Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents?

Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents?

The present world is changing. In this tech-savvy world, adults are opting to work in the metros, and are more interested in living with their wife and children. They initially leave their parents in search of job, and when they get it they don’t even find it important to look back. The trend is just not confined to the job seekers. Even many other adults enjoy living separately after marriage leaving the parents on their own. As the situation is worsening with time, do you think children should be legally bounded to take care of aging parents?


• It is just not about caring about the aging parents but the step will also make the adults more responsible towards their career.

• As the time is changing and relations are becoming more centralized and mean, it is must to look after the needs of aging parents.

• The necessary obligations will make it easy for the daughters to take care of their parents financially and in all other ways without any fear of in-laws.

• The move will encourage the people to not to kill girl child, instead will help in making the men women ratio come at par.

• Taking care of aging parents is a moral responsibility but when the moral responsibility starts failing it should be implemented with legal laws.


• Taking care of aging parents is just a moral responsibility and in any case government cannot make it compulsory to take care of parents financially.

• Already the system is full of laws and regulations which are hardly followed, instead of making new laws it is better to focus on implementing the old ones.

• In this competitive world where unemployment rate is growing, the legal obligations will create pressure on adults and they can even go in depression.

• All the people are different, their salary, the living culture, the problems, the relations, everything is different. So, one same law cannot work for everybody.

• It will create problems for the girl child as after marriages it is not possible for her to work, and the regulations cannot be different for girls and boys in the society that talks about women empowerment.


In the world where adults are getting selfish and busy in the fulfillment of their own luxurious needs, it is necessary for the government to come ahead and make some flexible rules for supporting the aging parents. They cannot be left alone to struggle in their hard days. The loopholes are there but then with certain ifs and bus the regulations can be made. It will at least improve some conditions of old aged population in any country.
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  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -Gaurav Tiwari (09/04/14)
  • I would like to extend my voice in favour with some of my thoughts .

    A hand once used for providing the support for the baby to walk, a wallet which is filled with the money used always to fetch the finest gifts just to have a smile, an ambitious couple dumping their dreams to fulfil their ward's desire n many more of such unsaid and unnoticed moments really are capable enough to answer the question Should children be legally bound to take financial care of parents.....?

    The initial search is for the necessity and when it is fulfilled the roar is for the luxury,
    this is the brutal face of the world where we are placing our culture at back foot and running for an endless journey without even thinking of the cost that we are paying.
    In country like India ,culturally daughter after marriage is bound to take the financial care of in-laws and thus willingly or unwillingly leaving their reason of life their parents alone and helpless , this legal bound can surely help the daughter to make the appropriate decisions without any interference from her in-laws.
    When a more demanding wife keeps the husband away from the financial help for parents this law will come as a saviour .
    At the age meant for peace of mind parents need not to worry about their financial needs at least .
  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -Rahul pandey (09/01/14)
  • Sensitive issues are more or less inevitable.likewise how could one even think of eschewing there parents(creator).it must be our sheer intention to serve them at any case till there last and that what reflects moral standing and your sagacity.this could be felt sagaciously that its our dying duty which lies above everything.even we shall grow old and expect our child to care us.there exist not even a single scope of debate when it goes heavenly governed.
  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -Budhaditya (09/01/14)
  • It is not actually asked about moral behaviours of a child towards his or her parents, rather when it come to financial supports, then it should be made legal by the govt to make a well settled person to take care of his parents. The best way to describe my point could be the fact that, if divorces give the right to a person to get compensation amounts from the partner the why should someone who almost surrendered their life for your well being is deprived of such opportunity even when they are in much more need.
  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -umesh (08/31/14)
  • I believe children are created by their parents for their own mean purpose ,,,, to get love, to be not called impotent in locality , to take care of their business, to have a job better than their own, to work with them in fields as labor with them or to have son to make them feel son... or finally to take care of them when they get older..... They don't realize that how hard is present day life is...which has become struggle right from birth to the is witnessing war, diseases , pollution, over population , hot temperatures, crime, unhealthy competition ...etc etc... Youth of today's generation should be given a complete chance to understand life in a scientific manner, not according to some religion or moral duty. then he should be allowed to live life in his own terms. .... I mean it all... I don't recommend any couple to have kids in this shitty world.. You will certainly not ..when you recall how hard it was for you up to this time. good luck ahead. HA-ha.
  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -Teena Bhatia (07/17/14)
  • The problem is children can be bounded legally only on financial terms. No one can be forced to love or care for anyone. If that was possible legally, the world would have been a better place to live in..
  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -rohit chaturvedi (07/17/14)
  • me too strongly believe in the notion not just financially, but parents should be taken care of emotionally too. in old age love , affection and respect become more important than money. government should try to formulate strategies in such a way that children should never ever leave their parents in old age, the time when they become too fragile. it should always be about loving your parents.
  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -mounika.R (07/16/14)
  • hai, everyone. i want to mention that only financial care is not necessary for the aging parents. they need love and effection from their kids, grand children. they worked a lot through out their life for their children.if they too provide us only the financial security but not love and care then do you think will we able in this situation. so, children should not only take care of their aging parents finanancially but also bind themselves with love and care.and government should also strictly prohibit these oldage homes. i want to conclude that financial security does not give happiness but also theyshould love and care them. because if we love our parents then tomorrow our children will love us.
  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -Vamshi (07/10/14)
  • I don't hope so Only financial care for the parents is sufficient to repay the love, affection, care of parents .

    and however Legal bound may bring some change in the persons who did not care their parents even for a while.
    and i am feeling very sad to discuss on this topic because , our country INDIA a great country vch is the symbol of love care culture,

    and here we are discussing to make the indian to realize' his own responsibility'.
    how the india will develope if the man forgetting his own responsibility.

    A man should love the parents and should take care of his parents, if he doesn't have sufficient time to take care of them atleast he has to supoort them financially at their older age.

    my Dream infact our dream is, India with' NO OLDAGE HOME COUNTRY'
  • RE: Should Children be legally bound to take financial care of ageing parents? -Deepa Kaushik (07/10/14)
  • Taking care of parents is more than a duty for the children. For all that our parents do in their lifetime, shaping us to be a civilized human beings, we can never repay back even with our best efforts. Almost every parent tries their best to provide a better living than their reach. They definitely are more than God for a living being.

    To such a great boon for us humans, we can just provide our support, love and affection in their old age. Still many of the youth today fail to have the basic ethics or the true instinct to take care of their parents in their approaching old age.

    No government or law can enforce affection, love or care in to the human minds. What best can be done is to make law stringent enough to take up the financial responsibility of the parents in their old age. With such a point of view, yes, this rule will definitely get a warm welcome by the majority population.