Should student groups have a complete autonomy to conduct discussions on campus?

Should student groups have a complete autonomy to conduct discussions on campus?


Recently, there was a great hue and cry regarding certain student's group in the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras. The institute has banned a Dalit students association following an unidentified complaint that it has criticized the Central government's policies and spread hatred against Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Hindus.

Today, most of the colleges support the concept of having a students group and granting them a complete freedom. But, when such controversies take place, it affects the entire functioning of the institution.

Is it necessary to grant complete autonomy to the students group to conduct discussions on campus? Let's take a look.

Yes – Young generation should be allowed to practice freedom of speech to generate new ideas

1. Freedom of speech – Every student on campus has the right to speech and expression. They have the right to express what they want and thus, they should possess the autonomy to conduct discussions on campus.

2. Participation – Students groups should have a complete autonomy to conduct the discussions on campus as it encourages active participation. Each and every student would be getting an equal opportunity to participate in the conversation and this can generate new ideas.

3. Creates awareness – At times, healthy discussions can create awareness among other students regarding a particular issue. A students group can promote the positive and negative effects of a particular issue through active discussions on campus.

4. Information sharing – Apart from creating awareness, discussions are also a source of information sharing. It can educate other students who are not aware of a particular issue or topic.

No – Some immature students might behave irresponsibly, creating unwanted controversy for the institute

1. Affects the functioning – By granting complete autonomy to the students group, the authorities are at the risk of facing several controversies. The recent IIT controversy has affected the peaceful functioning of the institute.

2. Misleads – Discussions are not always effective, at times, it can mislead the students. Strong negative theories or speeches can misguide the students to a great extent.

3. Negative PR – Students group acts as a PR between the institute and the other students. The recent IIT controversy created a negative image about the Bhartiya Janata Party. Thus, students group should not be given a complete autonomy to conduct discussions on campus.

4. Violation of freedom of speech – By granting a complete autonomy, there is a risk that the students may misuse the concept of freedom of speech. Such situations can create a threat to the institutions.


The recent IIT controversy shook the entire institution as well as the city. It is true that every citizen of our country has the right to speech and expression.

A complete autonomy to carry out the discussions on campus should be granted to the students group, but at the same time, strict guidelines should be implemented. Frequent meetings should be carried out with the higher authorities before passing a sensational comment.

There should be a good coordination between the authorities and the students group for the proper functioning of the institute.
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  • RE: Should student groups have a complete autonomy to conduct discussions on campus? -Deepa Kaushik (06/24/15)
  • Students are our futuregeneration. A healthy discussion regarding the country's current situation is very much required to get the various concernof the commonman into lime-light. Unlesssuch discussions take place, we can never be able to reflect the hidden problems in the present system. It is the students who need to take our country ahead in every accord.

    Freedom of speech cannot be taken into consideration here, unless we take into account the freedom in exact terms. The freedom of speech should be excised in a way that doesn't hurt other's freedom or rights in any manner. Students need to discuss the burning topics in a manner that should not be offending anyone. Notonly the students, the freedom of expression and speech is applicable to every citizen of our country.

    It is not fair if we restrict the students from coming up with their views regarding the Government, the ruling or the opposition party. As far as their discussion doesn't include any offending terms, the discussions should be allowed to be conducted within the campus. The reputation of the institution comes from its students. That does not imply to restrict their discussion and ideas regarding the growth and welfare of the nation. Just make the students aware of their limitations in usage of words.