Simple ways to beat stress and anxiety naturally!

Simple ways to beat stress and anxiety naturally!

Simple ways to beat stress and anxiety naturally!

Many people report being stressed at work. Ironically, we can't achieve anything big without taking the stress. There is no qualm that it chases us everywhere, but the fact is that it essentially fuels us to perform exponentially. Those who manage it well, grow in their endeavour while the others have to accept to lead a mediocre life or feel completely drained out.

Stress is a mental hazard which can leave us in the frazzled state. It can actually welcome a host of chronic or life-threatening illnesses. If it happens too often or lasts too long, it can impact life beyond control.

Headaches, an upset stomach, back pain, and trouble sleeping are the apparent symptoms of stress. It weakens the immune system and makes you moody, tense, or depressed. Your relationships may land in a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty and you may not do well at work or school.

While it’s so easy to be stressed, there are many simple techniques to overcome and increase our resilience to it. We just need to apply them adroitly and regularly. The good news is that they don’t require a penny unless you have in abundance and resort to expensive techniques. The choice is yours. I personally prefer natural tricks, more so when they are so effective.

Here are a few remarkable and handy tricks to kill the demon called Stress:

1. We often rely and opt for quick remedies. Breathing technique offers the best way to conquer stress and anxiety. A few minutes of conscious breathing stabilize the heart-rate unevenness.

Focusing on your breath for few minutes centralizes your brain. A few minutes of regular practice would firm your grip over difficult circumstances. Learning to breathe mindfully oxygenates your body, balancing your internal energy chakras, directly healing your nervous system.

2. Nature is an ultimate healer. Taking time out from work and spending 10-15 minutes with nature can relax your nerves and reduce the feeling of anxiety. Fresh air, scenic beauty, smell of nature showers great perks. Such humbling experiences endure us to take greater challenges.

Brisk walk in open is best way to unwind and energize the whole body. On a personal note, I like to go for hiking as it is a powerful cardio workout. It not only strengthens your core but also alleviates blood pressure and blood sugar level. While hiking you bear your weight that improves your bone density and strengthens the muscles in your hips and lower legs.

3. Loneliness eating up vital energy of our body can be a big reason for distressed feeling. We ignore friends and relatives, keeping career high in the list of priority. Your close ones too have great healing power and just by listening to wary tale, giving a pat for good work and extending expert advice, they can do wonders to you.

One should connect with the people around; attending society or community events is a free solution to mingle with people. Taking time with friends over coffee, lunch or dinner unwinds you like nothing else.

4. We have a tendency to expect a lot when we work to gain in return. Such expectations mount pressure and often lead to anxiety. Have you ever noticed a situation when you do something with no tangible gain, you enjoy more with no iota of impulsiveness? We feel drained out when we apply ourselves for a serious work relentlessly and don’t give body and mind the time to recover.

Pursuing an activity that diverts mind from regular monotonous work is heavenly exhilarating for mind. Small break from regular stuff recuperates us. We should strive to trip ourselves off.
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  • RE: Simple ways to beat stress and anxiety naturally! -Ishwar Sharma (09/19/16)
  • Healthy diet is also very important. Well-nourished bodies are better equipped to cope with stressful situation. Always be mindful of what you eat.
  • RE: Simple ways to beat stress and anxiety naturally! -Srinivas rao (09/19/16)
  • Physical activity plays a key role in reducing and preventing the effects of stress, but you don’t have to be an athlete or spend hours in a gym to experience the benefits. Just about any form of physical activity can help relieve stress and burn away anger, tension, and frustration. Exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood and make you feel good, and it can also serve as a valuable distraction to your daily worries.