Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device.

Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device.


Addiction to net and smartphones have become the most common issue in the modern era where people devote most of their precious time using the device of latest trend whose harmful effects are being described as equivalent to its utilities. Due to rapid growth of technology, the cost of smartphones have been diminishing continuously which has enabled users to afford them. Indeed it's a medium through which one can gain much knowledge. It acts like a whetstone for sharpening human minds. Though it adds perfection to personality, it also has some negative impacts, both symbolically and physically. The question arises whether it is the latest trend or a harmful device? Have you noticed the negative effects of smartphones on your heath?

Latest trend:

1. A hand held smart device is convenient to use. Now a days smartphones and tablets help in making work more easier than earlier where lots of individual efforts were required. It is helpful in connecting people easily through phone calls, video call, received, messenger etc.

2. Smartphones and tablets with internet connection is a good company for solitude and those suffering from depressions of loneliness. One can use their phones for continuously interacting with other individuals which keeps him potentially connected all the time. Friends, family and colleagues are now easier to connect with wherever and whenever you want to.

3. Smartphones have much utilities which are helpful for educational gain. Students can save their time as they can use internet as their guide to education. They can learn many innovative substance if they are genuinely interested. Many websites and video class are available in internet which can be beneficial for them.

4. Online activities play very important role in modern trend. Business, shopping, banking, etc. can be done online which provides the users with wide range of choice at competitively reasonable price. Lots to time is saved which can be utilised for other important works.

5. It makes children active. Children these days are aware of various innovative things by the use of only a single medium. Moreover they can also use it for entertainment- playing games, surfing net, music, videos etc. At present times when recreation is confined in week days, children need not to go outside to look for other children to play especially when it has become crucial to safeguard children from the evil brewing everywhere.

6. Businessmen find it more convenient for work. Smartphones and tablets are now a substitute of laptops which is indeed not that handy to be carried everywhere compared to tablets. They make work easy and interesting to do.

7. There are various applications and utilities available for users which they might find helpful in most of the tasks. The most important part is that its cost does not affect the purchasing power of even poor section of society.

Harmful device:

1. Too much addiction to internet may bring 'netbrain' disorder. It is caused due to overuse of internet and may result to narcissism, distraction and fear of missing out on things. Smartphone users get affected three times more likely to this disease. 11% of the British adults are suffering from this disease.

2. According to research those who are suffering from 'homophobia' are more likely to be found gambling online, socialising on social networks, listening to music and playing video games. Playing online games and surfing social websites have become common among youths now a days and they miss out on physical sporting activities.

3. Student's life which is meant for studying, is affected because of misuse of smartphones. The time which should be utilised for studying is being distracted by the use of smartphones. The present technology is deteriorating county's future to some extent where parents are not careful about the amount of time children donate with smartphones.

4. Kids who are addicted to technology rarely have any time to spare on outdoor sports which can be a great damage to their health. They are away from those games which will be helpful in having good and strong physique. Too much emphasizing on smartphones at young age can cause vision problem.

5. Toxic phthalates are found on iPhone cables and which require warning labels on products exposing consumers to phthalates. This lead to violation of 'Right to be informed' under Consumer Protection Act. Thus consumers should be warned of its dangerous containments.

6. Staying connected to smartphones is hazardous for health. Repetitive use of phones for texting and gaming may cause soreness in wrist and thumb, can put hand and fingers in risk of injury, neck aches and other symptoms. Micro tears or soreness can heal with time but problem regarding posture and neck aches can increase the pressure on the discs that cushions the bone of neck.


Though smartphones are helpful in every field, it causes certain disorder to human health. Parents should look after their child that they should not misuse their gadgets. Smartphones are the mobile phones having advance features similar to personal computers. Teenagers should be aware of its harmful effects which is caused by regular use. Parents should help their child by talking about its drawbacks. Though it is harmful, it is also useful. The use of smartphones should be restricted to works and time spent on it should be limited to a few hours only.
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  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -jansi (03/09/15)
  • SmartPhones, Its of the most essentinal thing in the techonolgy world..its have lot of benefits & disadvantages.its only based upon the person in wat way there are using it.we can use the samrtphones in many better ways,we can use it as a computer,Television, Radio,Videogames, makes our life easy in one touch.perviously if we want to check one mail means we have to go for net centre or used PC.but now we caring one mini computer in our pocket,its not a harmful one when we are using this in correct way.if u get addicted for this means its not good for our health.And mostly childrens are forgot about the outdoor games becos of this smart phones.
    So they wil not get Good Physical Fitness.Brain also affected by frequent use of this smartPhones. finally,in my point of view, those who are using the smartphones in correct way they wil get a good result.otherwise its a harmful device for our health.
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -vaishali (02/06/15)
  • protein (46 grams)= stay healthy .
    protein (excessive)= osteoprosis so same as smart phones ,use of it in right direction leads to bright future or vice versa and for me smart phone latest trend that help me to do work faster and updates me in this global scenario and helpful in sharing thoughts without boundaries of country.
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -na (02/04/15)
  • All you are posting comment here is because of technology
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -fathima (01/29/15)
  • i ll say tat smartphones r useful to us. points are more in the latest trend.
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -Shane (01/28/15)
  • According to me as every coin has 2 phases smartphone has also 2 phase one is good and other one is bed. Now a days most people mainly younger want to have smartphone .the smartphone is usually sees as status symbol in society.people waste their priceless time on these smartphones by playing games, chatting,etc.
    But smartphone has also many advantages like smartphone is not less than computer in any manner.we can do internet
    surfing,video calling.By installing different apps like Google maps,whether forecasting,railway info,etc. We can get information.
    So smartphone is good for those who use this is in good way otherwise conventional phone is better than last ,I want to say we shouldn't be addicted of smartphone or we any other materialistic thing.
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -Vijaya Lakshmi. T (01/28/15)
  • smart phones are even thought it has main part in our day today life. It is more harmful to heaith like ear problems etc. so, it has to be restricted to work in smart phones only for few hours and enjoy its advantages in safe way
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -Somnath (01/28/15)
  • Latest trend of using smart phone is increasing day by day. All the users, especially the youth is using it the most, which is quite beneficial if and only if he or she uses it only to make their work easier, save time and gain knowledge rather than get addicted of it and ruin there life, as the youth are the future of the nation. Each and every human being has ability to control their life but if the life of ones is being control by Electronic Gadgets then he is not a human being. Now, its on you to decide whether you are human being or a gadget controlled toy.
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -Shiv prakash Ajyori (01/27/15)
  • It is called that excess of every thing is bad whenever we use the smartphone till a long time surely that will affected us as negative. I mean we should use mobile phone keeping a limit in time.
    Shivprakash Add-: Ajyori
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -rizvan (01/19/15)
  • smartphones have become an essential of ones life , everything has two faces a good and a bad face it depends on us which face we want, because smartphones are helpful because they are saving our time ,they are updating our knowledge , they are connecting us globally, they are updating our technology.but,at the same time they are making us physically and mentally weak., as you see now days generation like to play video games in there houses rather than going outside and playing outdoors game, so,there is a need of creating a boundary to make it beneficial rather then harmful...
  • RE: Smart Phones: Latest trend or harmful device. -Deepa Kaushik (01/18/15)
  • We are holding a debate with a pole having two ends, but their lies a median which always help in maintaining the equilibrium. There is no denial that smart phones are latest trend, they are handy and simplify work in many a ways. At the same time we cannot deny the existence of the era without these smartphones, which way equally joyful and interactive. We are definitely facing the harmful effects of this technology which has pre-occupied the human being in its vicious circle.

    Smartphones help a lot in many a ways due to the availability and easy access to internet, anywhere and everywhere. From a toddler to old aged, the smart phone has its own utility in making the life easy going and more soothing. It is companion for the socially interactive person keeping him in touch with his social circle round the clock. At the same time, the smart phones do assist the loner to keep within himself without the requirement to look out for too many a things to pass his time without interacting with the physical being.

    Many of the harmful effects have been well narrated in the discussion. The device has made the world come closer, this is something that everyone accept. But we should also understand that these smartphones have made us get separated from the actual world and we just live into this world of technology. We get time to interact with our dear ones abroad through the interactive apps, but we fail to meet the ones living nearby, or for that matter, we often fail to devote time to our family members. At the end of the day we can make out that we have interacted more with the people in our social circle than our own family members with whom we reside.

    Smart phones have become addiction. Any technology can be good only when it is used as and when required. The untoward use of any technology makes human beings slave to their tangles. Human beings should realize their supremacy having a sixth sense and should make appropriate use of it to avoid the harmful aspect of this device. Rather than calling the smartphone as a latest trend, it would be better if we can limit its use to call it a handy technology.