Should Feeling fat emoji be removed from Facebook?

Should Feeling fat emoji be removed from Facebook?

I am “feeling fat.” Yes, the emoji was up until this week on Facebook. The users can choose it from a dropdown box and let the world know how they were doing in a status update. Along with tired, happy, excited, sad, user was able to tell he was feeling fat. However, protestors argued that fat is not a feeling, and therefore should be removed from social media website. Following the petition, signed by as many as 16,000 people, Facebook has removed fat emoji. Should Feeling fat emoji be removed from Facebook?


- Definitely, it should be because in any case fat emoji doesn’t falls under an emotion, and therefore it cannot be categorized as same.
- Fat is being a state that may or may not lead to certain emotions. It is a cause behind the emotions.
- Even if fat was an emotion, it cannot be placed on a social media website. It inculcates a feeling of depression and diffidence in an individual.
- Fat can be better categorized as a disease and calling it as a feeling and placing it as an emoji is nothing more than a bad joke.
- People who have struggled with being fat and overcome eating disorders only understand what it feels like to be fat. A social media website cannot play with the emotions of a specific group.
- Facebook is the most popular social networking website and with more than 800 million users each day, it has a great influence on how we think or talk about ourselves.


- People use Social media websites including Facebook for just fun. Placing a status like I am feeling fat is nothing more than a funny statement.
- There are many people who are skinny and still they like to express their feeling of being fat on the social media platform. It should not be taken personally for fat people.
- There are so many things on the internet that can instill negative thoughts or feelings in minds of fat people. Everything cannot be removed.
- Fat emoji must have worked as an inspiration to people where they can remind themselves what needs to be corrected in life.
- Why fat emoji was taken as a negative emotion. It can always be looked as from other perspective by putting a statement, I am not feeling fat.


When users set their status as feeling fat they are in some form hurting the sentiments of a specific group of people. It was a emoji that made fun of people who consider themselves to be fat, which also include people with eating disorders. In simple words, fat is not a ‘feeling’ but a natural part of a body. Facebook should encourage body positivity and self-esteem among its fans by introducing other positive features.
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  • RE: Should Feeling fat emoji be removed from Facebook? -Deepa Kaushik (03/12/15)
  • Fatness is not a feeling, but an expression of complex developed within the person. When fat term doesn’t belong to the section of emotions, then the emoji definitely has no place to be columned in the facebook along with the different emotions.

    Though the body type is not within our hands, still we can try to keep ourselves fit. Fatness can be the inborn body type, or that could be acquired with improper lifestyle. In both ways, it has nothing to be termed under emotions. Conversely, we can say that fatness gives rise to few negative motions in some people.

    People on a broader scale find fatness to be negative development for the body and fail to acknowledge and accept their own constitution. Such a negative factor often leads to depression in some more sensitive person. One would hardly like to post themselves as fat or would like to be called fat. Without any appropriate use, the ‘Fat emoji’ should be ideally removed from the emoji section of Facebook.