Show your communication skills

One of the most important qualities recruiters look for in candidates is their ability to communicate clearly. This means – how good is the candidate at explaining and understanding things. Software development is more of a team work wherein you are required to interact regularly with your team and people from client’s team. So, it is extremely important that you know the common language well – which in most cases is English. So, ensure that you work on your English by regularly reading the newspapers and other good books. Also, make sure that you are well prepared to take up a vocabulary or grammar test if the need arises during the interview.

Click here to practice the sample vocabulary and grammar tests.
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  • Mass communication interview questions

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    What are the various elements of mass communication?
    What are the various media used for mass communication?
    What is the importance of mass communication for a company?

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  • RE: Show your communication skills -Sunil (10/22/11)
  • How to master communication skills-

    Always look into the eyes of the audience; people you are communicating with

    Body gestures and expressions convey a lot. There could be scenarios where in we speak something else and our body gestures convey something different.

    Always put forward your thoughts rather than sounding bookish.

    Always interact and interrogate with the audience.

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