Social Networking Sites - Should they be blocked in colleges?

Social Networking Sites - Should they be blocked in colleges?


The moment, we think about internet, the first thing that crosses our mind is the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc. The social networking sites have gained a huge popularity across the globe.

The Internet user's of India spend one in every four minutes online on social networks. More than 2 users sign up for LinkedIn every second.

On one hand, where the social networking users are on an increasing rate, many of the colleges are blocking these sites on the other hand.

Let's take a look on whether social networking sites should be blocked in colleges or not.

Yes – Social networking sites should be blocked.

1. Distraction – Using social networking sites in colleges may loose the focus of the students in their studies. It creates a lot of distraction among the students as they tend to check the Facebook or Twitter accounts every minute or hour. This may affect their class work or they may loose the attention from the lecture.

2. Misuse – There are a students who misuse the social networking sites when they get an opportunity by posting abusive comments or post or unwanted images. In such cases, if they do it on a college owned system, the management would be held responsible for such a crime.

3. Health Conditions – Too much usage of Facebook or other social networking sites in college premises is harmful as students put their entire focus into it. This may cause headache or other irritation for them when they are back to the lecture or studying environment.

4. Reputation – Apart from the management, the students are also responsible for the good image of their educational institute. In India, it is a common myth among the parents that colleges which do not block social networking sites is a frequent place for cyber crime scenes.

No – Social Networking sites should not be blocked.

1. Source of news – Students keep themselves tuned to Facebook as it is also a news provider. It provides pages such as NDTV or Times Now which keeps on updating about the current news and happenings. This may help a student to keep themselves updated about the happenings around the world while sitting in a class.

2. Collaboration – Social networking sites like Facebook can give a chance to a student to work with the other students and teachers while sitting in a classroom. They can clarify their doubts with the renowned teachers who may be their friends on Facebook. They can also share their thoughts or participate in discussions and this process can be carried out even after the class hours.

3. Unique approach to assignment – Social networking sites can help a student as it acts as an unique approach to assignments even during the class hours. A student can conduct a survey a online through the help of social networking sites and take the views and opinions of their online friends. This can speed up their online assignments.

4. Share thoughts – A student can share a thought immediately on Facebook or Twitter after he/she gain it from a classroom session. They can post a thought and can invite a lot of comments and opinions. This may help them to widen their knowledge about a specific topic.

5. Technology recess – Apart from having a playground recess, students can now have a technology recess, wherein, students can access social networking sites. They can take an interesting break by chatting with their friends or playing games on Facebook or tweeting or watching to videos on You Tube.

6. Industry Connections - Being on Linked In or Twitter allows to the students to build up a lot of industry connections which can help them get to know about the corporate world, ways to work and grow in the industry.


People should adapt to the environment with the change in technology. Most of the colleges and offices in India have blocked the social networking sites with the fear of losing the concentration of students or employees from their aim. To achieve a global position, India must change change such a concept.
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  • RE: Social Networking Sites - Should they be blocked in colleges? -Nishant Sharma (06/13/15)
  • we should change according to time.nd social networking sites.are a medium of very good connection wid frnds..every time we are connected with our dear one's..but ironicaly..every single minute we are cheking our mobile..but have no time for people around us.nd moreover we r addicted to it..every thing should be in a limit..but nowdays..youth can't imagine their single hour without socialnetworking colleges should ban facebook nd whats app.but not youube...nd moreover..these sites should be used in free time ..just one hour.or more .because there are a lot of sources..for knowledge on net nd i dnt think that fb can increase a person knowledge...people like pages..of education ,literature,news..but very few..give attention or read that page...
  • RE: Social Networking Sites - Should they be blocked in colleges? -Soumen Maity (06/12/15)
  • Hello Everyone,
    First of all I want to say that in our modern days these social networking sites has been parts and partial of our life, we can't live without it. I mean why not, we can stay connected to our friends families all time no matter wherever we are. So we get amazed, we feel relaxed with these social networking sites. That's why we get addicted specially the youths and its true that it causes harm to our concentration.

    If you see clearly you will observe that sometimes if people gets among his friends or families then also they get busy with their mobile. So clearly we get addicted by these and it is very hard to stay without it.

    So according to me, yes social networking sites should be blocked in colleges, so that at least during college time they can concentrate about their studies.
  • RE: Social Networking Sites - Should they be blocked in colleges? -Deepa Kaushik (06/10/15)
  • Social networking sites are a mode of communication in the social environment. It has nothing to serve as a purpose within the college vicinity. These sites helps us keepin touch with our near and dear ones. These sites are also used to promote the small and scale business, the politics, media, etc. These sites have become a tool of preaching amongst the community. It has become the fastest modeof communication and spreading message amongst the masses.

    Though we can keep counting and enumerate a list of utilities of these social networking sites, yet we cannot potentially link them as a requirement within the college campus. A college is a place of education. Students gets plenty of time for social interaction outside college hours. The activaytion of these sites within college distracts the students from studies and eats up much of their precious time when they coulkd imbibe the knowledge to form a stable career ahead in life.

    Social networking sites are more of an addiction, especially amongst the stuident community. Students tend to waste much of their time logging into these sites and potentially gaining nothing out of it. College gives time for mutual interaction in person with the fello mates. The social sites removes that time of interaction and students fail to understand the value of friendship and the enjoyment with friends. Hence, it would be much wise to block these social networking sites within the college.
  • RE: Social Networking Sites - Should they be blocked in colleges? -Sushmitha.p (06/03/15)
  • Yes social networking sites must be blocked in colleges because. It spoilig youth, social Medias like tweetr, Facebook, wts app, hike, Viber, telegram, Facebook messgangers etc.. Are spoiling youth. All these sites having both advantages and
    disadvantage Al's depends upon how we are using it. Well now social medias are helpful maintaing of relationship of our friends and relatives they may be any corner of the world. We can discuss doubts, any topic regarding subject matters , projects etc.... We should be proud of technology has developed. BT same as advantage demerits Al's their most of people especially students missuseng of social medias. Without social medias they can't for 1 minut Al's . mentally students becoming week, stress, tension. By this they spoiling their health. Use social meadias in limit. Many students loosing concentration in class towards their lectures, so social medias must be banned in colleges.
  • RE: Social Networking Sites - Should they be blocked in colleges? -PRIYA JOSHI (06/03/15)
  • Good morning everyone

    I will go totally in against with this topic. Today whole world is running through social networking sites. Infact it has become the fastest mode of communication and in spreading awareness among citizens of country.
    Yes there is no doubt if Social Networking sites are not used properly, they may prove as wastage of precious time of college students. In this regard there are many solutions which we can take instead of blocking Social Networking Sites like
    1) Control of Social Networking sites should be provided to HODs and other responsible and focused person or student of college.
    2) By allowing time limit in which all students can use Social Networking Sites to share their views, post and status publicly.
    3) College should engage their children socially and let them participate in social issues so that they have mind set towards society and its development.

    and many more.......
    So they should be allowed in colleges with new ideas and techniques so that instead of wasting time in social networking sites, students take maximum positive use of them.