Should there be limitations on the way of celebrating a festival?

Should there be limitations on the way of celebrating a festival?

Should there be limitations on the way of celebrating a festival?

Today, the way of celebrating festivals in India has started to create a lot of controversies. It is contributing to an increase in noise pollution and a huge traffic on the roads.

In India, festivals like Ganapati, Dushera etc are celebrated with a huge pomp and show. Earlier these festivals were celebrated to pay respect to the almighty but today, the celebration of such festivals are amidst a lot of controversies.

In 2010, a PIL was filed in the Bombay High Court by Dr Mahesh Bedekar, against the increasing noise pollution during the Ganapati festival. The issue is being discussed passionately by the Indian television and media. The final verdict on the issue will be declared on August 12.

With the increasing attention and focus being given to this issue, do you think there should be a limitation on the choice of songs played during Ganapati?

Yes, we can't disturb the society & harm nature in the name of festival.

Noise & Air pollution – The term “noise pollution” has become a synonym to songs played during festivals. Why does celebration of a festival carry so much of noise pollution? People have to shut their doors and windows during the festivity due to the large amount of noise generated.

Care for the sick, infancts and elderlies - There are a lot of poeple in the hospitals going through the trauma of life threatening diseases, new borns who can not be exposed to loud sounds as their system is still developing, elderlies who need rest. Who gives us the right to cause them discomfort in the name of religion.

Disrespect – Playing songs from Bollywood or the so called "hot numbers" during the Ganapati is a sign of disrespect to the almighty. How can you play songs such as “Munni badnam hui” in front of Lord Ganapati?

Decision of Supreme Court – The Supreme Court has given a decision that no loudspeakers from the sacred places should be played facing the outer world. How can you play

Harassing people – There are aged people in the society who would love to listen to calm songs during the festivities. Playing hard core musics will spoil the peaceful environment. Playing songs from Bollywood or item songs is a sort of harassing the people, especially the ones who belong to old aged group.

Commercialization of religious festivals – Today, celebration of any festival in a area completely comes under the guidance of the politicians. They tend to bring DJ's which spoils the purpose of celebrating a festival. Dancing on the tunes of item songs in the middle of a street, in fron tof the almighty is one of the cheap acts in the name of religion.

Devotional songs – Instead of playing any Bollywood or item songs, a few devotional songs should be played during the Ganapati festival. The younger generation would come to know about the existence of such songs.

India has a rich backgorund in music. We have a lot of traditional instruments to be played during these festivals.

No – People have fundamental rights in democracy.

Fundamental right – Every Indian has the right to celebrate the festivals in his own way within the boundaries of the country. The court has given the rights to play any song but people should behave in a civilized manner during the celebration.

Matter of few days – Festivals last for a few days. Since it is just a matter of few days a big issue should not be created out of such a matter.

Creates enthusiasm – Playing item songs creates an enthusiasm among the people, especially the youngsters. Apart from decorations, people should also try to make the environment lively. Every year, during the Ganapati festival, we see a lot of people dancing on the streets to the rhythm of the Bollywood songs.

Participation of people – Playing the top hit songs from Bollywood, attracts a lot of people. It invites the people for their active participation during the celebration of the festivals. Encouraging the people to participate voluntarily plays a major role in the success of the celebration.

We all do have fundamental rights but any right in this world comes with some responsibilities. This applies even when we are celebrating the festivals.

We should be careful of not causing a disturbance to others and a harm to the nature in the name of festivals.
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  • RE: Should there be limitations on the way of celebrating a festival? -Rohan (09/13/16)
  • No doubt the festivals are meant for celebration but our celebrations should not affect other people around us. The reckless music during Ganpati celebrations disturbs the patients, students and the others who are trying to work.

    Celebrate, Enjoy but with Responsibility!
  • RE: Should there be limitations on the way of celebrating a festival? -shraddha shende (09/07/16)
  • According to me there should be banned on the way of celebrating the the festivals come wid joy, happiness,strenght of our unity so we should welcome such festivals in good manner.but now instead of being polite and calm people get violent . we should have to respect to Almighty by playing devotional songs instead of Bollywood or item songs.lokmanya tila started the festivals ganeshotsav and shivjayanti so that people can gather nd our community should get strong.but we are doing wrong.instead of this we are disturbing people which is not good.
  • RE: Should there be limitations on the way of celebrating a festival? -Jaya Priyadarshini (09/07/16)
  • People should play some devotional songs instead of playing vulgar songs because it makes the environment noisy and disturbing. Due to this, many places also get affected which include office and hospital areas, localities and so on.

    The main concern is to play the music in normal volume so that people won't get irritated by it.
  • RE: Should there be limitations on the way of celebrating a festival? -Deepa Kaushik (07/24/15)
  • Festival means happiness, merry, joy, a pleasant atomsphere around which could spread the blossom in the vicinity. But these things never call for loud music, crackers and shouting. Happiness comes from within and not by show-off. And the festivals which are celebrated in remembrance of God should be carried on with sincere devotion towards almighty. Those interested would themselves take part in the celebration. We don't need to should aloud into the loudspeakers to convey our joy.

    The songs and dance could be part of celebration. But we should excise our rights and joy in a way that doesn't hurt others. we should remeber that we are not the only ones living in the society. we have our neighbours who could be old aged, diseased, young students, tired and exhausted people back from work. We should not annoy and irritate our neighbours and those surrounding with our celebration trends.

    The loud speakers, the DJ music, the Bollywood songs in the name of God, all these end up in noise pollution. Remember there could be a new born in your society for whom this sound is much hazadous and might lead to loss of hearing ability. The crackers that we light not only creates noise and air pollution, but the harm is far more devastating. Remember the small kids who should ideally be educated, being employed in the cracker manufacturing units, which gives them much serious disease condition. The supply comes only because the demand arises. It is definitely inour hands to cease the demand and the supply will eventually stop, sparing the lives of many small children.

    Lets be more sensible and join hands in the noble cause of preserving our environment and co-brotherens by limiting our festivity mood to mere happiness by feeling and emotions and not by mere projection through our loudness.
  • RE: Should there be limitations on the way of celebrating a festival? -annie (07/24/15)
  • festival is a way of celebrating our joy.but it doesn't give a right to exploit our environment.Noise and air pollution are the concerned topics.due to these,people are going through various serious problems like lung diseases or even death.and nobody has the right to harm others so its very necessary to stop people from harming others on the name of festivals.