Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali?

Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali?

Diwali - the festival of lights, vigor and joy - is getting hazy under the influence of air and noise pollution. Those twinkling crackers and zestful rockets are the reason why children and adults alike enjoy the festival to its fullest but what about the environment we are living in? We are now coming across terms such as “eco-friendly” Diwali which implies usage of low decibel crackers to reduce noise pollution but what about air pollution? Even these low decibel crackers contribute to air contamination to a greater extent.

Yes, they must be banned:

1. Toxic polluting of air: Firecrackers, merely for the sake of entertainment, emit nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and particulate matter which are so minute that they have a propensity to get lodged in the lung and can even enter the bloodstream. Patients of asthma and other respiratory disorders report discomfort and worsening of conditions during Diwali.

2. Chemical hazards: Firecrackers are made of chemicals which are lethal to health. Copper causes irritation of respiratory tract; Cadmium causes anemia and damages the kidney; Lead affects the nervous system; Sodium is bad for skin; Zinc causes vomiting; Nitrate can lead to mental impairment; Nitrite, which is the most lethal of them all, can send one to coma.

3. Noise pollution: High decibels of noise pollution created by firecrackers can cause temporary and sometimes permanent hearing impairment. Other problems that people of old age face on Diwali nights are sleeping disorders, restlessness, rise in blood pressure, and even heart attacks.

4. Accidents: Every year, there happen so many accidents due to misuse or improper usage of firecrackers. Lives are lost and some are maimed for the rest of their life. Playing with fire, the most hazardous element of nature cannot be fun for everyone especially when every nook and corner of the country joins to emit Sulphur and Nitrite together the whole night.

5. Inhuman conditions of workers: The conditions of those working in factories that produce these crackers, are deadly. With no real precautionary measure or proper shield, they work days and nights with these chemicals and the result is seen when there happens an accident. Child labors are incorporated to keep up with the demands of these crackers during Diwali. If we buy these crackers, it would be like contributing to their inhuman condition for another year.

6. Toxic garbage: The day next to Diwali witnesses burnt garbage which is usually toxic elements such as magnesium and phosphorus.

7. Harm to property and economy: Crores are spent every year in these burnt fire crackers which ultimately go towards contaminating the natural resources and sometimes properties and lives are lost too due to accidents from these firecrackers.

No, it shouldn’t be banned:

1. Traditions: The burning of firecrackers has been in the Hindu tradition for years and suddenly implementing a ban on it might hurt their religious sentiments. Fireworks have been an inherent part of the Diwali celebrations and not just Hindus, but people of other religion equally partake in this festival.

2. Reforms: Instead of banning the fireworks, there could be reformatory measures to lessen the amount of these firecrackers that could be burnt in a single day. Some areas near hospitals and old age homes should have firecracker prohibition rules which should be strictly implemented.


Whatever measures are taken every year to lessen noise and air pollution ultimately get hazed in the heavy smoke of these crackers and unless a complete ban is imposed on them, nothing could be done to make Diwali actually “eco-friendly.” Chinese crackers which are extremely hazardous have been banned but still the police recovered a great quantity of these crackers in Kolkata recently. Banning them completely seems to be the only way left.
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  • RE firecrackers should not be banned in Diwali? -Matangi (11/09/18)
  • It is a tradition . Specially in hindu. For only this region this festival is celebrated by all cast .
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -Deepak (11/09/18)
  • There are describe two reasons for why not we not ban firecracker because it is traditional of Hindu religion but one day when we need air qualifiers for take breathing on every home it's better option. Today every one has own house????. No it's not about any society or not tradition but it's all about the environment and now government need to Ben totally. There are several ways to celebrate Dewalii with your family and friends and this time to change our habits and understand our responsibility.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -Shivam dwivedi (11/04/18)
  • Hello dear friends,
    As we all know about that the condition of new Delhi now a days.
    So in my point of view firecrackers using in All functions not only in Diwali banned bcuz banned crackers on Diwali is not the solution of save invoirment.
    We all know that Diwali is the fastive of joy and happiness.
    Our government should completely banned the firecrackers in our country like a marriage function,new year celebration, Diwali etc.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -B.rohit Kumar (10/30/18)
  • Very helpful one
    Thank you
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -nishantt sharma (11/07/17)
  • in my opinion ,albeit firing crackers on Diwali is closely related with the Indian religious sentiments but we can not compromise it with our duty toward our environment Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. there are so many ways in which we can celebrate eco-friendly diwali. i am in favour of the decision taken by the NGT to put ban on crackers in Delhi NCR......
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -Mayank (11/06/17)
  • In my opinion firecrackers should not ban in diwali...but government should take some serious steps to reduce its usage.....coz crackers cause air pollution as well as noise should not be banned bcoz the place where the crackers are manufactured provides the employment to many families who works in the crackers factory.....these families are...into this work from many many years if the government suddenly banned the crackers then these families have no other option to survive their life
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -vilas (11/01/17)
  • yes should there will definately bann on fireworks because if lot of air pollution will be there so global warming will come and harmfull ultra violet rays will fall in the earth,s ecosystem and all people on the earth will die
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -deepak kr. verma (10/16/17)
  • Dear, Brother and sister. We all are educated and understand it's effect that it cause to our healthy environment. you can learn from china, who invented crackers.Build up some sense, and try not to ruin the environment. Diwali is Festival of Lights, and i do want to see is a Festival of Cracker.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -Raj Chauhan (10/12/17)
  • YES it SHOULD BE BANNED! People waste their thousand or even lacks amount of money on firecrackers just for their enjoyment. What if they use this amount of money for making a better India.
    People should feed poor children rather than buying crackers. It will give them more pleasure and blessing than burning firecrackers.
    You should be aware that many companies are still employing child labour in their factories. The children are facing many health problems. And we just don't care.
    At the end let's celebrate a pollution free and HAPPY Diwali.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -Deve (10/11/17)
  • i don't agree with this topic. because if we will be banned all the firecracker than where the industries will sell their product. most of industries will closed. more people will loose their job. i think we need to find its alternative like Eco-friendly firecrackers after burning it will release oxygen gas, so we can follow our tradition and culture to protect the environment.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -kamaljit (10/11/17)
  • just for a second won't the other countries burst the crackers in a larger quantity on some special events but the manufacturer uses harmful chemicals.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -Shruti Shrabya (10/26/14)
  • Well,firecrackers is a tradition as well as a representation of Chinese culture.However,it does not have good effects at all on our life,and lately caused a fire in Beijing.And it is not wise to cost on these things,which could bring pollution that would increase our environment burden,cause fires,and even hurt people.In my point of view,if people have a awareness and a responsibility for protecting the world we live in,they would just quite playing that and educate their kids not to do that.
    But, firecrackers should not be banned rather it should be used to some extent.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -Umesh khadela (10/26/14)
  • Ya.....i am totally agree with the topic that fire crackers should be banned in india.
    Because we are celebrating diwali for tradition, in the ancient time we used lighten up "Dip jyot" at home and would celebrate, but due to this western culture now we are celebrating with cracker and that is totally clueless, i don't know what is fun in this because on one side we are making smoke of our money and also polluting the environment.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -saurabh shukla (10/25/14)
  • yes use of such huge noise producing fire carcker should be banned completly ... diwali is a festival of joy and lighting nt contaminating tha natural resource....
    every year enarmous accident took place that become the couse of loss of several lifes... so enjoy safe diwali and happy diwali..
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -saurabh shukla (10/25/14)
  • yes use of such huge noise producing fire carcker should be banned completly ... diwali is a festival of joy and lighting nt contaminating tha natural resource....
    every year enarmous accident took place that become the couse of loss of several lifes... so enjoy safe diwali and happy diwali..
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -Rabi Kr Shaw (10/21/14)
  • i think it should be banned beacause diwali is a festival of lights & joy but not to create air or noise pollution.i think govt should made strict rules and regulations to stop this nonsense of using crackers in the name of diwali.our main focus should be to create awearness among youths and chidren to not use these crackers which hampers not only society bur country also.burning crackers in the name of diwali creates lots of noise which results in trauma for elders ,old people,heart patient not only that hazardous gases emitting during this period
    also affects the lives of many especially asthama patients.
    so that we should banned firecrackers in diwali.
  • RE: Should firecrackers be banned in Diwali? -aarav rahul (10/20/14)
  • really helpful