Should TV actors be allowed to participate in the reality shows?

Should TV actors be allowed to participate in the reality shows?


Reality shows are a genre of television programming that presents unscripted real – life situations.

Indian television channels host a lot of reality shows which includes the famous television artists as the participants. A lot of controversies are coming up due to the participation of the television artists in reality shows and some channels banning their actors to participate on the relaity shows of other channels.

Dance reality shows such as Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and Nach Baliye provide a platform for the stars from all the channels to showcase their talent. But, the original channels which made these stars popular with their shows and characters find it to be a loss making deal and do not allow them. Off course, both the sides have their points of view.

What do you think is the right thing to do - to allow or not?

Yes – Every person has a right to explore opportunities and follow his passion

1. Reduces boredom – Working in the serials provides a lot of benefits for the artists but at times, it also creates boredom. They would like to try out the variety of shows and thus, they should be allowed to participate in these shows.

2. Passion – Most of the artists are multi talented and they would love to exhibit their talent apart from acting. The stage of a reality show provides them a platform to showcase their extra talent and passion.

3. More opportunity – Reality shows earns up more avenues for them to earn, such as anchoring events, dancing at weddings, or performing any shows abroad etc.

4. Publicity – By participating in a reality shows, they can attract a lot of fans from the channels that they are performing for. This provides a huge publicity for the artists as well as for the characters that they portray in other channels.

No – Competitors should not be allowed to reap the benefit of hardwork of one channel

1. Channel rivalry – Television artists should not take part in the reality shows as they may face channel rivalry during the show. The actors have to suffer as there is an increase in competition among different channels.

2. TRP scuffle – Other reason due to which the artists should not be allowed to participate in the reality shows are the TRP tussle. A production house invests a lot of amount in developing the character which makes an actor popular. Competing TV channels usually like to showcase the opposite side of the actors then the one he is popular for. For example a "desi bahu" is often shown as a "sexy dancer". This affects the TRP of the daily soap.

3. Less time – To perform in a reality show, the artists have to rehearse a lot. This is a time consuming process. Most of the artists do not have enough time to manage both the soap as well as the reality shows. Thus, they end up mixing both the shows and ruin it.

4. No option – Actors are made to sign “exclusivity contracts” by the channel. For example, artists should not perform or wear any costumes that go against their character that they perform in a serial. Thus, the channel demands them to follow a particular sense of style.


Reality shows are meant for the new faces. They should give an opportunity to the talented people who do not belong to the industry.

Most of the reality shows which involve serial artists are usually fake and they are scripted. The more money you throw, the more fame you receive.

Thus, reality shows should be purely dedicated to the fresh faces. They should give them an opportunity to showcase their talent before the world.
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  • RE: Should TV actors be allowed to participate in the reality shows? -Deepa Kaushik (06/24/15)
  • There are two different aspects of this discussion. Firstly, the reality shows need to be a realistic one. Secondly, TV stars are already famous and are bound with some contract terms. They need to abide to their contract terms before going ahead with the reality shows.

    The reality shows should be ideally show-casting some new faces whohave the hidden talents and require to be projected to the media world. These reality shows when sign-upthe TV stars who have already gained enough fame with their character in the specific serial,they just aim to increase their programme rating. These shows never try to give opportunity even to the lesser prominant stars from the television industry. All they focus is the number of viewership which would increase just by the famous figures from the industry. These reality shows are often pre-determined and get altered with the money pumped in to the unit.

    On the other hand, the lead stars from majority of the serials are those who are new faces. The channels invest a good sum of money to give shape and feel to the character and make the people realize and flow with the emotions of the character. For building such a viewer response, they do make their stars sign up some terms and conditions restricting them from going against the image of these stars.

    It is understandable that these stars do have the right to project their hidden talent. And such reality shows could be a good break-through for them which could fetch them some better opportunities. But they should remember these pros and cons before signing any contract. If their contract allows them to go ahead with any other shows, then there is no point restricting them. In case, their contract term limit their performance, they need to abide with their contract. Though, reality shows portraying TV stars is not much acceptable, yet it should be fine if they are not bound to any other contract to restrict them.
  • RE: Should TV actors be allowed to participate in the reality shows? -shnaya (06/24/15)
  • hello everyone..according to me tv actors should not be allowed in reality show who have already name and fame i want to request the channels ceo that plz try to launch the fresh faces in the reality shows who need a money and have talent in dancing or singing etc..only for publicity and for high trp of your show you can't serve anything in front of people..and now i want to say people just think about it if non singing background people will sing a song then no one can hear it..then how we can support such type of reality shows...
    and if the tv actors have talent and they want to showcase their talent before the world they have platform of did,igt,indian idl etc..go there where every person is equally treated..
    so according to me tv actors should not to be allowed in reality shows if they want to go use the platform like did,igt etc..