Should it be soft drinks after Maggi?

Should it be soft drinks after Maggi?


A soft drink is a beverage which contains carbonated water, sweetener and a flavoring. Drinking soft drinks of any kind has certain positive and negative effects.

Recently, Maggi – the most loved fast food of India was in news and is on a verge of getting banned in the country. The food inspectors have asked Nestle to recall the consignments of Maggi from Uttar Pradesh as it contained a high amount of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) and lead.

After such a severe step taken by the Food Safety and Standard Authorities of India Department, the soft drinks may be the next on the targeted list.

Yes – Soft drinks should be banned.

1. Big health threats – India is home to nearly 62 million diabetics patients. It is a fact that too much of sugar kills a person. One 12 ounce of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar. It is said that women should not consume even one glass of Pepsi in a day. Soft drinks can cause various diseases such as Pancreatic cancer, bone issues, diabetics etc. It also increases the rate of metabolic syndrome.

2. Unhealthy for kids – Soft drinks are unhealthy especially for the kids and thus, it should be banned in the country. It contains a lot of impurities and hazards which are harmful for the kids. Soft drinks have a high level of acid which creates digestive problems and kids are highly prone to this threat. Soft drinks lead to the decay of teeth enamel - which again poses severe heakth hazard to the people consuming it.

3. Harmful preservatives – Apart from acid, impurities and dust particles, soft drinks contain harmful preservatives such as chemicals from ajinomoto.

4. Lack of attendance in educational institutes – School and college going students are more addicted to the soft drinks. A recent study shows that around 65% of the students drink soft drinks at least once in a day. The ill effects of consuming soft drinks prevents the students from going to school. The health hazards caused due to consuming soft drinks creates a lack of attendance for the kids.

No – Soft drinks should not be banned.

1. Toxic vegetables – Today most of the vegetables and fruits are injected with harmful chemicals so that they stay fresh for a long time. Before banning the soft drinks, the entry of such vegetables and fruits in to the market should be banned as they are a necessity.

2. Cigarette and Tobacco – The consumption of tobacco and cigarette is legal in India despite the fact that they are harmful for an individual. In spite of carrying the pictorial warnings on the package, these products are widely circulated and consumed.

3. Social Aspect – Soft drinks are an integral part of a societal function. Most of the family or society functions are incomplete without a soft drink. Soft drinks along with light snacks are the easiest things to serve for a sudden or small get together.

4. Act as energy drink – Most of the people consider soft drinks to be an energy drink. It wipes off our thirst during the extreme summers and provides us with energy. They are the only easily available source of drinks during the summer season.

5. Right to freedom – Adults should not be treated like kids. It is the choice of the people to decide whether to consume the soft drinks or not. Most of the people are educated consumers and thus, they know what to buy and what not to buy.


The Department of Health and Education and other related agencies should ensure the public that all the schools require a course in nutrition for all the students. It should also offer healthy menus to the people not only in school canteens but also in the office cafeterias.

India is a democratic and thus, people have the right to chose what they want. We should keep in mind that a healthy citizen is translated into a healthy nation.
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  • RE: Should it be soft drinks after Maggi? -Soumen Maity (06/15/15)
  • Hello Everyone,
    I think you guys slightly moved from the actual topic, the topic was should it be soft drink after Maggi or not and you directly gave a comment that it should banned or not.

    Whatever, I think yes what ever you all says that it has so many negative effects on our body. But another thing which you also said that cigerates, gutkhas they are way much harmful than soft drinks and funny thing is that even knowing this people smoke and chew those things.
    Maggi, but the things that we are habituated this way. I am not saying that it is not possible to leave that habit, the only thing is that people should be way more conscious about their health. Only then it could be changed.

    And about banned case, these are never going to be band guys, because cocacola, Pepsi... these companies are MNC companies. and government earns a great taxes from them each month. So Its is not possible to banned by government. Only people conciousness can band them.
  • RE: Should it be soft drinks after Maggi? -Nikita (06/15/15)
  • Yes, for me definitely a big YES. Soft drinks should be banned , automatically the Indian drinks or say the fruit drinks will make more space in the markets. Though they also include preservatives and some chemicals but are not as harmful as the soft drinks. As we all know the products may be it's medicines or edibles or any item which are banned or not salable in the foreign markets are dumped here in India and we Indians accept it without even knowing about the products.

    So yes, the soft drinks has to be the next. and the medicines, toothpastes,etc., for which we have an Indian and Desi and more beneficial substitute, should totally be banned.
  • RE: Should it be soft drinks after Maggi? -Keerthi (06/15/15)
  • It is not that they were not aware of problems and diseases caused by tobacco , cigarettes etc. it is the only reason that they are not affected by these diseases.Instead of giving awareness programs through NGO and student , making adds about the harmful effect of tobacco , cigarettes etc we are expecting government to ban these things immediately without an enquirer.why we should give them a chance to prove them that they are good? In my locality most of them use to smoke even though they know it causes serious order to save our members of our nation we should ban these things immediately without an enquirer.
  • RE: Should it be soft drinks after Maggi? -Ashish nagle (06/14/15)
  • ban is not only solution,there are many of edible products harm human, should we ban all .first of all ,there is a need of good awareness,when people will aware about what good or bad.govt.have to ban first all item like pan,gutkha,cigaretes,alcoholic drinks.they are more dangerous to health than maggie or soft drinks.

    so,here conclusion is that:-
    -we must think twice before react or come on final decision.
  • RE: Should it be soft drinks after Maggi? -rizvan (06/13/15)
  • i think banning maggie nd soft drinks is not a colution because there are many other hrmful products that are being consumed at a very higher rate , such as toxic vegetables , fruits , chemical milk , tobacco , cigarettes which are equally or we can say more harmful then maggie , so if our government can put a full stop on maggie why not to cigarette nd tobacco i know its hard for the regular consumers to get rif of there addiction but by banning tobacco nd cigarette we can save our coming generation from various diseases ....
  • RE: Should it be soft drinks after Maggi? -Deepa Kaushik (06/08/15)
  • What comes next on the hit-list is completely on chance. It isnot only maggi, but there are a n
    lot many edibles which are much harmful to health. Soft drinks is undoubtedly one among these. Children in the present era are addicted to the junk food and it is not the little ones to be blamed. Junk food and soft drinks are the most popular food items in today's world.

    Soft drinks being children's hot favourite should be tested soon for the harmful agents. People now-a-days are very much health conscious and everyone is aware of the harmful effects of soft drink. Elders themselves are unable to control their affinity to cold drinks, how can they expect the kids to stay away from these products? Again,health isnot something that has to be maintined and taken care of by the Government. It should be the duty of every individual toplay an active role in maintaining good health conditions in the society.

    A complete ban on the food item isnot necessary to be regulated by the Government. If the aware and conscious people of the society stop consumption of these items and also spreadawareness amongst the ignorant sections of the society, it would directly hit the demand and supply of the product in the market. We should not always wait for the Government to take the first step. Being sensible citizens, we can take the initiative to avoid not only the soft drinks, buit all those harmful substances which could deteriorate the health condition.