Should cuss words be banned?

Should cuss words be banned?


News had it flaring all over that the Central Board of Film Certificate had made a list of 28 cuss words to be banned from films. The new chief of CBFL, Pahlaj Nihalani went ahead to defend the decision of banning cuss words and phrases from films but what followed was intense criticism from filmmakers and other people who would be affected somehow if this change was about to be processed. They finally had to withdraw the decision. Are we Indians really going back to time when everything had someone being offended about it? The previous chief of CBFL resigned in a similar instance that followed protests over banning a controversial film. Should cussing be banned just because it offends us to hear from someone else while inwardly or vehemently everyone cuss?


1. Cinemas have a responsibility for they shape the minds of youth who are already in the developing phase of life. A film meant for family entertainment has a double meaning word that rhymes with a cuss word on purpose and the very next day you find your child signing the lines along, totally unaware of the hidden meaning behind it. What follows is misleading information from peers and other children of the same age. You cannot deny being embarrassed when your child expects you to explain the meaning of the new word he heard in the latest movie.

2. Filmmakers are saying that in order to mirror the society of downtrodden, it is essential to use their language that usually have cuss words flowing. Agreed! But making the male protagonist use cuss words that make him look cool and attractive in front of the opposite sex is definitely sending out the wrong message to youth. This is comparable to instances in films where the hero would be eve teasing the girl and finally manages to get her falling for him.

3. The usage of cuss words in movies is not as alarming as the enormously glorified adaptation by the people who are influenced by these films. They get the idea that it is absolutely fine to use such cuss words on anyone whenever and wherever they have no other way to let out their frustration. Not just movies but reality shows on television and even some websites need filter for the usage of cuss words. MTV, for example, relies totally on the usage of cuss words in their shows for TRP for no good reason at all simply because they somehow have to get it beeped out.


1. The decision to pass a list that has 28 cuss words banned from using in films is absurd, regressive and against creative freedom as pointed out by many. It is mere display of power when a man singlehandedly passes a list without asking the approval of the other board members. Moreover, in a country like India with such language diversity how could someone say that only 28 cuss words are offensive while the others are allowed? Abusive languages also change when one starts travelling to the other zones of the country.

2. From the film Tridev in 1989 to Bandit queen in 1994 and many more to join the list, slangs and cuss words have played a part that suited the depiction of the original situation. One cannot expect the gangs to talks all sugar and sweets in films, that would look artificial after all. The controversy over cuss words have been discussed and over-discussed from time to time. It is important that we stop being offended and concentrate on better things that demands attention.

3. From entertainment to inspiration, the role of cinemas have shifted more towards showing the reality of our society. It is important to show where the lives of minority is still lacking. This cannot be possible until filmmakers have the complete freedom of show what is really happening out there. The abusive language people use in reality cannot be covered in made-up conversations that would neither connect with those people nor get the required attention of people.

4. Whoever said that cuss words have bad effect on the moral of our youth should think better and rather impose punishment when such words are uttered in public instead of putting beeps on movies and television series. How are cuss words wrong to hear in films while using them in public of person is not offensive to the government's newly posted chief? This is what we get when power talks arrogance mixed with a sense of dominance over whatever comes within access.

5. When government can justify that a certain illiterate-cum-villager-made-minister can use words like "haramzade" in front of the entire ministry and be forgiven considering the background she comes from, is it not obvious that when films are made of her immediate fellow men and women, there ought to be cuss words in it? The Sadhvi controversy is termed old? Then so should be such worthless issues of people going offended over cuss words.

6. The AIB roasted went viral and was liked my millions, disliked my a few thousands, or maybe lacs. Well, they did not expect everyone to like it and if you were offended, that was fine on them too. Why at all should they be brought to trials if someone was offended by their harmless work of entertainment? We had Aamir khan offended with the roast but he surprisingly danced his way through the bygone DK Bose in his film. We Indians are so used to being hypocrites all the time and finding controversy in almost everything.


The censor board has to be an autonomous body with people from the industry who have better knowledge of what the film industry is supposed to show and what not to show. But what happens in our country is exactly the opposite. The government in power fills the position in censor board with its own people and what we get to see is such absurd needles controversies covering the front page of the newspaper where they should be talking budget and swine flu.
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  • RE: Should cuss words be banned? -G.Bharati (05/12/19)
  • It should be banned.
  • RE: Should cuss words be banned? -nitin lohia (02/28/15)
  • cuss words should be banned as due to the use of this words the youth of the current generation does not think before using this words in public as they thin that if they can be said in a movie then why not in public , but they to fail to understand that some words can e too vulgar and make someone embarrassed.

    As some cuss words are such deeper in meaning that people despite knowing the meaning of it started using it in public or in occasions to show his anger .

    But one must know that this cuss words give a wrong signal o the young kids and without knowing the meaning they use it in schools or functions which an be offensive and can be disheartening for the parents to explain .

    It should be a start to stop some of the cuss words to be used in Cinema as it many people take the stars as their role models and the words used by them in cinema to lure girls can be cheesy and bad and it is only good for projection in cinema but people don't understand that and start using that in real life which creates a bad impression for him in the society as well in the family .

    Rather than making a fuss about this they should think of making some good movies with some good stores which shows diversity of India as a nation and which makes the people feel good and motivating rather than degrading by hearing these words.
  • RE: Should cuss words be banned? -Deepa Kaushik (02/28/15)
  • If transformation has to start from somewhere, then why not from here? The initiation taken by Pahlaj Nihalani should be supported in order to support this transformation. Rather than finding loophole to escape this ban, we should ideally try to visualize the impact of these cuss words especially on our children who are the future of our nation. The cuss words definitely leave a negative impact on the viewers.

    Ban on the cuss words would not impact the film industry. These things are hyped just to gain importance and get to the attention of the common man. The film industry had been running even before these cuss words came to regular use. Cine stars lead others by examples. They need to be the ones who should have an ideal framework of decency so that their influence doesn’t affect the common man in their day-to-day life.

    The ban of just 28 cuss words is not actually sufficient, but this should be considered a start. This spark should be kept alive to burn out all the cuss words from all the languages all over India. We can give a lot many defensive arguments to prohibit this ban, but the true soul would always accept that these cuss words should be banned.