Should reality shows be banned?

Should reality shows be banned?

Big Boss Season 7 has ended but the discussions related to reality shows are still on. Reality shows have become quite popular since last some years. Reality shows are considered as the TV shows where no script is followed, there are no defined roles, and people just need to act as per the situations. In the present world, where television is there in almost every house and children form a big part of major audience, reality shows are not favored by a large group. Let us see what the two groups have to say on should reality shows be banned?


• In the rush to make money TV producers have forgotten the meaning of ethics. The reality TV shows are nothing more than a filthy serial.

• There is a purpose of every TV show. Some are comedy based; some provides family drama, some entertainment and so on. Reality shows don’t have any constructive purpose.

• Reality shows are sending bad messages in the society. The coming of porn actress Sunny Leone in the Big Boss and then becoming a star in Bollywood industry is giving a wrong lesson to the youngsters.

• The reality TV shows proves to the people that being loud and doing all nonsense makes you centre of attraction. What the teenagers are going to learn from this?

• Reality shows may claim to be real but actually they are distorted to hide the truth. The directors and producers opt for selective editing to create controversial stories.


• Reality TV shows should not be banned and the reason is simple. They have a large audience, and if they have that clearly indicate the liking of people towards the programme.

• Reality TV shows brings a lot of money to the producers as well as to the entire team involved in the making of the shows. Indirectly it helps the media industry to grow.

• Reality TV shows should be watched as they act as an eye opener for the audience. They can know that the celebrities are not god but the common person like them.

• Parents can make their kids understand that they should not rush to become like celebrities as even they have a darker side.

• Some reality shows promotes learning and education to the society. The international TV show Survivor is an example. In the show people have to cope up in the remote environments.

• The drama based shows are also full of filthy dramas and conveys wrong message to the society.


It is not fair to ban the reality shows. If it is being watched by a large audience then certainly it is fulfilling its objective. Just because some times the situations look over stretched and filthy is not a good reason to ban the shows. Every case has some positive points and some negative, but here the positive points of Reality shows over weighs the negative arguments.
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  • RE: Should reality shows be banned? -Deepa Kaushik (04/25/14)
  • Reality shows are far away from the real world, with an attempt to increase the television program rating (TRP), thereby making out easy money through public voting. It is just to make fool of people who go crazy and flow away with the enacting of the contestants.

    These shows include music, comedy, dancing, acting etc., but one common feature in every program is public voting in which the program co-ordinators have tie-up with the different phone service providers, and they charge increased rates per call and text done for the voting. People are crazy enough that they tend to forget that they receive nothing in return other than losing some money for this wasteful poll.

    These television shows have directions to the contestants as to how to perform and act to cover up the audience, and the winners are pre-decided which is revealed on the name of public poll. With respect to the real performer, it is quite dis-heartening that they don’t get the respect and charm that they deserve.

    There is no harm in banning such shows and save the pockets of the common man, and giving a fair scope to the deserving candidates.