Skills required to be a food critic.

What are the skills required to be a food critic?

You should have a Diploma/PG or MA programmes in Journalism & Hotel Management and possess these traits:

• You must be able to understand what other people want.

• You should have good people skills, and must be attentive and be able to work with different people.

• You should be capable enough to work in challenging situations.

• A good understanding of the culinary business is a must.

• A good amount of training and experience in the industry. The food critic should be able to provide valuable and unbiased criticism.

• You should be able to understand the various types of cuisines.

• You should possess professional integrity, a must in all professions.

• You should have admirable presentation skills.

• You should have good communication skills, as this involve working with people from different places and cultures.

• You should have the eagerness to try out new dishes and also be well adapt with the techniques of cooking.

• You should be objective in your evaluations & avoid bias.
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