men. Next, after the death of the husband wife is also thrown into that fire.
    people called it as Sati Sahagamanam. bu that culture has been changed. culture is the thing that we keep ourselves to keep ourselves happy. therefore it is a wrong notion that beauty pageants will create a bad remark to our culture. As dramas brings out our acton talent, singing brings out singing talent, dancing brings out our dancing talent like wise beaty pageants brings out our confidence. if we are able to perform infront of a huge crowd it raises our confidence level. we should see the dressing sense, the performance style. we should not treat it as a sex game. Infact movie is also treated as a big profession in which beauty is a part. In sanskrit we have a famous saying" YADH BHAVAM TADH BHAVATHE". It means that the way we have an impression about a particular thing the thing can be seen in that way. so we should treat beauty pegeants in a positive sense but not in a negative sense. Always remember that our thoughts makes our actions. so have a positive sense and be a part in creating a positive society.
  • RE: Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned In Schools And Colleges? -Deepa Kaushik (02/10/15)
  • Beauty Pageants and similar contests are just a sort of entertainment from the hectic schedule for the students. Banning them would be more of a cruel move. If we consider these contests to be immoral or a creating a dent to our culture, then we should ideally end these contests at the ground level from our nation. We should put an end to modelling as a career which is the main stream which marks and calls for these beauty contests.

    When we say the beauty contests to be a distraction to the students, we should remember that the students are very much mouldable at the school level. It is the time when they can take a decision regarding their career. If a child is good at performance as a beauty pageant at the school and wants to take-up modelling as the career, provided we haven’t categorised modelling career as immoral as of now; then they have every right to get recognized that way. But, for any such recognition we need to have such contests being held at the school level.

    When we come on to the University level, every student is multi-talented. We just need to identify their hidden talents. The failures cannot make anyone get closed down completely. The activities are focussed to move out the stress and entertain the audience and project the hidden talent which is otherwise unnoticed in the studious world. This has nothing to do with the studies and this is definitely not going to eat-up the valuable study hours of the students.

    If at all we want to make the beauty contests away from getting off the moral track, we can have a check on the dress-code of the contestants and provide certain guidelines and restrictions on the level of dressing and performance. Anyhow, it would be incorrect to ban the Beauty Pageants all together at the school and college level.