Should English be banned in Indian Parliament!

Should English be banned in Indian Parliament!

There is a big roar for banning addressals in English in Parliament. Is it English that is keeping us behind? or Is it just an issue to divert from many other core and burly issues?


Developed countries like Germany, China, France etc. which use mother tongue adequately have shown remarkable growth at all fronts. They are deeply united and exemplify the significance of use of a mother tongue. Those who think for its ban can see enough fodder in it to put their voice loud in their favor.


India has been diversified since its inception and practicing various languages. We have got different religions living and different languages spoken. We can't be forced now to follow one language as a mother tongue and use it in parliament. All languages should be loved and encouraged. English is the language, which the youth are looking up to. It is an important language.

India is considered as a IT-giant and for that matter English is pivotal for software savvy youths, so refraining English speaking MPs from parliament would be a wrong signal to the world.

If we really resolve to bring about change in the current arrangement, we should use the system that UN delegates follow. They speak their own languages from the world over during meetings with an interpreter doing the necessary translation. This system would ensure that all MPs can eloquently express their views during a discussion.

English is a necessity in a globalized work environment. Hindi or other languages can be promoted at the regional level; but this should not be done at the expense of English.
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  • RE: Should English be banned in Indian Parliament! -Bibhav Ranjan Das (11/23/21)
  • No, never, My mother tongue is Bangla, not hindi and unironically I can't speak Hindi! So the only way to communicate with others out of Bengal is by speaking English! So the answer is simple, I am against it!
  • RE: Should English be banned in Indian Parliament! -Y NIVESH REDDY (09/28/21)
  • I agree to ban English in india because of that English may of ower talented people are not getting seats and jobs English language because like cast in ower society if English bans the difference between upper and lower cast rich poor this type of fellings will be gone even to explain you guys it take me to talk in English see this is ower situation we can't even talk ower mother tongue in college are office also jai hind
  • RE: Should English be banned in Indian Parliament! -AKASH ALAN (10/06/16)
  • I am not agree with English should be banned in parliament and it should not compare with developing country like China because language may be a factor for development but it plays a little role in that and it is possible in those countries where all the citizens talk in one languages in India there 22 languages which is not possible to forced to MLA's to talk in English. It should not concern as a big issue for developement
  • RE: Should English be banned in Indian Parliament! -amit kumar seth (09/04/16)
  • As we all know india is a diversified country .it has more than 100 of languages. and it is not necessary that in parliament every MPs know hindi.but you know english is compulsary language in present time to communicate a knowledgeble person in any state english is not a big problem in parliament. yes it right many devoloped country like china ,france... use their mother tongue in their paliament and got many achievement .But they do not have language problems like india. language problem is not a big excuse for devolopment.
  • RE: Should English be banned in Indian Parliament! -Rakshanda jaiswal (09/03/16)
  • There are more than 15 languages in india. As our mother tongue is hindi . It is not mandatory that hindi should be used in indian parliament . Yes it may use by tge people . But it will be a good practice uf they use english for cpmmunicatevwith the people because if they go to the different countries for delivering the lectures they will never give in hindi . If they do so , no one will understand . English language should be known to everyone it is a common language over the world as it is not possible to know french , chinese etc languages english language oved the world everyone knows.
  • RE: Should English be banned in Indian Parliament! -vishnu kj (12/03/13)
  • India was under British rule for more than 100 years,obviously the influence of English will be there in every aspect it deals with it. Also India being a diversified country has different languages and people may find it difficult to communicate in Hindi in every parts of India.Hindi is the most spoken language in India, but it haven't mentioned in the constitution that Hindi is our national language.Moreover, India being a developing country can reach great heights using the widely spoken language English.