Should water parks and pools be closed during drought like conditions?

Should water parks and pools be closed during drought like conditions?


Water crisis is on rise in Maharashtra with dams drying up and supply water on a constant decrease owing to drought like conditions that have agitated people in villages and towns alike. Bore wells and pumps have also given up on accomplishing to the requirements of locals yet we see water parks and pools in full swing and being prepped like it’s just another day.

While on one hand, section 144 of the Indian Penal Code is being imposed in villages like Latur to avoid law and order problem due to water crisis, theme parks in the state are brimming with joy for organizing events and rain dance on the occasion of Holi.

We have statements and advisory speeches from ministers about being aware of the crisis and cutting down on water wastage, playing dry Holi this year and keeping away from organizing celebrations like rain dance where lot of water gets wasted. All these apart, most water parks are still planning to go ahead with their pre-planned schedules of water events for the festival. If we allow ourselves to be a part of these celebrations, would we really be as aware as we think we are?


1. Bigger cause, easy to contribute: Calling ourselves aware citizens, most of us would want to do our part in bringing good change to the world and contributing our little share toward good causes. By refraining from water parks and pools while the drought like conditions last, we would be sending a strong message to the owners of these parks that people would rather refrain from entertainment at the expense of saving the much needed life essence for those who are not being able to get it.

2. No political bashing for a change: So, there is drought like condition and we get to see unpleasant images of people crying their hearts out for shortage of water, hence we start with blaming Modi and BJP for not being able to bring comfort to the poor. On the other hand, we wouldn’t cut down on our luxuries and recreational activities like rain dance on the occasion of Holi. For once if we could stop political bashing and do our part of refraining from these activities, there sure could be hope for some water saving.

3. The words were out already : State Ministry of Water Resources had already given out words to curb wastage of water in water parks and swimming pools and yet these activities and other water rides and sports are going on unstopped. This is because people are still wanting to indulge in these recreational activities despite knowing that there is drought like situation in the state and farmers are committing suicide due to agricultural impediment in such a situation. For the owners of these parks, it is shrewd business but as aware citizens it should be our duty to not encourage such activities during these hard times.

4. Because there are too many to count : Think of all the water parks and pools in Mumbai and Pune; yes, there are too many to simply ignore. All these parks could together add to too much of water wastage in the state. Rain dance like activities on the occasion of Holi, something that simulates real rain, cannot bring comfort to distressed farmers and locals who have little to no access to water. If only we could think sensibly and do our part, there would be no very little water wastage at times of distress.

5. Special care during Holi : There is water wastage as well as contamination that flows into drains and back to water bodies during the festival of Holi. All the water wastage from playing with wet colors, water balloons and buckets of water being thrown down from buildings paints a gory picture of water wastage. During times of water crisis, there should be an awareness program to stop people from indulging in these activities and unless you shut down on luxurious recreations, there is no trying to explain these people why they need to be sensible and not play with water.


1. Recycled water: Water used in most water parks and public swimming pools is recycled hence no concern should be raised for water wastage in these places. A theme park in Pune, when questioned on water wastage, clarified that they get their water from redundant quarry and then every drop of it is recycled so as to prevent wastage of water. Provided that most water parks follow the same method, there should be no problem if these parks call for special events like rain dance on the occasion of Holi. Thorough checking in all water parks could be done to ensure that they all follow the recycling procedures.

2. Pools filled with filtered water from well : After the awareness campaigns, some housing societies have reverted to eco-friendly measures like using softener plants for filtering used water, using water that was filled years ago and keeps being recycled and filtered to fill into pools. Chemical and other filtration methods have been implied to use the same water since months and hence there should be no query regarding wastage of water from such aware societies.

3. Birds : The eco-system is clearly disturbed. There is scarcity of water owing to which birds die everywhere. They do not get water to quench their thirst in summer heat which was mostly easier for them with operational pools and water parks at odd hours. Now that these are being closed too, did anyone take the pain to think of where these birds would migrate to? When it was already clarified that water parks and pools were operational from recycled water from bore wells and reused with the help of filtration procedures, there was hardly any need to shun them altogether.

4. No evaporation : Whatever happened to the good old theory we learnt at school about the water cycle being responsible for downpour? With pools and water parks operation, there was indeed good amount of water cycle functional in nature which could now go down and rest for the year.


It is good to know that people are aware enough to cut down on luxuries to be able to help water crisis and being sensible towards facts that there are people who are not able to meet the basic requirements of water on a daily basis. Pools being shun is a good sign that people are doing their part to avoid water wastage.

It is a good measure being taken by residents but the same should be strictly imposed on water parks where the likes of rain dance and other activities will continue if not kept under check. As aware citizens let’s do our part and avoid going to these places so as not to encourage the shrewd business that they follow even in the wake of water crisis.
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  • RE: Should water parks and pools be closed during drought like conditions? -Mayura (03/23/16)
  • As it is said right, no life without water. Water is the basic necessity.But due to unsufficient rainfall, the situation of drough has arised. People in some part, have to travel 3-4 kilometers for water. There farming land has gone barren without rain. This is the situation at most of the parts in the country.
    But at some big complexes and amusement parks, there are swimming pools, where a lot of water is required. If the management of water is made in the right way, i.e if the water is recycled and used for watering plants and many other things without wasting it, then the parks and pools can be allowed. But only for a particular duration i.e during the summers only or during the vacations, for some time of the day.
    The bottom line is "Save water and it will save you".