Should government reduce/remove security to celebrities?

Should government reduce/remove security to celebrities?


Mumbai Police gave a shocker to B-town when it downgraded the security of Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and other renowned Bollywood personalities. These are the celebrities who were given round-the-clock special security by the Mumbai Police. Security for 25 other celebrities also have been totally revoked.

The decision to put this plan to action was taken long back in 2011 but was never rightfully implemented. A threat assessment review was to be carried out that year and depending on the report, security was to be trimmed down for those who no longer needed it.

SRK and Aamir have been under threat after their support to the intolerance and the award wapsi campaign from various political parties. These actors have also been in controversy for some of their films and received threats from various groups of extremists. Is it right of the Mumbai Police to downgrade their security at this hour?


1. In the reports of 2011, it was found that about 800 Bollywood personalities and other celebrities, politicians were getting high security from the Mumbai Police. Shortage for men was a big concern expressed in the report and that the need was crucial to provide security to the common citizens of the city. This was a pending decision that should have been implemented long back but now that it has been put to effect, Mumbai Police should go forth to increasing the security of the common people.

2. The recent audit conducted by the crime branch shows that there is no imminent threat to these people and they no longer need the high security cover that was given to them last years after the firing outside Ali Morani’s residence in Bandra. The threat was allegedly from gangster Ravi Pujari which has been neutralized in the city after the arrest of most of his men. Mumbai police did their job of providing security covers to these people at the time of threat, managed to keep them safe and sound but now that the threat perception is no longer present, it is time to reduce the high security officials at their beck and call.

3. These high profile Bollywood personalities are the people earing in millions and yet they require state police to protect them. These are the people who can hire private security agents and officials and open up opportunities and employment options for these private agencies. The hard earned money of the common people that goes into taxation is what pays the state police. They should be at the beck and call of common people who do not have any other security options.

4. Is the life of a common man any less valuable than the life of these high profile celebrities? We’d say “no” but the security covers given to these celebs speak otherwise. While there is shortage of policemen for safeguarding the law and order of the city, these celebs would not have it in their hearts to pay heed to this matter and give up the security on their own. Owing to the terror threats that have been constantly increasing, it is necessary that our armed personnel are available for the security of the entire city rather than staying put at the secure bungalows of these celebrities.


1. Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir khan have been in controversy for their films like “My name is Khan” and “PK”. These people have received threats from gangsters and political groups most of the time. Recently, a media overhyped and misled rumor about Aamir Khan and his wife about India not being safe created more fiasco than it asked for. People were angered without getting into the depth of the conversation that originally took place. Outrage amongst public for these reasons can cause havoc without proper security from best officials of Mumbai Police. The efficiency of private security agents cannot be at par with that of Mumbai police that has been successful in handling threats on the life of these people.

2. These iconic people, actors, filmmakers, directors, producers have brought accolades to our nation. They represented India worldwide. Priyanka Chopra has been making India proud and has recently earned People’s choice award for “Quantico”. For all great and renowned people, there are hundreds of extremists trying to bring them down to show enforce their power of terror. It would be wrong to say that these celebs are just like us and need no government security. We can roam about freely wherever we want but these people cannot without the fear of being mobbed for reasons both good and bad.

3. Akshay Kumar is amongst the 15 others, including Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt, whose security cover hasn’t been changed or revoked owing to the threat of extortion from the underworld. Askhay kumar was under threat during his movie “Oh, my God” but that too is a matter of past which has subsided now and the security cover should no longer be required. This has risen doubts that SRK and Aamir were chosen for security downgrading because they spoke against intolerance and other such reasons. Other iconic people like Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar and Dilip Kumar will continue to get round-the-clock security apart from police escorts.

4. Forget threats from underworld and gangsters, celebrities need privacy and security from the paparazzi. The way media is obsessed about the private affairs of the lives of these big stars, they would go to any extent to get a glimpse of whatever is cooking inside. It isn’t just about being short tempered that makes celebrities lose their calm with media people. It is about how they trespass all limits of privacy to peak into the lives of celebs that generates the angered response.

5. If celebrities do not require security at the expense of the government, can the same be said about all the worthless politicians, ex-politicians who still enjoy the security covers? A majority of police personals are made to guard the entire family of these politicians. If Mumbai police is actually concerned about the shortage of security men, some threat analysis also needs to be done on these people.


Aamir Khan and other celebrities have endorsed the security downgrading with a note of trust on Mumbai Police to be there for them if ever a situation arises. However, the biasness would not go unnoticed and people will give different angles to this story unless and until the same is said for the families of politicians. These people are also well earning and are capable of affording private security personnel instead of living at the expenses of public.

Delhi, for instance, doesn’t have Bollywood celebs capturing the interests of police. Politicians are ones taking in all the security they could have even if the roads and streets are left unprotected for the common public. Increasing crime rate is an untacked issue lying unheard, unseen. We would love to see politicians endorse the act when their security is taken down.
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  • RE: Should government reduce/remove security to celebrities? -Deepa Kaushik (01/12/16)
  • Celebrities are normal human beings like any other person / citizen. Be that the bollywood stars or politicians or any other high profile people, everyone has the same urge to live as any other common man. These celebrities are nobody special to have any special protection for life.

    Security should be given to those who live to protect their fellow men viz. the army, navy, airforce personnel etc. These are the people who lay their lives for the motherland. If our government is so keen about protecting their people, the security should be given to the families of these brave people who are miles away from their family and are unable to look after them.

    Spending immense portion of the Government money on providing security to the celebrities is highly unfair to the common man whose money in the form of tax levied is spoiled on such arrangements. Nobody has asked people to become celebrities. Politics or acting is a career and profession that people opt. Performing to best is their craze and winning the hearts makes them celebrities. This does not count for getting security.

    Getting threats is because of their application of work. People never asked Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir khan to make or work in such films. It was their own choice which made them search their threat call. Asking for protection in a one-off case is fine and that should be for a limited period like for any other common man. Round the clock security for lifetime is not a justified answer to this. Hence, it is very much appreciated to remove security line-up for the celebrities.