Social media is killing book reading habit!

Social media is killing book reading habit!

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Marcus Tullius Cicero.

With the growing influence and liking towards social media, it will surely become difficult to fill the room with books. A survey in UK showed that with the increasing age, the tendency to read a book decreases; the effect profoundly seen when comparison was made between three age groups - six to eight, 12-14 and 15-17 year old. There have been frowns from parents and many quarters of society towards the teen indulgence in FB, internet and other social media websites. They are not happy with the neglect of reading books. Thus it’s worthwhile to discuss on the thought that whether social media is killing the practice of reading books?

Yes they are affecting –

1. Social media is unproductive use of time as it only entertains you and gives no food for thought.

2. The amount of education you get from it is very less compared to reading books.

3. It hampers creativity as much of the time is spent on forwarding things to others.

4. Most of the time is spent in searching what others are doing, which can be well spent in reading which atleast adds knowledge to your own life.

5. Another prominent example can be the usage of 'new' abbreviations to express oneself on the social media. This hampers the language development which in turn affects writing and reading both.

6. Due to the fast changing content on such websites, the attention span of the readers has reduced. So an important habit of thinking over a thought, giving it time to percolate in your mind, is reduced to a great extent. This is one of the benefits of the book. Books cultivate the capacity to understand and think.

7. Good reading habit makes way for a better understanding of one's experiences however social media mostly indulges the cravings of people rather than what is good for them.

8. The role models who the teens follow too are more active on the social media. Teens try to emulate them.

No, they do not affect –

1. Times change and with it, habits. Even if people are moving away from reading, one can always devise better ways to indulge them in reading. One cannot blame everything on change in culture and social media.

2. Teens are just trying to find themselves and prioritize socialization over reading something alone.

3. They are getting connected instead of being alone.

4. With increasing age there is bound to be changes in tendency as teenagers feel the need to establish one's presence in society, find one's position and hence use all the methods available to socialize; an important one being the social media.

5. They are learning to find themselves with the social media. This is in no way affecting reading.

6. Socialization is their current priority, but this does not mean that social media is affecting reading books.

7. There is lack of literature which can suit contemporary needs and thoughts. The classics might be good but do not necessarily suit everyone.

8. Also disinterest in reading is mostly seen due to no encouragement to reading. For this, parents, peer groups, teachers, etc. could be blamed, rather than social media.


Reading enriches ones’ intellectual abilities. Depth in reading helps to develop the mind and personality of a person; it provides insights into human problems, and influences attitudes and behavior. In other words, reading helps to mould a person’s character. It is well known that books can be a stimulating agent for building oneself. In this fast changing world, there are going to be lots of distractions. We must innovate to make book-reading relevant again. Encouraging book-reading through social media, incorporating reading in social media, eBooks, developing relevant and quality literature, role models with whom the teens can connect, etc. can be a few starting steps. Instead of blaming we need to work constructively so as to not deny ourselves the benefits of social media.
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  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Social media (06/08/18)
  • Not only reading habit, social media is wrecking havoc and killing many good habits. People glue to mobile for considerable time of the day, as a result hobbies are becoming history. Social media is taking a big toll on many valuable activities of life. It has taken a shape of chronic disease, an addiction, as much as institutions, apps etc are being launched to address the situation and help to relieve from addiction. Reading habits give ultimate benefits which people are now devoid off courtesy Mobile and Social Media
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -s (05/09/18)
  • With the advent of social media, books reading habit is becoming history. People are more convenient watching posts, tweets, pictures, chatting etc. on social media. Flashy phones are more attractive, book shelves are lying in dust with hardly any takers. Are books no more entertaining and exciting? or Social media is so enthralling which books can't offer?
    Books are losing their sheen because they take efforts to go through as compare to mobile phones which offer variety of things in easier way. But this lazy attitude of youths are taking a big toll on their quality they offer to industry. Companies are vocal for the lack of quality aspirants and the reasons are apparent that youths enjoy substantial time over phones for unproductive activities. Phones have many benefits and if used judiciously, it can assist you in many ways. As a parents, we should keep a tab on activities our children are glued to on the phone. Prompting them to read book vociferously will go a long way to achieve success.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -shub@parx# (11/10/16)
  • its depand on people that how to use it..every tym we can not carrie the book
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -ajinkya (03/13/16)
  • i think social media and books are two sides of the same coin . social media is more good than book because times are changing and with the advancing time we should also change like krishna changed the laws of dhrama in mahabharta .
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Saumil Shah (11/28/15)
  • No it is not 'killing' the habit of reading books. It is important not only to read books but also to explore different viewpoints of the subject. Social media is the best way to do this. It is also a logical shift due to the lower disposable time with the commons. If one read books 10 yrs ago, he is likely to continue reading despite the presence of social media.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Vijay S (11/20/15)
  • yes absolutely media is killing book reading habit.nowadays people gathering their information needed from sites like youtube,facebook,twitter,whatsapp etc.
    as these sites are created in a attractive manner and desighned in a interactive way,the people liking towards it increases heavily.all latest news are fastly updated to
    to people so whatever they wanted to read or watch they prefered to do in these sites itself.this is the one strong reason people hate to read reading increases
    our knowledge in a perfect manner.Thus this sites spoils young future generation. good bye.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -navdeep kaur (10/11/15)
  • in today's scenario undoubtedly social media is at the top...85% people of India are indulged in social media websites for is not only a source for entertainment but when talking about study it also provides graphical videos of theories & history of subjective topics to understand them better..... And we know that visual understanding is better than theoritical understanding And talking about reading books...yes it has overtaken the time spent on reading books but doesn't affects much as people are still creative in thoughts & indulged in more advance studies & are gaining knowledge. It is better too to do so keeping in mind that the coming years are not going to involve anything without digital media...or the digital world
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -jitendra (10/11/15)
  • To say social media is killing book reading habbit is wrong. Social media provides better communication among two or more people by which they can discuss on a topic. One person can read a book whole day in a pack room so it is a better oppurtunity to communicate some other and can discuss on a confusing topic. Students can also use social media in group discussion to make a group on social media. It also provides noyification of college or school so that if any student be absent on any day he or she can see notification on their own cillege group social media. At last i would like to say it is better to make flexible daily life.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Waheed Ahmed (10/10/15)
  • From books we get theory Knowledge and from e-book can get Practical Knowledge.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -jagannath sahoo (09/25/15)
  • Really it is vry harmful for our mind ,it changes our daily time table. It chages our mind in is a vry useless is killing our reading and writing habit.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -rishabh malewar (09/25/15)
  • on this topic of discussion i would like to be neutral
    because since childhood time we keep on reading books till the teenage and developed ourself according to generation and situation. As we come to know about social media we have gained much knowledge about internet , its usage and also we came across to know tht we can share our knowledge wid others through social media with friends etc.
    the perception is not about individual its about every1 and we cant judge who is misusing it and who doesn't. reading habbit develope personality at the same time we get day to day life awareness through social media too.
    so being neutral my thoughts are above.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Pintu (09/24/15)
  • Social Media has its own advantages. One should use it judiciously to keep its ills at bay. Investing your precious time on social media wouldn't lend you a good job, good career and promotion. We do read a lot of stuff on social media but they hardly have any relevance on your career. Reading few posts can't give you insight about the subject. Social media eats up our time without much benefit. It is a source of entertainment and we can't play with it at the cost of our focused area.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Deepa Kaushik (09/23/15)
  • Very true, social media is slowly eating the healthy habits amongst the population. It has spread its influence on everyone irrespective of their age, gender, location etc. people have failed to value books, maintain timely eating habits, and maintain punctuality in lieu of social media. Social media has even disturbed the sleeping habits of the individuals.

    Book reading is a very good habit which imparts knowledge and also opens up the mind of the individuals. We can know and understand many recent developments and gain knowledge of various fileds, increase our vocabulary and have many other beneficial aspects with our reading habits. Books are our true friends who extend their helping hand and accompany us anywhere anytime.

    On the contrary, social media has nothing beneficial left in it. Majority people log into the social media for unnecessary gossips. the status updates of time-to-time activities have made people addicted to social media and people finmd it almost impossible to get out opf this vicious circle. With hours passing by, yet we can hardly count couple of good deeds with the social media.

    To be precise, the social media ia not only killing the reading habits but has proved to be a pest for human lives.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Minakshi Talkokul (09/22/15)
  • Social media is helpful for communication as well as to get information about technology,etc.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Minakshi Talkokul (09/22/15)
  • Social media is helpful for communication as well as to get information about technology,etc.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Parul Nigam (09/21/15)
  • Social media is helpful in discussion, connecting with people, having fun with friends remotely etc. but all this benefit wouldn't impact adversely when one use it in a limited manner. Social Networking Kills the creative spirit when people make it a way of life and hook to it endlessly. Every minute you are on social media, you aren't using your time in nurturing your creative spirit. People devote more time on social media than reading a book.
  • RE: Social media is killing book reading habit! -Sandesh (09/20/15)
  • No, social media is not killing book reading habit, it just helps the people to be connect with others or to be social. With the help of social media people share their knowledge and how know to improve. Today socialization is priority it doesn't mean that it killing book reading habit. Its keep active and aware about day to day life. I think the best way is read the books and discuss with people and how it possible only with social media.