Skills judged in Group Discussion

Skills judged in group discussion

Skills judged in Group Discussion

Group Discussions are conducted not only for admissions to various management courses but also for the placement tests.

Some candidates think that GDs are conducted to check their knowledge about a wide variety of topics. Do you think that is really true?

Well, if the only purpose of conducting a GD was to test your knowledge, they could do it very well through a personal interview. Why increase one more step in the process of selection?

This is because, the purpose to conduct a group discussion is larger than judging just your knowledge. The purpose is also to judge you as team member.

Let’s see what the other skills under judgement at a GD are:

1. Interactive skills: Interactive skills are the most important skills under judgement during a GD.

One needs to communicate his thoughts verbally through actual words and non-verbally through gestures.

Both these qualities in a person are under judgement during a GD to see his conduct in a team.

2. Leadership skills: One who is able to get the topic discussed in the right direction or steer the whole discussion evolves as a leader.

He encourages other members to put forward their views and helps them build a place for themselves. The panel tries to see if you are that person.

3. Flexibility: Sticking to one point till the end without seeing and accepting the logic given by others makes you come across as a stubborn participant. And yes, this is one quality which is under judgement.

4. Creativity: Creativity is essential to reach the right solution. Team workers should have distinct ideas, so that the best alternative can be reached. How you approach the topic and what you make out of the discussion

5. Initiation: For the success of a project, it is Important that the team members take the initiatives. Through the GDs, the panel tries to identify the people who take the initiative.

However, if you decide to initiate the discussion ensure that you have something substantial to say.

6. Awareness: Awareness is what helps you stay confident. Make sure that you read a lot and are aware about the current happenings in the world.

7. Confidence: Confidence is another important quality under judgement during a GD. Your knowledge about the topic does give you confidence but your overall conduct during the GD tells if the candidate is confident of himself and what he says.

Do not try to snatch away the limelight by speaking when it is another candidate’s turn. This is impolite and make you look insecure.
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