Should tablets replace text books?

Should tablets replace text books?

The present world is a tech-savvy world where children are more informed about the latest gadgets and technological advancements. Many a times, elders need to consult the children to know about the various features of mobile or tablet. Time is changing and it is really important to analyze the ways through which education is imparted to the primary kids. In a changing scenario, do you think tablets should take the place of text books in junior classes?


• If tablets take the place of books the children don’t have to carry the big bags full of different books.

• The present generation of children is more attracted towards technology and they will openly learn the things on tablets.

• The use of tablets will allow children from various backgrounds to stay updated with the latest technology.

• It will be more fun to learn and get the education on tablets. Children won’t feel like they are forced to study.

• The use of tablets is one of the effective ways to save the environment. There will be no need to cut the trees or opt for printing books.


• Who said that tablets are an effective way to save the environment? Manufacturing of one tablet uses 79 gallons of water and produces 66 pounds of carbon dioxide.

• The technological devices should not be used for long term. It adversely affects the health of the people.

• The tablets are an expensive form of the education that cannot be afforded by children of all sections.

• The parents are not tech-savvy, and they might find it really difficult to guide the children in their studies.

• Books if lost or damage don’t cost more, but if in any case tablet is lost or damaged it can prove quite expensive to the parents.


There is no doubt that the world is getting more tech-savvy and digital. Still it is not the right time to replace the books by tablets. The time will come when it will be feasible, when tablets will become really cheap and the parents will be more comfortable with the new form of education. But today it cannot be made compulsory.
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  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -MD Zahid Alam (02/08/17)
  • I think tablet should not replace the text books.
    As we know every coin has two face, also it has some positive and some negative points.learning on tablets or any other gadgets are interesting bt it is not useful for our health..
    All the researches have shown that using of Tablet, mobile phone for long time will harm to our eyes.It is so expensive also and we see today that most of the student wastes their time on social sites then tablet will study less BT waste our time more...
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Md Shazman Anwar (02/07/17)
  • I think books should be preferred compared to tablets as there are many reasons. First of all the main reason is that parents would not accept this of form of education completely. They are very much concerned about the health of their child as too much use of tech tablets can cause many types of health issues like skin and eye problems. And also not all children can afford Tablets because it is an expensive form of education.
  • RE: tablets should not replace text books? -Bheem reddy (02/07/17)
  • No tablets will not replace the textbooks . In my point of u in india there are more poor people which are should not buy the tablets for economic condition . And aldo tablets cause dangerous skin deseases and eye deseases. By using tablets the students will be effected by the internet,as a result the students will not show the interest on education
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Harumbu (12/19/16)
  • I wamt tabluts decazue I su smurt and woud nat nead tetbuks schouls ara twe Hurd me nume is harmanve
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -mounika rayaprolu (02/18/16)
  • Hello everyone, the topic given to us is very brain boosting topic. Before getting to the topic content first of all let us answer ourselves to a question that does the touch of textbooks make us feel enthusiastic to study. Does reading the content of textbook improves the imaginative power. If the answer is yes then surely there should not be any thought of replacing textbook with tablets. There is no doubt that our technology is increasing enoromously but it doesn't mean that it should be indulged in every part of our life. We are addicted to the machines for our daily work and then going for gyms and exercise centres for physical activity. Does it make any sense. The tablets paves way for visualization but it kills the imaginative power.if we send children to a library there is no option for children other than reading books that improves their knowledge. But if we give a tablet to a child the child may play games in it or watch videos.It creates distraction. The vision of the children also gets dull. So in viewing every aspect I think tablets cannot be replaced textbooks
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Sujeet (02/10/16)
  • Conventional book and pen education will be seemed odd in near future because of smartphone or tablets are taking their place. Tablets are more apt for education because of its size and features it offers. India is focusing more on digital connectivity and education system is also joining the bandwagon. Indian government has launched affordable Akash tablet for students to boost new way of learning among students. Internet is expanding rapidly in the country and resources that are available over internet are immense for education.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -shubham (02/10/16)
  • hello everyone!
    according to my openion tablets will never replace text pshycological point of view a person learn from text book more than tablets.and all person of india can't afford tablets.beacuse our economic condition is not much good. but by using tablets a person got knowledge by just one click. and person updated with recent technology.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -shubham (02/10/16)
  • hello everyone!
    according to my openion tablets will never replace text pshycological point of view a person learn from text book more than tablets.and all person of india can't afford tablets.beacuse our economic condition is not much good. but by using tablets a person got knowledge by just one click. and person updated with recent technology.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Harshit (02/03/16)
  • tablets should not replace in indian education because some times the tab may in children hands and it also cause skin diseses and for parent s cant pay more fees tablets come in generation s it is danger for us.
    and it also cause harm to OZONE layer,animals,plants.....etc,.

  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Himansu (03/23/15)
  • According to me yes tablets can replace the textbook.use of tablet in study increase the technical skill,smartness & the student be aware of new technology.yes it is true than tablet is more costly than book but it provides many facilities like grammar check ,spelling check,dictionary .and also it has some bad effects as we see many students spend time by playing games in tablets which put an bad effect on their eye and also they are not physically it is necessary for parent to control and avoid the while using tablets for more time.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Michael (03/22/15)
  • Yes tablets should replace text books.

    Tablest are alot more portable than text books, many students complain about heavy text books, imagine if you had several several text books. The weight of the book can make students very tired and lose focus on stud

    Tables are also very versatile, you have everything all in one place at the same time. You can do many other things besides reading with a tablet, you can communicate, grammar check and manage many on-line documents conveniently. This way you can save time and stay very organized.

    The only downside of is that the cost of funding tablets is quite expensive and it requires a bit of experience with operating computers
  • how much is tablet rate -siva (03/14/15)
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  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Priya singh (03/14/15)
  • Hello friends. . .
    i my opinion tablet should replace text books but it not d right time .In India still there r lot of Childern who belongs to poor family they can't afford the whole books of their course how can they afford d tablet by making notes they can read but if tablets r compulsory they can't .next point if book is lost it can be recovered but if tablet is lost it can't be . It also had bad effect on health
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Nabomita (03/13/15)
  • In our country where still many students buy "Second Hand" books for their studies there is no point of replacing books with tablet. We can think about including tablets in education system but even for that this is not the right time.

    Tablets are not affordable for every household, many middle class families are already find that fees structure is very high. In today's world where everything is getting costly and this cost will not be a wise decision.

    As many readers has mentioned earlier that if a tablet got missed then it will be very difficult for students to prepare for their exams.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Nitin gusain (03/12/15)
  • I disagree tablet replace text first one region
    1::day by day to create many skin problen by eletronic devic jst like skin cancer whatever
    They also effect in children ice problem also,
    2 one most imp. Problem poor people dosn.t effort tablet,...
    3rd region children collect the data tablet suppose entre virus hang tablet they are most difficulty to study
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Biytggh (03/12/15)
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  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Nisha Agrawal (02/04/15)
  • continuous use of tablet can pose to health issues like vision problem, headache, skin disease due to the harmful rays emited by the tablets.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Abhijeet Kulkarni (02/03/15)
  • Good morning to all.
    Tablets are such innovation by which all world came together. for the study purpose tablets are the good but it depend upon the they use it ? It is our illusion that the more modern technology diverts us from our main aim.but when we are focused on our aim then we use all things for making our dream true.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -alisha (01/02/15)
  • hello friends!!
    according to me still our country's parents and teachers are not ready to accept tablets as a primary source of education for their childrens. There are many reasons for this-
    education through technolgy is not affordable
    if students get in regular touch with internet they get distracted
    and the upmost reason is that still all parents dont know the proper use of technology so they cant able to know which type of education their childrens are getting.
    instead of all these drawbacks still tablets have some advantages-
    one is that by internet students get updated time to.time which is not possible through books
    so the conclusion is that there should be partial use of tablets as well as books

  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -SANTOSH KUMAR MAHALI (12/13/14)
  • NO.tablets cant replace precious books...use of tablet means student will study less and it will need a teacher having knowledge of technolgy as well as their own'll complecate the study.It 'll increase the electricity consumption.So dude put your tablets at home and read only books.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -marj (12/11/14)
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  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -abhi (06/10/14)
  • its not the time that the tablets replaces the book as its nt cheaper as books,we are living in a developing country nt developed where many families are nt capable of arranging even one time meal, how cud they buy tablets to their children instead of books.if there is a will 2 learn ,one can learn by any means so it is nt justified that tablets can learn the children in a effective way.using tablets children usually stuck social site like facebook ,twitter etc spending their valuable time ,there are many thing to get children distracted like online betting , video site you tube bt in the case of books children are totally focused on the books as there is no other medium 2 b a day children r much more aware of technology than their parents ,so for the parents it wud b difficult for the parents to curb their children under this era almost most of the children are addicted to chat so when they get tablets all time they will spend on these thing irrespective other daily activities.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -ajay (06/10/14)
  • good morning friends.
    text books are great source of knowledge and contain matter in very systematic way.also they are a result of a lot of research by famous scholars in their fields but they are limited in matter.
    the tablets on the other side are very dynamic and huge source of knowledge.we can access in just one click whatever we want.
    they can make the individuals more educated and provide good sort of knowledge.but after all its end use depends on if person uses it for his benefits and gaining knowledge then it is really a boon but if he uses it just for fun, chat and time pass then it is really a curse for him.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Nupur saxena (06/08/14)
  • I think a tablet can never replace a text book.text book is permanent collection of document butat tablet have only limited space.learning from a book ,then making notes and doing a practise exercise provide us a good understandability.but in tablet we jst can read text.ttechnology is developing fast but it's not the right time to replace book with tablet now also many indians are not able to get study ,now if we replace book with tablet,it became more difficult for them as tablets are costlier,need a good knowledge of technology.
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -akshay (06/07/14)
  • in no way tablet can replace the books ,we are from a country where people instead of watching news on television channels prefer to read them in newspapers,unless you don't fold up pages which you don't understand your learning is not complete,on the other hand in our country we still have students finding difficulties in affording cheap books so a tablet is still a long walk..
  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -predeep (06/07/14)
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  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -deepak (06/06/14)
  • NO. Tablet can only bought by high profile people our country has large number of poor people for them it is like salary of one month. Books are easy to bought and it is cheap .

    Tablet can misuse by student for watching video and music which will distract from study so it should be avoidable .Book can give comfort for reading and very useful compare to tablet.Tablet is not used in any of university college now.

  • RE: Should tablets replace text books? -Deepa Kaushik (06/06/14)
  • Technology is attractive and impressive way of learning, but it is not an effective mode. Tablets can be used as an accessory mode of study but it cannot replace books. There are many books which is not yet into the trap of the Internet world.

    Studying in a traditional with books gives an effective way of learning the things. It also includes the task of writing the matter which is again a good exercise along with learning. Tablets can provide the provision to keep the notes, but that cannot replace the scribbling way of reading and learning the subjects from the text books.

    Coming on to the affordability, tablets are a much costly mode of education. In a country like India, where many children are devoid of the basic education just because of the cost and affordability factor, making a replacement with much costly tablet would not be a wise note. The loss of a tablet would in no way match a book loss. Though the technology has grown a large way ahead, still a corrupt tablet file will lose all the details worked round the year, which would never be the same with the book.

    To be precise, though we can put forth lot many points in favour of tablet, still that would be no match to the traditional way of text book reading.