Simple habits that make you smart!

Simple habits that make you smart!

Simple habits that make you smart!

Everyone wants to be a smart and successful. Those who exude confidence and have razor sharp wit are the most enthralling and likeable in the group, they scale heights in their profession as well. Smartness requires a great deal of effort and endurance is a wrong presumption of many. Intelligence is a work in progress and we can multiply it exponentially with our simple habits.

To become smart, a little bit of effort every day can take us a long way. We just require investing time and resources to build our future. A little change in our daily routine can substantially improve our mental horsepower. Successful people maintain good habits that go hand in hand with success in every area of life.

Try these easy-to-adapt daily habits that can improve brain function and make you smarter:

Read the newspaper

Reading newspaper helps build informed opinions on varied subjects. It widens outlook and enriches knowledge and helps you become part of a well evolved society. It sharpens thinking skills in you. You can take part in any cognitive discussion and leave a great impression amongst members with your updated knowledge. Reading an article you disagree with can potentially expand your mind, and help you come to a realization that changes your life. Even spending time reading for pleasure will keep your mind active and moving forward.

Hang out with smart people

You can learn a lot from them. Smartness is infectious; if you are not immune to it, you reap instant benefits. Smart people have a different level of motivation, excitement, passion and attitude, just being with them you can feel a different vibration. If you are a good recipient who can filter out great qualities of people, you will notice a sea change in your habits.

Pursue your hobby

Taking breather from a regular work is essential to relieve stress and take your mind off your worries. It is worthwhile to dedicate some time towards your hobby. Explore your interests and find what really drives you. Not only does it resurrects your lost energy but also teaches you new possibilities. There are ample of examples where hobby becomes a full time profession and business.

Take some time out

Take time out on the weekend and follow things that entertain you. As we grow we tend to give cold shoulder to all those smaller things that excited and energized us. Traveling, indulging in sports, spending time with friends etc. have some indirect benefits; please do not underestimate any activities that fascinate your mind.

Be curious

Lifelong learning can make you a smarter. It makes mind active and observant of new ideas. It opens up new possibilities and brings excitement into the life. Asking questions and finding mystery behind them is one of the habits of a great achiever.

Eating right and keeping fit

We can achieve this by following a disciplined life style. Fit body and smart mind together present a perfect recipe and contribute majorly to you becoming a smarter person. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will keep you energized and willing to go the extra mile in everything you do. Any sort of physical activities keep us in good shape mentally and physically.
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  • RE: Simple habits that make you smart! -Simple habits that make you smart (05/08/18)
  • Good habits work wonder for life, you can do away bad habits and learn good ones in quick time. When you imprint certain activities in your sub-conscious mind, they become your habits. If you have a habit of getting up early morning, you can do it effortlessly while others can struggle to do so. To make yourself habitual of certain things, you need to push yourself for few days before body adopt to alien activities. Similarly, you can drop certain habits, just require little bit of awareness and extra bit of efforts for few days.
  • RE: Simple habits that make you smart! -Yogesh (03/27/17)
  • Good habits bring prosperity and fame to you whereas wrong habit can be a roadblock. When the chips are down, monitor and improve your daily habits, a new lease of life with lots of gains will be inevitable