Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India?

Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India?

Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India?

Following Uri attack and our soldier’s well executed retaliation with a surgical strike, one debate has been more prominent, even more than the strike and counter strike actions. All has faded but the one debate continues on whether Pakistani actors and singers working and earning fortunes in our country need to be kicked out.

The film fraternity has been divided into two with one side supporting that the artists must be kept out of political dramas and the other side outraging that these anti-national elements need to be thrown out since they have no sympathy for our nationals and martyrs killed at the hands of the terrorists residing in their nation.


1. No empathy: It is to be noted that Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar were the ones to denounce terror attacks in Paris but they kept mum when it came to offering condolence to the victims of Pathankot and Uri. It clearly shows that though they earn their bread in our country while staying safe due to our soldiers, they have no empathy for the lost lives of Indians.

2. Straight denial: It would have been understandable if they were asked to speak against Pakistan and they refused. Essel Group chairman Subash Chandra approached the Pakistani actors and asked them to simply condemn the terror attacks but they straightaway denied. Are they so aware of the fact that terrorism is actually synonymous of their nation Pakistan?

3. Because we condemned: Our fellow citizens, actors and even politicians condemned the Peshawar attack on the school that killed hundreds of children. Even those who openly bear enmity to Pakistan stood against the cruelty. Why is it any different for the Pakistanis to do that when our soldiers were killed and innocent lives were lost?

4. They ban our movies: The best example among many Indian movies banned in Pakistan is Phantom. JuD chief and Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed filed a plea against the movie and Pakistan was quick to act like the good pet it is to terrorists. They cannot stand the truth against a terror group. How does is come upon India to provide employment to Pakistani actors and artists? You ban our movies, we ban your artists.

5. We support global isolation, don’t we? When we want a global isolation of the terror breeding country, Pakistan, we need to remember to begin the charity at home first. We need to send back their artists to send a strong message to the whole world that we are very much serious about the global isolation and not just into some family drama where we fight and make up.

6. A peaceful protest: Soldiers fighting at the borders is their duty towards their motherland but what about our duties? As the citizens of a country whose people and soldiers have bled at the hands of mindless terrorism from this sadistic nation, we need to do our own peaceful but powerful protest. Banning them is not spreading hatred, but showing that we care more for the lives of our soldiers than our love for the artists.


1. It is home to them: They have families living back at Pakistan, a nation which is not known for its understanding and compassion. It is clear that the artists are silent only because they do not want to risk the lives of their dear ones and also face hatred and life threatening welcome in their country. They should not be judged based on their silence.

2. They are being made scapegoats: There are so many other ways in which India is still dealing and trading with Pakistan. We love their lawn fabric to the core. We are all for their Coke Studio music. Are we talking to severing all ties? No? It is only the actors who have nothing to do with politics and diplomacy that are being made scapegoats of.

3. It is diverting the main agenda: It is unfortunate that all this kicking out actors and singers are somewhere diverting the main agenda of stressing on the need to keep retaliating with Pakistan. One counter strike is definitely not enough to maintain pressure. The terror outfits needs to be tracked all the time and shown their right place, despite Pakistan being unhappy about it.

4. It wouldn’t agitate the terrorists or the government: Remember how the extremists hate and kill the artists who work in India or Pakistan too for that matter? They wouldn’t be affected if we kick out the artists.

A silent protest from the nation that has taken enough of mindless terrorism from this diplomatic and sadistic nation would be a ban on the artists of Pakistan. This would send out a strong message that we wouldn’t in any case tolerate the ones who do not have compassion for humanity and lives of our soldiers.
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  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Ajay gurjar (12/15/18)
  • This is very good and important topic. Before discuss this topic, I m telling the relationship between pak and India after 1947 many times pak attacks on India,
    Our many brave soldiers are martyr. Many times Pakistan terrorist attacks on India . our innocent children,people were died . and all the world know Pakistan is terrorist country .
    .In my opinion the Pakistani artists should not be thrown out of India bcoz we are fighting against the terrorist not art . Pakistani artist comes to India bcoz they know India gives the platform so they show the talent in front of world.
    Art is art not compared to religious, and country.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Prasad kulkarni (04/27/17)
  • Sir
    We wre discussed very main subject , here every one point is different ,my point is , obviously we have to thrown out Pakistani actors from india , because every one knows Pakistan is terrorist country , and even they killed small childrens who making feature of Pakistan ,(peshawar attack). I think they are actor ,business person or any other but firstly in there blood is they are pakistani, and our enemy is Pakistan . Our soldier doing duty 24 hrs for safety pf ours and nations , and if we support Pakistani actors it means we are suppor to our enemy , and also we are pulling legs of our army ,
    Last one Pakistani actors get money from us , and pay taxes to Pakistan , which type justice this . For that raj thakrey work good he suggest throw out Pakistani actors from india
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -mamta (04/23/17)
  • Really very good topic to discuss so i also want to give my suggestion towards this topics.
    Yes it is correct that no.of time pakistan attack on india and innocent lossed the life but to throw the pakistan actrors is not the solution of this problem they are not involve in them then why to give punishment them
    If we will do the same as pakistan doing then what will the difference between them and us....we are much better then pakistan.
    If every country will do like this(throwing of other country people)then common people will get suffer
    So take action against the terrorism not against actors,players of pakistan
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Dimpivijay (04/21/17)
  • Sir
    This is a very good topic to discuss. I also want to share my views in this concerns. As we know India and pak relationship is not issues of current scenario. It is the issue since india got freedom. Pak is not a good nation as it olerates ans support terrorism from its land against our country. Relationship with this nation never be good in futur. Now the quedtion is that artists from pak should be in india for their bright future and livelihood then my answer is no.
    Its very clear that they never show condolences and theire sympathy white any terror act happned in the country resulting destroy many innocent lives and brave respectable soldiers.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Shruti Shrabya (03/20/17)
  • The debate focuses on the Uri attack in Jammu & Kashmir. For the above question, opinion wil be yes, Pakistani artists should be removed from India.

    As we see, actors like, Fawad Khan, Veena Malik, Ali Zafar, Mahira Khan etc., showed no condolence during Peshawar attack and Uri attack. They didn't show any support for our soldiers and students who were killed in Peshawar Army School.

    They even banned an Indian movie named “Phantom” which portrayed 26/11 attack took place in Mumbai.

    Well, the main point is to retaliate Pakistan. Our surgical strike is not enough for them. To remove the roots of terrorism, we have to fight unanimously.

    Hence, ban on a Pakistani artists might send a strong message all over the globe that we Indians are not going to tolerate those people who are uncompassionate for Indian soldiers and humanity.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Ankita (03/14/17)
  • Pakistani Actors,if banned from Indian movies will only bring out bitterness and is a fruitless act to perform.Moreover,Talent should always be appreciated for betterment of humanity whether it be from Pakistan or other country.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Neha (03/11/17)
  • We talk about unity in diversity and secularism on one hand and on the other hand we are banning movies in which Pakistani actors have acted.They are just artists who are entertaining us and earning their livelihood.We are not going to stop any violence by the terrorists by banning Pakistani artists in Indian films.They are just artists.Only things will get worse by taking such a stupid step.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Anum (02/09/17)
  • Respected Sir,I would like to ask you a question, will you stop trusting any of your colleages if one of them, which you are not even sure about betrayed you.

    What you mentioned about is very insulting, I understand we do have conflict on many aspects but still India and Pakistan use to be one place. Even if we are separate nations, no doubts we shared common interests. Sir, we our selves are victims of these terrorist groups, who could we be blamed? Our deepest condolences for what you people of India have to go throw.
    So lets not just talk about the problems, lets discuss the solution, So we make this world better place to live.
    I hope these problems willl be resolved one day by focusing on the solutions and working on it.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -shnaya choudhary (01/29/17)
  • yes obviously they should be thrown out from our countryp
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -anupam kelkar (10/12/16)
  • yes they should be banned raj thakrey has taken a good decision. they earn money here and pay the tax in pakistan.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -NEHA RAJPUT (10/12/16)
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Rohan (10/10/16)
  • Obviously sir , first of all Pakistani artists come here and for earn money. We watch their movies yet they can't here anything about Pakistan. That government nourish the terrorist like dawod, Hafiz saeed And they are making plan against indian.I agree we have humble nature but nobody can measure it as chance.we have army and none indian can't see blood flow of Indian solider. Which country will nourish this type terrorist we don't want to see their artist .Therefore, any Pakistani whether artists and sports player should not be in India.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Dhananjay Balkrishna Patil (10/09/16)
  • Yaah it's absolutely right. I would like to tell one thing that the directors and producers who gave opportunity to Pakistani actors but why??? In India is there any lack of talent why they couldn't find. I think that first off all they prefer Indian actors because now it's over Pakistan cross there limit again and again how many times the soldiers would die and finally I request to Indian actors please please don't support them
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Arun Sharma (10/06/16)
  • Obviously, they should be thrown out of our country. following are the reasons :
    1) Our country is having a lot of talent, You should go & see in youtube. Most of the talent is unemployed that's why we remain forth in the world.
    2) In the matter of terrorism, Hope every one has watched the movie "Sarfarosh" of Aamir Khan. No literally, but yes, if they are having 0.01% of threat to my nation I'll throw them out of my country.
    3) Practically, They get money from India - Invest that money in the Pakistani banks( Making Pakistan rich) - Pakistan use that money in buying weapons & use those weapons against our Army......Why should we buy death to our soldiers with our own money...
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -debdutta chatterjee (10/06/16)
  • If casting them out can solve our political and mental war between the two countries I would have been writing in favor of the topic but honestly speaking IT WILL NOT solve the issues only will make it bitter for the families of these artists.Pakistan can do whatever they like..but we are not like them...our government has proved that we can give them a tight slap whenever we want if they provoke us....but ban on the pak artists is not gonna help us....
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Dev (10/04/16)
  • PM Modi categorically said that the surgical strike was against terrorists. When the whole fight is to neutralize terror acts of militants, escalating it to civilians by throwing them out would worsen the situation further. Instead, we should take civilians into confidence by showing extra care without exercising any such act of throwing them. Slowly these people would become the voice of peace and exert pressure on Pak Govt and ask for restraint of any terror act.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -maha (10/04/16)
  • this is the right time for us to make the death of our soldiers a reasonable one.if pakistan keep on banning our movies which include phantom,M.S dhoni then its right to ban pakistani artistes.this does not shows that we are hating them but it would draw a global attention that we are very serious.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Prashant saxena (10/04/16)
  • Thrown out is a harsh word to use. Its just that every time India is taking the initiative to bring Pakistan's talent forward, India is giving them platform to showcase their talent in Indian reality shows and Bollywood movies while Indian movies are banned in Pakistan, Only pirated movies are being watched over there. In spite of this Pakistani actors never utter a single thing against Pakistan attacks on India.
    So India is maintaining 1:1 ratio, if we are not getting respect then we are not giving in return.
    First our priority should be India. Actors,talent etc everything comes afterwards.
  • RE: Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? -Vidisha (10/03/16)
  • According to me it would be fanatic behaviour to throw Pakistanis artists out of India, there talent should be appreciated rather than being against them as we are fighting against terrorism not against the people who have contributed in any field of art and rather than focusing on the Pakistanis artists in India we should be more focussed on the terrorists living in Pakistan who needs more such attacks by our army