Should Sunny Leone be deported from India?

Should Sunny Leone be deported from India?


Ever since Sunny Leone, former porn star, set her foot on Indian television followed by Bollywood, she has never failed to become controversy's favourite child. Recently a Mumbai based housewife filed charges of obscenity against her website under the IPC sections 292, 292A and 294 for obscenity, the Information Technology Act section 67 for obscenity in electronic form, and the Indecent Representation of Women Act section 3 and 4 for prohibition of dissemination of indecent representation of women. The maximum punishment in these charges can be imprisonment up to five years or fine up to Rs. 10 lakh or both under the IT Act's section 67. The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) poked nose into the affair by demanding the deportation of Sunny Leone and barring her future entry into India for displaying vulgarity on her website which according to them is insulting the dignity of women. The case has been passed on the cyber cell who will look into the matter of who is handling the website and its objectionable content might have to be removed.


1. The website, alleged to be Sunny's, does have obscene content. Though the website has a disclaimer, only 18+ should enter and warning but even a child can visit the website for there is no checking the age limit in a way that could check accurately the age of the visitors. Kids and teenagers are not mature enough to understand the good and bad of what tempts them.

2. Sunny Leone is now called former pornstar. Why should her pornography be even available on her website if she is now a Bollywood actress? Had she been careful enough to avoid controversies, she would have removed her obscene contents already. She needs to be alerted that the indian society does not permit a woman to be comfortable with her pornographic past along with pursuing a career in Bollywood.

3. Just the trailers of Sunny's Bollywood movies are enough to start controversy. The trailer of her recent movie "ek paheli Leela" is erotic, gory and sleazy enough to send panic threats to parents over what the youngsters are going to make of these kind of movies. It is pornographic with all her orgasmic expressions capturing the screen. If she is not deported from India, soon these trends of movies will be all that we would get to see.

4. Whether we like it or not, ours is a society full of discrimination and biasness. The land of Kamasutra still treats sex as a taboo. Our society still has problems accepting that a porn star by profession is not a crime or prostitution. We have long portrayed females in adult movies to be coerced into sex due to poverty or ill fate while Sunny accepts the fact that she chose the profession with completely no compulsion. And our society will need forever to understand that.


1. Sunny Leone's website is not the only adult hardcore porn website accessible to everyone, regardless of age, in India. Can the government ban them all and deport their starrers or handlers to some illicit part of the continent? Why should there be even a question on Sunny's website when she is herself comfortable, bold and courageous enough to accept her pictures or videos the way they are?

2. HJS spokesman Uday Dhuri is worried that the popularity of Sunny Leone exceeds the popularity of Indian PM Narendra Modi on search engines. The police commissioner was right when he advised Dhuri that Leone was promoting her own pictures so it should not be any of their concern and that they should concentrate more on making toilets for women in rural areas.

3. Only if we Indians could keep aside our hypocrisy and prejudices, we would be able to see what a wonderful, headstrong, self-made, independent and audacious women Leone is. She has always had the courage to steer her life the way she wanted, accepted her choice of career and never hidden her past when she made her debut in Bollywood. We Indians on the side have got used to seeing male dominated movies, circling around the heroic actions of a man and the actress is just for the piece of romance or for portraying how pathetic her life has been. Leone is here to change the trend. She claims limelight in dominance and justifies her role brilliantly.

4. We are a nation obsessed with sex, porn and Sunny Leone but would never accept. Those that Criticize Leone are some that Google her most of the time in solitude. We are the second largest nation in terms of population but we are ashamed to talk about the very phenomenon that made us the second largest. She is an awe-inspiring person to learn from, to be open and audacious about what one wants in life.

5. Those talking that Sunny's Bollywood corrupt minds of kids must be reminded that our nation is run by a majority of criminals with serious charges levying around their past lives but we accept them as our ministers and respectable citizens. Are these self proclaiming saints behind masks hiding their real self not corrupting minds of youth?

6. If her image is an indecent representation of women, then we must remember that our version of decency still lies in a woman killing herself if an MMS is made and circulated without her knowledge. She is an example to women in the adult industry that they have a chance at leading a normal life or even making it to fame in Bollywood.


Sunny Leone and her Bollywood movies might grab controversy from time to time not because of the sensuous content but because we are so biased that we cannot accept that a porn star can also be a normal actress or even a human being. When her website is concerned, there can be no banning it or accusing Sunny for obscene content because Indian laws do allow pornography on the website accompanied by a simple disclaimer. Banning her website or deporting her from India to never return will not stop children below 18 from watching hardcore porn, there are hundreds more sites and some even with disturbing contents.
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  • RE: Should Sunny Leone be deported from India? -PRIYA JOSHI (05/21/15)
  • Good Afternoon everyone,

    I will go totally against the given topic. I ask why she should be deported from India ? Whats the reason ?? What she has done ? Are your answers are pointing towards her background ?? If yes, Then let me tell you its her life you are no one to rule over her life + you don't have any idea that in which conditions or what were the conditions that time when she decided to choose that line as her career as no girl will go happily to opt for doing adult movies.

    And if you will say that her background is ruining India's youth and will hollow the Indian culture, then please before pointing on others please look inside you. If you have that much hatred towards her then why are you going to see her movies ?? If you are going to see her videos then it itself says that you want to see it because no one search for useless things. You want it that's why you are searching it, in this there is no role of Sunny Leone.

    So its not her, its you to change your mentality and thinking ability. She has full freedom to go and live where ever she wants to.