Should Yo-Yo test be the basis of selection?

Should Yo-Yo test be the basis of selection?Cricket is not the game it once was; the players are required to be competent enough to survive the high intensity of the game. Sensing the requirement, BCCI (India) has introduced Yo-Yo test as the mandatory criteria for selection to the team recently. It is an endurance test that checks the stamina, fitness, core strength and how quickly a player can recover or regain strength.

The test has been under scanner and creating huge furore following a few players flunking the test and missing the berth to the England tour despite their stellar performance in the recently concluded IPL tournament. While the team management insists on persisting with the test as the criteria for selection, many former players and BCCI administrators are voicing about the viability of the test.

Is Yo-Yo test a right stimulus for players to maintain their stamina to get a cut into the team? Should Yo-Yo test be the only benchmark? Should the Yo-Yo compliant players be given preference over match fit players? Why does Indian team management put its heart in Yo-Yo test?

The concern needs to be discussed from all angles to highlight Indian Cricket Team's new hurdle: Yo-Yo Test


Fitness is the prerequisite for sports, as competitiveness in Cricket is setting new standards with each passing year; a reliable mean is required to check fitness level and Yo-Yo test serves the purpose quite well.

Many cricketing nations have already incorporated this test as a measure and standard, why are we fussing about it?

Cricket is changing; it is no more style-driven game. Strength and stamina has become driving factor for consistent performance. Shorter formats and high scoring games can't be won mere on skills. India have set 16.1 as qualifying speed level which is not too harsh as compare to many other nations' benchmark with Pakistan's minimum level being 17.4 now, West Indies are at 19, and New Zealand probably have the highest level, 20.1. The level 16.1 is not too high and is eyeing only minimum fitness level from the players.


Yo-Yo test was first introduced in soccer to test players' endurance and lungs capacity. Cricket, being a game of craftsmanship and skill sets, mere stamina can't guarantee success. A player might not enjoy running 15 minutes continuously while he can bat for 3 days scoring tons of run. Thus, ousting a match fit player from the tournament on the basis Yo-Yo score is unjustifiable.

Players like VVS Laxman, Saurav Ganguly, Anil Kumble may not have cleared the current version of the test but they turned out to be some of the best players that India has produced.

Diego Maradona was not the fastest runner but with the ball he was the quickest. Jonty Rhodes was not the fittest player but he was the quickest fielder. If a player has enough skills to compete, he should be selected.

The test result should be used to optimize training and improve endurance and not for selection process.


Team management and captain who actually bear the brunt of the game from close quarter, are the better judge for their requirement. If they want to persist with this knockout criterion for selection, outsider shouldn't complain. Individuals who have nothing to do with cricket are busy interfering in the team affairs unnecessarily.

Former players, officials and others shouldn't question those who are toiling hard to prove their mettle on the field. The Selection committee selects players on the basis of form and performance while the Yo-Yo test ensures ticket only to fit players, therefore, the current process looks to be apt and flawless.
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  • RE: Should Yo-Yo test be the basis of selection? -Yo-Yo test - group discussion (06/28/18)
  • Yo-Yo is here to stay, says Indian coach Ravi Shastri. Players used to hide their fitness status earlier, this test ensures only fit players should be part of team. Few players who flunked the test have never complaint about the test and they are the respecting the process and trying hard to clear the test in the next take. Raina is the most appropriate exmple, he worked hard for a year to clear the test. Final team for a tournament should only be comprised with fit players. India is no more dirt of skills and replacing is always ready and equally skillful. So, we can afford to run this test. Captain is also part of the process, he also undergo the test and leading from the front with awesome score. He would definitively expect to be surrounded by those who can run hard.